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11th Odisha Board Chapters 2023: List of Subject-wise Chapters & Topics


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Subject-wise 11th Odisha Board Chapter 2023

Class 11 topics form the base for Class 12 concepts. Thus, it is crucial for you to understand class 11 concepts thoroughly. To ensure there are no learning gaps, Embibe provides video lessons and other study material to guide you through each learning stage. You can now learn all the 11th Odisha Board chapters in the form of animation. Also, if you do not understand something, you can seek help from Embibe knowledge buddy Mb. It is an AI-powered chatbot to help you revise your learnings, using question answering and doubt resolution.

We have provided a chapter-wise video link to the Class 11 Odisha Board in the below sections.

Odisha Board Class 11 Mathematics Chapters

You will learn several new concepts in 11th Odisha Board Maths. Some of these are Sets and Functions, Trigonometry, Quadratic Equations, Permutations, Combinations, etc. Many students find Trigonometry rather difficult. You can refer to Embibe’s 3D video books with solutions and learn each concept through animation.

Embibe provides excellent learning options that ensure that you do not skip any topic for the lack of conceptual understanding or doubts. Refer to the chapter-wise links for Odisha Board 11th Class Maths:

Chapter NameChapter Name
Mathematical ReasoningBinomial Theorem
SetsSequences and Series
Relations and FunctionsStraight Lines
Trigonometric FunctionsConic Sections
Principle of Mathematical InductionIntroduction to Three-Dimensional Geometry
Complex Number and Quadratic EquationsLimit and Differentiation
Linear InequalitiesStatistics
Permutations and CombinationsProbability

Odisha Board Class 11 Physics Chapters

In 11th Odisha Board Physics, you will learn many physical concepts that could be a little difficult to understand. You can watch Embibe 3D videos for them and see the physics phenomena unfold. This way, you can easily gather a basic understanding and perform practical tests better. 

Click on the chapter links below to access the 11th Physics concepts.

Chapter NameChapter Name
Physical World and MeasurementSound
Scalars and VectorsElasticity
Laws of MotionSurface Tension
Circular MotionFluid Motion
RotationHeat Phenomena
Projectile MotionHeat Transfer
OscillationsMolecular Properties of Matter
Wave Motion

Odisha Board Class 11 Chemistry Chapters

Organic and inorganic chemistry are the two different kinds of Chemistry in the Odisha Board 11th class chapters. Organic chemistry involves balancing chemical reactions. The inorganic part deals with thermodynamics, states of matter, etc. You can develop a strong grasp of the concepts from Embibe’s books as they explain the basics in great detail. 

You can now access any Chemistry chapter from the links given below:

Chapter NameChapter Name
Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryAlkali Metals
Basic Concepts- Atoms and MoleculesAlkaline Earth Metals
Structure of AtomGroup 13 Elements
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in ParticlesThe Carbon Family
Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureOrganic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and Techniques
States of Matter- Gases and LiquidAliphatic Hydrocarbons- Saturated Hydrocarbons-Alkanes
Liquid StateUnsaturated Hydrocarbons- Alkenes
ThermodynamicsUnsaturated Hydrocarbons- Alkynes
EquilibriaAromatic Compounds- Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Redox ReactionEnvironmental Chemistry

Odisha Board Class 11 Biology Chapters

The 11th Odisha Board Biology covers concepts like plant and animal morphology, cells, photosynthesis, respiration, digestion, and other such processes. Watching these concepts in the form of 3D videos can be much more impactful than studying the text. Why only stick to old ways when you can access improvised study resources? 

Below are the chapter-wise links to Odisha Board Class 11 Biology:

Chapter NameChapter Name
Classification of Living WorldRespiration
Classification of Plant KingdomPlant Growth and Development
Classification of Animal KingdomDigestion and Absorption
Plant Morphology and AnatomyBreathing and Respiration
Animal Tissues and Gross Anatomical Organization of CockroachBody Fluids and Circulation
Cell Structure and FunctionExcretory Products and their Elimination
Chemical Constituents of Living CellsLocomotion and Movement
Cell Division CycleNeural Control and Coordination
Transport in PlantsChemical Coordination and Regulation
Mineral Nutrition

FAQs on 11th Odisha Board Chapters

Below we have discussed some of the most frequently asked questions in the 11th Odisha Board Topics:

Q: Which is the most difficult chapter in Odisha Board Class 11 Physics?

Ans: In 11th Physics Odisha Board, students mostly find Laws of Motion and Gravitation, the most difficult chapter.

Q: How many chapters are there in Odisha Board 11th Biology?

Ans: There are 21 chapters in Odisha Board 11th class Biology.

Q: What are Embibe Explainers for Class 11 Odisha Board chapters?

Ans: Embibe Explainers are topic-wise 3D video lessons mapped to books and chapters. They make learning easy and more engaging.

Q: Where can I find all chapters for Odisha Board Class 11 Chemistry?

Ans: You can access and learn all the Odisha Board Class 11 Chemistry chapters on the Embibe app.

Q: How can Embibe help me learn the concepts of 11th Odisha Board subjects?

Ans: On Embibe, you get 3D videos on all topics, practice questions, and mock tests that help you build and develop your knowledge right from the basics. You can watch the videos and attempt questions and tests till you gain confidence in your exam preparation.

We hope this detailed article on the Class 11 Odisha Board Topics helps you. If you have any queries, you can visit our website and ask your queries, and we will be glad to help you. 

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