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Banking as a Lucrative Career: Exams, Profiles, and Growth


What are the parameters prospective professional looks at when they decide on their banking career? Quite naturally, financial incentives like good pay prospects, and nonfinancial incentives like job stability (no lay-offs), recognition of good work, perks, and ultimately, a phenomenal growth trajectory. 

Among all the jobs one would ferret, keeping the above specifications in mind, we bet the banking sector walks away with the cake! 

What Makes The Banking Sector Fascinating? 

As the sun never ceases to shine, so does the banking sector. As human beings, we all need money to survive. From paying your milkman to enrolling your kid in school to having a financial budget running a nation, money is indeed a sine-qua-non.

It is this aspect that the banking sector thrives on. If you are an aspirant, you can jump into the banking milieu, donning the robes of a clerk, a Probationary Officer (PO), an insurance or investment adviser or banker to even a manager. So the list is indeed exhaustive, offering you a potpourri of opportunities.

Bank Exams: A Gateway to Good Career Paradise

Though it would be a dream for any enthusiastic aspirant to establish themselves as a successful officer in the banking industry, the going is certainly not smooth. But as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! Bank exams are a must for anyone to step into the enamoring banking world! 

In this section, we give you a download on the importance of upcoming bank exams. 

Bank Exams Are Indeed Imperative!

With profiles and prospects in the banking sector being so enchanting, annually, lakhs of graduates throw their hats into the ring. The lure and lucre are indeed hard to ignore! Bank exams – held nationally – provide the all-important entry to a glorious career in the industry. So it is beyond a reasonable doubt, debate, and discussion as to why bank exams are so important and imperative for you to take up. And mind you! These exams are a tough nut to crack! No wonder many fail to clear them, but it is indeed a wonder as to how many others do clear them, earning them an enticing career! 

Upcoming Bank Exams 2022

All exams falling in the banking sector are national-level exams. It is the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) that is tasked with the conduction of the exams for all public sector banks for a myriad of positions like POs, and clerks among many others. The selection process has many stages like prelims, mains, and interviews.

In order to cut the crap and clutter and offer you all the relevant bank exams on a platter, we have tabulated them below: 

Exam Name Exam Dates

SBI PO 2022 

Prelims: 17 Dec 2022 – 20 Dec 2022

SBI Clerk 2022

Prelims: Nov 12, 19, 20, 25 


Mains: 26 Nov 2022

NABARD Development Assistant 2022

Prelims: 6 Nov 2022

IBPS Clerk 

Regional Rural Bank Exam

Bank Exams for Private Banks 

In this section, we have tabulated the relevant bank exams for private banks: 

Name Of The BankBank Exam DatesRegistration Dates

Karnataka Bank Clerk Recruitment 2022

Online Test Date- 16th & 17th July 2022

Online Registration Date: 10th to 21st May 2022

Federal Bank Recruitment 2022

June 2022

Online Registration Date: 10th to 23rd May 2022

South Indian Bank PO Recruitment 2022

Not released Yet

Online Registration Date: to be released

J&K Bank Clerk Recruitment 2022

Not released Yet

Online Registration Date: to be released

J&K Bank PO Recruitment 2022

Not released Yet

Online Registration Date: to be released

Embibe’s a Godsend to Prepare Effectively for Bank Exams 

Just like a compass helps you find the right direction in a lost terrain, Embibe too acts as a phenomenal guide to help you prepare better for the bank exams.

We use data science – a process in which knowledge is extracted and sourced from data derived from interdisciplinary fields like statistics, data mining, and predictive analytics – in helping you realize your full potential.

Mock tests

Before you take your bank exams, it is always advisable to take as many mock tests as possible. A mock test simulates the actual exam atmosphere, thereby giving you a feel of where the shoe pinch.

The mock tests that subject experts create on the Embibe platform are bespoke in nature. This means you can set the difficulty levels of your choice as you attempt the mock tests and self-evaluate. And once you complete answering the mock tests, our system gives you what’s called personalized feedback. 

Using this, you can easily know where you were more likely to make mistakes. Furthermore, it highlights your strategy based on the number of questions and tests you undertook.


Success Master IBPS CWE
Arihant Expert Team

Reasoning Ability Exam Goal Post for Banking Exams
Dreamtech Expert Team

Mental Ability Tests
Dr. Lal & Jain

State Bank Probationary Officers Preliminary Examination
Dr. Lal & Jain

Quantitative Aptitude And Reasoning
Shyam Saraf, Abhilasha Swarup

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exam
Disha Expert Team

Tips and Techniques in English for Competitive Exams
Disha Expert Team

New Pattern Data Analysis & Interpretation
Er. Deepak Agarwal

Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency
Dhankar Expert Team

Compulsory English
Johnson Borges

Time Management Skills

Nobody in this world would deny how time is important. A sprinter who has lost the race by seconds understands its importance or a person who misses his flight by a few minutes will certainly rue his misfortune. 

Indeed, a stitch in time saves nine! When it comes to time management as you take the exam, every second counts. 

With Embibe, you not only improve your time management skills but also keep developing your analytical skills by deciding whether you need to attempt the question at present time or not. So if you have a doubt about a particular question, your right frame of mind will tell you to skip it and come back later so that you are able to answer those questions you know with ease. Using Embibe helps to keep notes of all these small things and more. The below image shows you the time you took along with the explanation. 

Importance of Attempts

As and when you attempt questions in an exam, you are actually betting your life on it. So if your attempts do not deliver the right results for you, it is a sheer waste of your energy, efforts, and time. On the other hand, as and when you attempt a question and it yields the right results, you earn not just marks but also a great sense of gratification. The more right answers, the more your scores and the greater your achievement. 

Once you take recourse to Embibe, rest assured you will be guided like an angel. Our personalized feedback on Embibe gives you the right tips and tricks to help you avoid wasted attempts and arrest all your energies in answering the question correctly.

Careers in the Banking Sector

In this section, let’s give you a bird’s eye view of the various jobs available in the banking sector:

  1. Bank Clerk: A clerk is the first point of contact and communication between a bank and its customers. It is essentially a front-office job in which they deal with the customers directly and assist them in endeavors like cash deposits, withdrawals, and other banking queries.
  2. Bank Probationary Officer: A Probationary Officer looks after marketing, finance, investment, billing, and accounting among others. They may also be instructed to take up administration work apart from work related to loan management, consumer complaints, or other banking activities.

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You can keep referring to this primer on the importance of the banking sector, the banking exams you need to take, and the career opportunities it provides, among others. 

It is needless to say that Embibe is indeed the one-stop solution for all your educational needs. 

You can certainly ‘bank’ on us for a glorious future!

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