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12th Odhisha Board Books


“Books and doors are the same things. You open them, and you go through into another world.” – Jeanette Winterson. This quote sheds light on the significance of books and how they can transform a person’s thoughts. Being a 12th Odisha Board student, too, you cannot undermine the importance of books in your life. Referring to the books is the first and most important step if you want to nail the exam. But studying every page of your book isn’t as easy as flipping through them. It is monotonous, time-consuming and tiring. 

But Embibe has a solution to help you study the 12th Odisha Board books and go into another world, just like the quote above states. You get 20+ ebooks with videos and solutions to master your concepts. Every topic is explained through 3D videos and explainers to help you visualise and understand more deeply. In addition, you can practice over 1000+ questions to polish your preparation further. You can choose Odiya or English to start your 12th Odisha Board preparation from Embibe.  Scroll down to access the 12th Odisha Board books.

Odisha Board Class 12 Subject-wise Books

Studying books give you a well-rounded knowledge of the subject, and you cannot avoid studying them if you want to perform well in your exam. To help you study effortlessly and retain the knowledge from books, Embibe provides books in the form of engaging and lively videos. These videos enhance your imagination and deepen your comprehension. You can access the Odisha Board Class 12 subject-wise books from the following section.

12th Odisha Board Maths Book

The Class 12 Maths book contains various formulas, theorems, explanations and numerical problems. To help you master the subject, refer to the video explanations and practice questions on Embibe. Click on the books below to access the 12th Odisha Board Maths.

NCERT Exemplar Mathematics – Class 12MATHEMATICS PART I Textbook for Class XII
Embibe Big Book for Mathematics Class 12

12th Odisha Board Physics Book

Physics is a branch of Science that deals with studying the universe, matter and energy and many more topics. Without a proper understanding of the concepts, it is difficult to score well in the Physics exam. However, at Embibe, you can master the subject with ease. You can get the 12th Odisha Board Physics book from the table below.

PHYSICS PART 2 TEXTBOOK FOR CLASS 12PHYSICS PART 2 TEXTBOOK FOR CLASS 12Physics Part 1 Textbook for Class XIINCERT Exemplar Physics – Class 12

12th Odisha Board Chemistry Book

Class 12 Chemistry involves topics from Organic, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry. And many students find it difficult to understand the complex topics. The 3D videos at Embibe explain each concept in an easy but comprehensive way with real-life examples to smoothen your learning process. Start studying the 12th Chemistry books from the table below.

NCERT Exemplar Chemistry – Class 12Chemistry Part I Textbook for Class XIIChemistry Part 2 Textbook for Class 12Textbook for Class 12 Chemistry Part

12th Odisha Board Biology Book

Biology as a subject deals with the study of concepts associated with daily life. If you can relate the concepts to real-life situations, it becomes easier to understand them. At Embibe, you can watch the topics come to life and perform experiments to get a hands-on experience of the subject. You can access the 12th Odisha Board books from the table below.

Embibe Big Book for Biology for Class 12
NCERT Exemplar Biology – Class 12
TRUEMAN’S ELEMENTARY Biology VOL. II For XII Class of 10+2

FAQs on 12th Odisha Board Books

Here are some frequently asked questions about the 12th Odisha Board books:

Q. Where can I get the Odisha Board Class 12 books?

Ans: You can get the Odisha Board Class 12 books on Embibe.

Q. What reference book can I use for Odisha Board Class 12 Physics?

Ans: You can refer to NCERT Physics for Odisha Board Class 12 Physics.

Q. Can I study the Odisha Board Class 12 books in Odiya on Embibe?

Ans: You can study the Odisha Board Class 12 books in Odiya and English on Embibe.

Q. What are the benefits of studying the Odisha Board Class 12 books from Embibe?

Ans: The Odisha Board Class 12 books on Embibe contains comprehensive explanation of concepts through 3D videos and examples, enhancing in better understanding and comprehension. This gives you an edge when preparing for the final board exam.

Q. Is it necessary to refer to books while preparing for the 12th Odisha Board exam?

Ans: You should refer to books while preparing for the 12th Odisha Board exam to get all the chapters’ information and understand the concepts.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates and study materials for the 12th Odisha Board exam.

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