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Best Reference Books For Class 11


Best Reference Books For Class 11: Reference books for Class 11 students are very beneficial since they provide easy-to-learn concepts, practice papers, and other essential things that they require to score 90+ in the examination. Along with the NCERT textbooks, every student of Class 11 must practice and learn from the reference textbooks to have a strong foundation for their CBSE Class 12 board exams. This article will provide students with the list of best reference books for class 11 which they can rely on to enhance their exam preparations.

It is imperative that all the students of Class 11 must take their exams seriously and aim for securing the highest marks in their final exam. The best reference books for Chemistry Class 11 and for other subjects certainly go a long way in helping students achieving these goals. We recommend students to go through the entire article to know more about this.

Best Reference Books for Class 11: Overview

It is a well-known fact that NCERT books are the best for students studying in CBSE Class 11. However, simply mugging the NCERT books for days and weeks will not suffice. So, reference books are the saviour in this situation.

Embibe offers a wide range of study materials, including PDFs of NCERT books, previous year question papers, and solution sets. These solution sets are prepared by experts who understand the marking scheme and the exam pattern followed by the CBSE board. Students can follow these study materials to improve their performance significantly.

The best reference books for Class 11 CBSE are listed in a subject-wise manner in the table given below.

SubjectBest Reference Books For Class 11Publication / Author
EnglishCBSE Chapter Wise/Topic Wise Question BankOswaal Publication
MathSenior Secondary School Mathematics: For Class 11RS Agarwal
Mathematics for Class 11RD SharmaDhanpat Rai Publications
PhysicsConcepts of PhysicsHC Verma
ChemistryABC of ChemistryModern Publications
BiologyABC of BiologyModern Publications

Students studying in the CBSE board should consider the NCERT textbooks as their starting point for their exam preparation. These books will help students develop an in-depth knowledge about the concepts in every subject.

Apart from the books listed above, books by S. Chand Publication are recommended for all the subjects, especially for students not attending coaching classes. Those books are excellent for self-study.

Studying NCERT books demands the students to go through the appropriate study material and further solve questions given at the end of the chapter. The NCERT books are known for their simplicity and for explaining the concepts without complex theories.

Benefits of Class 11 NCERT Textbooks

The benefits of NCERT books are as follows:

  • 50-60% of the exam questions are from NCERT books.
  • Written by experts.
  • Helps in inculcating firm knowledge of fundamental concepts s required for JEE and NEET.
  • Simple to read, understand, and practice.

Best Reference Books for Class 11: Important Chapters

If you are planning to appear for the JEE Mains 2022 after your 12th board, then you need to know the important chapters from the Class 11 syllabus.

Important Chapters From Class 11 Syllabus

The academic experts at Embibe have divided the chapters based on their ‘weightage’ and how much effort students have to invest to learn the topics. Please check the important points given below.

Easy Chapters – High Weightage, Low Effort

These are the most important chapters. It is a must for every student to complete these chapters thoroughly. It is advisable to start with these chapters as they are carry high weightage and easy to study as well.

Tough Chapters – High Weightage, High Effort

These chapters are tough but cannot be ignored because of their higher weightage. After the easy chapters, these should be next on the list for students. Students have to make sincere efforts to crack these chapters.

Easy Chapters – Low Weightage, Low Effort

These are the chapters that require low effort, but they carry low weightage. Students need to prepare them when they have time left after the first and second category of chapters mentioned above.

Tough Chapters – Low Weightage, High Effort

It is recommended that students first focus on the first three categories of chapters as mentioned in this article before commencing on this fourth category. These chapters are tough to crack and demand highest effort by students. At the same time, they carry low weightage. Students can even consider ignoring questions from this category if they are facing shortage of time in the exam.

You can find the subject-wise breakdown of the important chapters according to their weightage and input required in detail here. Following are the important chapters of Class 11th.

The Important Physics Chapters from Class 11 are:
  1. Rotational Motion
  2. Kinematics of SHM
  3. Newton’s Law of Motion 
  4. Units and Dimensions
The Important Chemistry Chapters from Class 11 are:
  1. Chemical Bonding
  2. General Organic Chemistry
  3. Chemical Equilibrium
  4. Atomic Structure
  5. Stoichiometry
  6. Gaseous State
The Important Maths Chapters from Class 11 are:
  1. Probability
  2. Permutation and Combination
  3. Coordinate Geometry
  4. Logarithm
  5. Quadratic Equations

FAQs on Best Reference Books For CBSE Class 11

Q1. Which are the toughest subjects to study in Class 11?
A. Physics is acknowledged as one of the most difficult subjects of CBSE Class 11 because one needs to have a good understanding of various concepts of Mathematics in the subject. However, if you study regularly and practice the concepts with a clear mind and determination, you can score well in the exam.

Q2. Should we study NCERT books for the Class 11 exam?
A. The important benefit of using the NCERT Books for exam preparation is it focuses deeply on the fundamentals of each and every subject according to the latest CBSE syllabus, which helps candidates clear the basic concepts of each subject.

Q3. Which is the best reference book for Class 11 students?
A. The best reference books for Class 11 are as follows:

  • Mathematics- RS Agarwal
  • Physics – Concepts of Physics by RD Sharma
  • Chemistry – ABC of Chemistry by HC Verma’s (Modern Publications)

Q4. What are the important chapters in Chemistry for Class 11?
A. Some of the important chapters in Chemistry for Class 11 are:
1. Chemical Bonding
2. General Organic Chemistry
3. Chemical Equilibrium
4. Atomic Structure
5. Stoichiometry
6. Gaseous State

Q5. What is the best reference book for class 11 Physics?
A. For Class 11 Physics, the best reference books are DC Pandey’s Understanding Physics and Dinesh’s New Millennium Physics Class 11.

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