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Haryana Board Class 12 Chapters 2023


As competition gets tougher, the pressure to get consistent and better grades becomes scary, too. While many reasons contribute to the worry, there are always solutions to problems. The best way to get good grades is to do your best work and give your all. A thorough plan will make you feel more at ease and composed about what will happen. However, to be ready for the test, it is vital to know the important chapters.

You must comprehend the chapters because they will help you set up the foundation for further study. With the help of Embibe’s study materials, you can get high grades without additional effort. At Embibe, you can access hundreds of e-books, 3-D videos, sample questions and mock tests for the Haryana Board Class 12 for. Before we get into the details, let’s go over the most important chapters from Haryana Board class 12.

Haryana Board Class 12 Mathematics Important Chapters

Knowing the syllabus is extremely helpful, plus, you should get the study material chapter wise.  Embibe provides all of the study materials and practice tests for each chapter. Let’s look at the most important parts of the Haryana Board Class 12 Math book.

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1Relations and Functions
3Inverse Trigonometric Functions
4Continuity and Differentiability
5Vector Algebra
6Application of Derivatives
8Differential Equations
9Linear Programming
10Three-Dimensional Geometry

Important Chapters of Class 12 Physics

These are the important chapters of Class 12 Physics for the Haryana Board.

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1Electric Charges and Fields
2Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
3Current Electricity
4Moving Charges and Magnetism
5Magnetism and Matter
6Alternating Current
7Electromagnetic Waves
8Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
10Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

Important Chapters of Class 12 Chemistry

Chemistry can allow you to feel stressed out because there are so many chemical equations and structures to learn. But don’t worry because we’ve made a list of the most important chapters of Haryana Board Class 12 Chemistry.

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1Solid State
3Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics
5Chemical Kinetics
6The d and f Block Elements
7Coordination Compounds
8Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
9Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
10Aldehydes, Ketones and  Carboxylic Acid

Important Chapters of Class 12 Biology

To do well on the examination for this high-score subject, Haryana Board class 12 Biology students should revisit all of these important chapters.

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1Reproduction in Organisms
2Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
3Reproductive Health
4Principles of Inheritance and Variation
5Molecular Basis of Inheritance
7Human Health and Disease
8Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
9Organisms and Populations
10Microbes in Human Welfare

BSEH Class 12 Important Chapters

Here are some important chapters for BSEH 12the Class recommended by our subject-matter experts:

Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic AcidsAmines
Chemistry In Everyday LifeRelations And Functions
Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsMatrices
DeterminantsContinuity And Differentiability
Application Of DerivativesIntegrals
Application Of IntegralsDifferential Equations
Vector AlgebraThree Dimensional Geometry
Linear ProgrammingProbability
Electric Charges And FieldsElectrostatic Potential And Capacitance
Current ElectricityMoving Charges And Magnetism
Magnetism And MatterElectromagnetic Induction
Alternating CurrentElectromagnetic Waves
Reproduction In OrganismsSexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
Human ReproductionReproductive Health
Principles Of Inheritance And VariationMolecular Basis Of Inheritance
EvolutionHuman Health And Disease

FAQs on Haryana Board Class 12 Important Chapters 2023

Below we have provided some of the commonly asked questions on Haryana Board Class 12 Important Chapters 2023.

Q: How can I do well on the Haryana Board Class 12?

Ans: You can do well on the test if you use the study materials on Embibe and try out sample papers and mock tests. Sample questions and practice tests can help you better understand what you need to know.

Q: Where can I find sample papers for Class 12 Chemistry from the Haryana Board?

Ans: Students can find sample papers for Haryana Board Class 12 on the Embibe platform. 

Q: Are the sample papers on Embibe to use?

Ans: Embibe gives study guides, question papers, and practice tests. Students can sign up for Embibe to access these and many more. 

Q: How can we get to the practice tests on Embibe?

Ans: You must sign up on the website to use Embibe’s practice tests. Choose your board and class after you’ve signed up. Click on “Test,” and then start taking practice tests.

Q: Where can I find the Class 12 videos with each chapter?

Ans: The Haryana Board Class 12 videos can be found chapter by chapter on the Embibe platform.
We hope this article about the class 12 chapters for the 2023  Haryana Board is helpful. Check out our website or download our app if you have any questions. 

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