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Haryana Board Class 11 Chapter 2023


When you play Subway Surfers for a very long time at one stretch, after a point, you get bored. Isn’t it? But did you ever wonder why it happens? It is because you were not able to focus well enough. Similarly, when you read a long chapter, you may find it hard to understand what it deals with, mostly because you lose focus. As a student of Haryana Board Class 11, the focus is extremely important. But how can you study without getting bored?

Learning becomes extremely fun and efficient when the concepts of chapters are understood with the help of videos. Therefore, you can start your Haryana Board Class 11 exam preparation with Embibe. Embibe has over 80+ 3D videos for the 11th Haryana Board chapters. Starting your exam preparation by watching these videos will make your learning journey more exciting.

11th Haryana Board Subject-wise Chapters

Haryana Board Class 11 exams are set according to the Board of School Education, Haryana (BSEH) guidelines. As a student of the 11th Haryana Board, you must be familiar with the chapters. It becomes easy when everything is described in detail, and you learn it via videos. Therefore, the revision will also become easier, as well as scoring well in exams.

Not only does Embibe make learning easier, but also practicing. You will find 500+ practice questions that will boost your exam preparation. Haryana Board follows NCERT books as well. Therefore, you may use these books on Embibe to streamline and strengthen your exam preparation. Furthermore, you can take mock tests that would help you know how well-prepared you are for exams. 

11th BSEH Maths Chapters

Maths can get very exciting if you start practicing the right way. You must refer to the right sources to score better marks. When appearing for Class 11 Maths exams, you will need to go through various chapters such as Sets, Trigonometry, Binomial Theorem and more. Learning these chapters now and making your base strong will help you appear for the Board exams in a better way.

You may refer to the table below to get the 11th BSEH Maths chapter:

Chapter NumberChapter Name
2Relations and Functions
3Trigonometric Functions
4Mathematical Induction
5Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
6Linear Inequalities
7Permutation and Combination
8Binomial Theorem
9Sequences and Series
10Straight Lines
11Conic Sections
12Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry
13Limits and Derivatives
14Mathematical Reasoning
17Properties of a Triangle

11th BSEH Physics Chapters

Physics requires concentration and dedication to know each concept in-depth. As a student of the 11th Haryana Board, you must put in your hard work to score more marks. Physics deals with many interesting chapters, which becomes significantly easier when you prepare by watching the videos.  

From the table below you can find the chapters for 11th BSEH Physics:

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1Physical World
2Units and Measurements
3Motion in a Straight Line
4Motion in a Plane
5Laws of Motion
6Work, Energy and Power
7Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion
9Mechanical Properties of Solids
10Mechanical Properties of Fluids
11Thermal Properties of Matter
13Kinetic Theory

11th BSEH Chemistry Chapters

Chemistry is easy and fun, but most students struggle since finding the right learning materials for exam preparation is tough. Well, the search for the best learning material ends with Embibe. All the chapters for BSEH Class 11 Chemistry are available on Embibe in the form of 3D videos that you can access for. 

Therefore, you may refer to the table below to start your 11th BSEH Chemistry preparation in an interactive manner:

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
2Structure of Atom
3Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
4Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
5States of Matter
8Redox Reactions
10The s-Block Elements
11The p-Block Elements
12Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and Techniques
14Environmental Chemistry

11th BSEH Biology Chapters

Biology is much more than we can comprehend; therefore, learning from the 3D videos on Embibe will play an important role in getting a clear idea of the topics. All these videos will provide a complete understanding of the chapter, as the topics are covered in detail.

You may refer to the table below to get the chapters for 11th BSEH Biology:

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1The Living World
2Biological Classification
3Plant Kingdom
4Animal Kingdom
5Morphology of Flowering Plants
6Anatomy of Flowering Plants
7Structural Organisation in Animals
8Cell: The Unit of Life
10Cell Cycle and Cell Division
11Transport in Plants
12Mineral Nutrition
13Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
14Respiration in Plants
15Plant Growth and Development
16Digestion and Absorption
17Breathing and Exchange of Gases
18Body Fluids and Circulation
19Excretory Products and Their Elimination
20Locomotion and Movement
21Neural Control and Coordination
22Chemical Coordination and Integration

Haryana Board Class 11 Best Books

Here are some expert-suggested books to ace Haryana Board Class 11 exam on first attempt:

The Living WorldBiological Classification
Plant KingdomAnimal Kingdom
Morphology Of Flowering PlantsAnatomy Of Flowering Plants
Structural Organisation In AnimalsCell: The Unit Of Life
BiomoleculesCell Cycle And Cell Division
Transport In PlantsMineral Nutrition
Photosynthesis In Higher PlantsRespiration In Plants
Plant Growth And DevelopmentDigestion And Absorption
Breathing And Exchange Of GasesBody Fluids And Circulation
Excretory Products And Their EliminationLocomotion And Movement
Neural Control And CoordinationChemical Coordination And Integration
SetsRelations And Functions
Trigonometric FunctionsPrinciple Of Mathematical Induction
Complex Numbers And Quadratic EquationsLinear Inequalities
Permutations And CombinationsBinomial Theorem
Sequences And SeriesStraight Lines
Conic SectionsIntroduction To Three Dimensional Geometry
Limits And DerivativesMathematical Reasoning
Some Basic Concepts Of ChemistryStructure Of Atom
Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In PropertiesChemical Bonding And Molecular Structure
States Of MatterThermodynamics
EquilibriumRedox Reactions
HydrogenThe S-block Elements
The P-block ElementsOrganic Chemistry Some Basic Principles And Techniques
HydrocarbonsEnvironmental Chemistry
Physical WorldUnits And Measurement
Motion In A Straight LineMotion In A Plane
Laws Of MotionWork, Energy And Power
Systems Of Particles And Rotational MotionGravitation
Mechanical Properties Of SolidsMechanical Properties Of Fluids
Thermal Properties Of MatterThermodynamics
Kinetic TheoryOscillations

FAQs on 11th Haryana Board Chapters

You can find some frequently asked questions for the Haryana Board Class 11 chapters below:

Q: Can I use NCERT books for Haryana Board Class 11 exam preparation?

Ans: Yes, you may use the NCERT books for the 11th Haryana Board exam preparation. 

Q: Where can I get Physics chapters for the 11th Haryana Board?

Ans: You can find the 11th Haryana Board Physics chapters on Embibe. 

Q: How can studying the BSEH Class 11 chapters from Embibe help me?

Ans: Learning the BSEH Class 11 chapters from Embibe will help you revise the chapters in a better way. When you learn by watching videos, you will be able to prepare notes that can come in handy for exam preparation. Furthermore, the videos will help you understand the concepts in a short time.

Q: In what languages can I study the Haryana Board Class 11 chapters at Embibe?

Ans: You can study the Haryana Board Class 11 chapters in Hindi and English at Embibe. 

Q: How many chapters are there in BSEH Class 11 Physics?

Ans: There are 15 chapters in BSEH Class 11 Physics. 

We hope this article on the 11th BSEH chapters has been helpful to you. If you wish to know more about the Board and exams, you can subscribe to the Embibe app. 

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