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Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 6 Important Chapters


In 6th grade, you typically study various subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, and one or more regional languages. The 6th Arunachal Pradesh Board curriculum is designed to build upon the foundational knowledge and skills acquired in previous grades while introducing new concepts and ideas.

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Arunachal Pradesh Class 6 Chapters

Many students may wonder when to begin preparing for the Arunachal Pradesh Class 6 exams. The answer is simple: start now. The sooner you start, the better your chances of achieving good grades. The first step towards preparing for any exam is to become familiar with the chapters. Knowing the chapters in advance will allow you to plan your study schedule effectively and help you to tackle any exam question. You can refer to the following sections for detailed information about the chapters.

Arunachal Pradesh Class 6 Chapters: Mathematics

It is now that you will be entering the high school stage. You will come across various concepts of real numbers, polynomials and more, each of which will help you prepare for the exams carefully. With the preparation at hand, it can become extremely easy for you to understand the different concepts of Maths. 

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1Knowing Our NumbersComparing Large Numbers
Large Numbers in Practice
Estimation of Large Numbers
2Whole NumbersIntroduction to Whole Numbers
The Number Line
Properties of Whole Numbers
3Playing with NumbersFactors and Multiples
Prime and Composite Numbers
Test for Visibility of Numbers
4Basic Geometrical IdeasBasic Geometrical Shapes
Introduction to Points
Line Segment
5Understanding Elementary ShapesMeasuring Line Segments
Types of Angles
Perpendicular Lines

Arunachal Pradesh Class 6 Science Chapters

The concepts of Science can become very interesting if you’re preparing for it the right way. Embibe turns these concepts into reality with 3D videos. It becomes easier to grasp the concepts described in videos when you can see them. Furthermore, it can help foster your imagination and clear your concepts.

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1Food- Where does it come from?Food Variety
Food Materials and Sources
Plant Parts and Animal Parts as Food
2Components of FoodFood and Its Components
Biochemical Tests
Importance of Nutrients
3Fibre to FabricVariety in Fabrics
Plant Fibres
4Sorting Materials into GroupsObjects Around Us
Properties of Materials
5Separation of SubstancesIntroduction to Separation of Substances
Methods of Separation
Water As A Solvent

FAQs on 6th Arunachal Pradesh Chapters 

Below we have provided frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 6 chapters:

Q. How many chapters are there in Arunachal Pradesh Class 6 Maths?

Ans: There are 15 chapters in Arunachal Pradesh Class 6 Maths.

Q. What are the benefits of 6th Arunachal Pradesh topics?

Ans: The 6th Arunachal Pradesh topic will help you prepare for the exams carefully. When you refer to all the topics on Embibe, preparation will become significantly easier. Furthermore, it will also help you score higher marks in the exams.

Q. What study materials to refer to for the Arunachal Pradesh board Class 6 exams?

Ans: To prepare for the Arunachal Pradesh Class 6 board exam, you can refer to the topics, chapters, and books and take the mock tests from Embibe that would help you in the long run.  

Q. Where can I take the Arunachal Pradesh Class 6 mock tests?

Ans: You can take the Arunachal Pradesh Class 6 mock tests for free from Embibe.

Q. What are the important chapters for 6th Arunachal Pradesh Science?

Ans: Some of the important chapters in 6th grade Science may include:
Diversity in Living Organisms
Food and Nutrition
Components of Food
Body Movements.

 We hope this article on the 6th Arunachal Pradesh board chapters has been helpful to you. If you’re preparing for these exams, you can find all the important materials for your preparation on Embibe. For more information, you can subscribe to Embibe.

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