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Bihar Board Class 8 Syllabus: Get PDFs


Bihar Board Class 8 Syllabus: A good understanding of the syllabus is essential to excel in any type of exam. So, if the Bihar Board students are looking for a source of a detailed Bihar Board Class 8 syllabus, they will find it in this article. The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) or Bihar Board conducts exams for Classes 1 to 12, and Class 8 is a crucial academic year to advance towards the higher classes.

The Bihar exams for Class 8 are conducted as per the syllabus prescribed by the BSEB. From time to time, the Board revises and updates the syllabus as per curriculum requirements. So, students must be vigilant of the changes to the syllabus. We have provided the latest Class 8 syllabus for the 2023 Bihar Board exams along with PDF files. Continue reading to get a comprehensive view of the complete syllabus.

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Bihar Board Class 8 Syllabus: Subject-wise PDFs

BSEB tests the Class 8 students in the subjects like English, Science, Maths, Hindi, and Social Science which are part of their curriculum. Therefore, students must study to cover the entire syllabus across all these subjects. Moreover, they should revise the syllabus topics periodically to retain the concepts or theories they study. Here are subject-wise topics of the Bihar Board Class 8 syllabus for all the subjects. We have also provided the downloaded PDFs for the same.

Bihar Board Class 8 Syllabus for English

Below is the English syllabus topics mentioned in the table:

English GrammerEnglish Composition (Writing)
Order of Words and ClausesStory
Direct and Indirect SpeechFormal and Informal Letters
Active and Passive VoiceDiary Entry
Phrases and Idioms
Comprehension Reading

Bihar Board Class 8 Syllabus for Maths

Students can find all the Maths syllabus in the following table:

Rational numbers
Linear equations in one variable
Understanding of geometric shapes
Data management
Square and square root
Cube and cube root
Creation of geometric shapes
Comparison of amounts
Algebraic expression
Exponents and exponents
Straight and inverse proportions
Illustrations of solid shapes
Introduction to Articles
Playing with numbers
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Bihar Board Class 8 Syllabus for Science

Here is the detailed syllabus of Science for the reference of Class 8 students:

Combustion and Flame: Burning of Things
Lightning and earthquake: two terrible forms of nature
Crop: Production and Management Agricultural Scientist – Ravana
Varieties of Fabrics: Varieties of Fibers
World of Microorganisms: Seeing Eyes Through a Microscope
Relationship between pressure and force
Fuel: We Need
Chemical effects of electric current
Games of light
Conservation of Plants and Animals: Biodiversity
Family of stars and sun
Cells: The basic structure of every organism
Reproduction in animals

Bihar Board Class 8 Syllabus for Social Science

The syllabus for all three subjects under Social Science is provided below:

GeographyHistoryPolitical Science
ResourcesWhen, Where and HowIndian Constitution
Indian AgricultureEstablishment of English state in IndiaSecularism and Fundamental Rights
IndustryRural life and societyParliamentary Government (People and their Representatives)
TransportationColonialism and Tribal SocietyUnderstanding of law
Human resourceCraft and industryJudiciary
Asia – A Brief StudyStruggle against British rule (Revolt of 1857)Judicial process
Data representationBritish rule and educationCooperative
Challenges of the caste system
Status and improvement of women
British rule and urban change
Change in the arts
National Movement 1885 – 1947
Birth of a divided India after independence
Our historian Kalikinkar Dutt (1905 to 1983)
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FAQs on Bihar Board Class 8 Syllabus

Some of the most frequently asked questions on the Class 8 syllabus are provided below:

Q.1: Is Bihar Board syllabus different from CBSE?

Ans: Yes, the Bihar board syllabus is different from that of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus. The CBSE syllabus is issued as per the guidelines of NCERT.

Q.2: Who prescribes the Bihar Board Class 8 syllabus?

Ans: The syllabus of the Bihar board class is prescribed by BSEB.

Q.3: How many subjects are there in Bihar board?

Ans: There are 5 major subjects in Class 8 Bihar Board curriculum, i.e. English, Science, Maths, Hindi, and Social Science.

Q.4: What will be the full form of BSEB?

Ans: BSEB is the acronym for  Bihar School Examination Board, which is a statutory body under the Government of Bihar to conduct examinations at secondary and senior secondary standards.

Q.5: Does Bihar Board use NCERT?

Ans: Yes, the Bihar Board suggests students use NCERT materials to study. However, the NCERTs are primarily used in the CBSE curriculum.

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