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CBSE Class 6 Social Science Syllabus 2023


CBSE syllabus for Class 6 Social Science: The first step to any exam preparation is to carefully go through the syllabus. The syllabus is an important resource that will help students understand the exam pattern and strategise their preparation accordingly. Especially for students in CBSE Class 6, it is important to strengthen the concepts taught in Social Science, as it lays the foundation for understanding more complex topics in higher classes.

CBSE Class 6 Social Science is divided into three sections: History, Geography, and Civics (Social and Political Life). It will help them to gain more knowledge about the topics that are most likely to appear in the exam. Students can download the CBSE Class 6 Social Science Syllabus and textbooks from this article. Continue reading to know more.

CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 Social Science 2023: Chapter-wise Breakdown

The Social Science subject is divided into three major sections. Each section is designed to make sure that the student gets a basic awareness of the modern lifestyle and the previous ones as well. The History section of the subject begins with the introduction of the ancient people and their life at that time.

On the other hand, Geography starts with the introduction of the theories of the birth of Earth and the Solar System. Social and Political Life focuses on various modern cultures, religions, and democracies.

HistoryGeographySocial and Political Life
What, Where, How, and When?The Earth in the Solar SystemUnderstanding Diversity
On the trail of the earliest peopleGlobe: Latitudes and LongitudesDiversity and Discrimination
From gathering to growing foodMotions of the EarthWhat is Government?
In the earliest citiesMapsKey elements of a Democratic Government
What books and burials tell us?Major Domains of the EarthPanchayati Raj
Kingdoms, Kings, and an early republicMajor Landforms of the EarthRural Administration
New questions and ideasOur Country- IndiaUrban Administration
Ashoka the emperorIndia- Climate, Vegetation, and WildlifeRural Livelihood
Vital Villages, thriving townsUrban Livelihood
Traders, Kings, and Pilgrims
New Empires and Kingdoms
Buildings, Paintings, and Books

CBSE Syllabus Class 6 Social Science: Section-wise Explanation

  • History: The history section starts with the study of various timelines and their specialities. The section specifies the concepts like Hunting, Agriculture, first cities etc. Then it comes to the study of the earliest men and their lifestyle. It throws some light on the weapons they had, their food sources and inventions etc. The other chapter talks about the ways which taught early men to grow their own food. And just like that, we travel through the times of the Kings, the time when manuscripts were written, and students get to know about the story of Ashoka in detail. Students also get an idea about various infrastructures along with their history and the difference in styles and appearance.
  • Geography: As the name reflects, the section talks about the land and the planets. The study begins with the origin of the Solar System and planets. Then the next detailed topic will be based on the origin of Earth and its development to the origin of life. The section talks about the concepts of longitude and latitude to make you aware of the map reading tricks. You get to know about the motion and the speed of the Earth faced in its landforms in the comparison of various timelines. The subject talks about India in detail and focuses on the detailed study of its demographic factors and on the factors which make it a special country.
  • Social and Political Life: The Social and Political Life study is also known as Civics. The section begins with the study of the diversity of cultures and modern civilisations. Furthermore, students get an introduction to discrimination. Moreover, it talks about the government and its types. Then the administrations of the rural and urban areas become part of the syllabus of social studies.

The social science subject covers almost each and every part of civilisations and their types. The syllabus helps students in building a strong foundation for future studies. Also, it helps students in understanding the changes that societies and cultures have faced over time. Furthermore, students can download the CBSE Class 6 Social Science syllabus in PDF format.

CBSE Board Class 6 Social Science Mock Test Series

Students should take the CBSE 6th Social Science mock tests on Embibe to understand how well they have prepared for their upcoming exams. So, to help with that, we have provided the mock test links in this section.

Take the CBSE Board Class 6 Social Science mock test series at Embibe to improve your performance in the exam. 

Mock Test PapersMock Test Links
Social Science Paper – 1Attempt Now
Social Science Paper – 2Attempt Now

FAQs on CBSE Class 6 Social Science Syllabus

Some of the frequently asked questions on the CBSE Class 6 Social Science are as follows:

Q: The syllabus for CBSE Class 6 Social Science is divided into how many sections?

Ans: Students studying the Social Sciences for Class 6 will have three sections to study namely History, Geography, And Civics (Social and Political Life).

Q: What chapters are included in NCERT Class 6 Geography?

Ans: The chapters involved in the NCERT Class 6 Geography are, The Earth in the Solar System, Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes, Motions of the Earth, Maps, Major Domains of the Earth, Major Landforms of the Earth, Our Country: India, India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife.

Q: Where can I attempt the CBSE Class 6 Social Science mock tests for free?

Ans: Students can attempt the CBSE Class 6 Social Science mock tests for free on Embibe.

Q: How to access the CBSE Class 6 Social Science mock tests for free?

Ans: Students must first log in on the Embibe app and then click on the links provided on this page to access the free mock tests.

Q: How many chapters are there in CBSE Class 6 Social Science Book?

Ans: There are 29 chapters in total in the Social Science Book. Students can get a detailed explanation of each chapter on Embibe.

We hope this detailed article on CBSE Class 6 Social Science Syllabus helps you prepare for the exams in the best way.

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