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CGPA to Percentage: Calculator for Conversion, Formula, & More


CGPA to Percentage: The average grade point of a student is calculated using their cumulative grades across all subjects, omitting any supplemental coursework. Many colleges, universities, and organisations, including CBSE, release exam results as CGPAs rather than percentages. The term “CGPA” stands for “Cumulative Grade Point Average.”

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The CGPA must be turned into a percentage, and for that students can use a simple formula or calculator provided in this article to convert CGPA to a percentage. Students can quickly determine their CGPA using Embibe’s CGPA to percentage converter. Additionally, all they need to provide to calculate the percentage is the CGPA figure. Continue reading to learn more about the conversion of CGPA to percentage.

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Convert CGPA to Percentage: Online Calculator

Students can find the percentage calculator below to convert CGPA to percentage. Just enter the value in the CGPA field and you will get the output as a percentage:

CGPA to Percentage Calculator


CGPA Converter: How To Calculate Percentage From CGPA?

To find out how to calculate marks percentage from CGPA, multiply by 9.5. Students may be wondering why they should only multiply by 9.5.

Why 9.5?: Various institutions and boards examined the previous five years’ results and determined the average marks of all applicants who scored between 91 and 100. That average was close to 95 points. As the corresponding Grade Point for the 91-100 group (A1 grade) of marks is 10, the average score of 95 was divided by 10. Then the final score was 9.5. To convert CGPA to percentage Mumbai University also utilise this calculator.

The formula to convert CGPA into percentage is as follows:

Overall Percentage of Marks = 9.5 x CGPA

Rule: To convert CGPA into a percentage, multiply the CGPA by 9.5 to get the overall indicative percentage.

Example: To understand the calculation of percentages in a better way, let us take an example to convert CGPA to percentage:

Suppose there is a student named Ravi. He scored the following grade points in different subjects:

Subjects Grade Points
Subject 1 8
Subject 2 7
Subject 3 10
Subject 4 8
Subject 5 9

Convert CGPA to Percentage

Below we have explained how to convert CGPA to percentage:

  • The sum of Grade Points (GP) of Ravi will be: 8+7+10+8+9 = 42
  • Dividing the sum by 5 will be: 42/5 = 8.4
  • Hence, 8.4 is the CGPA of Ravi
  • To find out the approximate percentage, we multiply the CGPA by 9.5, i.e., 8.4 x 9.5 = 79.8%
  • So, the approximate percentage obtained by Ravi is 79.80%

Convert CGPA to Percentage: Conversion Table

Without doing much calculation, students can easily know their percentage by looking at the table below:

CGPAEquivalent Percentage (%)CGPAEquivalent Percentage (%)

CGPA Grading System

As per the grading system, the minimum qualifying grade for passing the board exam is grade D. Students who have scored E1 or E2 grades, will have to sit for re-examination within a month after the announcement of the results. To check the grades and grade points with respect to marks scored, refer to the table below:

Marks Grades Grade Point
91-100 A1 10
81-90 A2 9
71-80 B1 8
61-70 B2 7
51-60 C1 6
41-50 C2 5
33-40 D 4
21-32 E1
20 & below E2

How To Calculate Percentage From CGPA?

The formula to calculate CGPA from percentage is given below:

CGPA = (Percentage/9.5)

Example: Let us assume that Ravi has obtained 67.5% in his board exams. Now if we want to calculate his CGPA, then we will have to perform the following calculations.

Ravi’s CGPA = 67.5 divided by 9.5
= 67.5/5
= 7.105263157
= 7.1 CGPA

Thus, Ravi’s CGPA for the percentage (67.5) obtained in board exams is 7.5 CGPA.

CGPA to Percentage Conversion on a 10-point Scale

Converting CGPA into a percentage on a 10-point scale is easy. We only need to perform a few simple calculations. If the highest mark on a 100-point paper is 90, then 90 marks are equal to 100 per cent. If a student receives 80 marks, his or her CGPA will be 100/90*80 = 88.89. On a scale of one to ten, it’s an 8.9.

For example, let us assume that a student named Ravi has scored 78 marks. Now the steps to calculate the CGPA into percentage on a 10-point scale are given below:

Ravi’s Score: 78 Marks
= 100/90 X 78
= 1.111 X 78
= 86.66

Convert CGPA to Percentage Calculator for Universities

The CGPA Calculator for various universities such as VTU, Delhi University, MAKAUT, and many more are tabulated below:

College Name CGPA Formula
CGPA to Percentage Calculator for GTU [(CGPA/SPI/CPI-0.5)]*10
CGPA to Percentage Calculator for VTU [CGPA-0.75]*10
CGPA to Percentage Calculator for DU 9.5xCGPA of all semesters
KTU CGPA to Percentage Sum of (Ci*GPi)/Sum of (Ci)
Convert CGPA to Percentage Mumbai University 7.25*CGPA+11
MAKUAT CGPA To Percentage Calculator   [CGPA-0.75]*10
CGPA to Percentage Calculator for Engineering Same As Used By VTU, JNTUH, BGUT, Pune, Nagpur, and Other Universities

How Is CGPA Different From GPA?

The grade point average (GPA) measures a student’s performance over a semester or term. CGPA differs from GPA as it measures a student’s performance over a while, such as a semester or a year. Even though GPA and CGPA both reflect a student’s skills, CBSE has a curriculum that only determines the CGPA and not the GPA. Students’ GPAs are also calculated in universities that employ the CGPA method.

Different institutions use different factors to determine a student’s GPA. The primary difference between GPA and CGPA is that GPA is for grades earned during a term, while CGPA is for grades earned over a year.

How To Convert CGPA to GPA on US Scale?

If you do not have to convert your CGPA or percentage to a 4.0-scale while applying for an MS or MBA, but only want to know where you stand, you can use the following method:

Consider 100 per cent to be 100 points, and since the United States uses a four-point scale, 25 per cent equals one point in the GPA system. Now double your percentage by 4 after dividing it by 100. For example, if your percentage is 90, your GPA would be (90/100)*4 = 3.6.

India vs US CGPA System

The grade point average is determined using a four-point system, which is the worldwide norm used by American colleges. India, on the other hand, has a ten-point grading system. Depending on the university’s criteria, the evaluation points or percentages can always be translated to GPA scores. In general, universities in the United States use a four-point GPA system.

Aspiring students applying to institutions in other countries can seek conversion criteria, such as GPA calculators, on the university’s website. Letter grades are typically connected to points in the 10-point GPA system; for example, 9 points yield an “A” letter grade.

FAQs on CGPA to Percentage

Here are some frequently asked questions with answers on converting CGPA to Percentage:

Q: What is the CGPA of 73%?

Ans: The CGPA of 73% is 7.7.

Q: What is the full form of CGPA?

Ans: The full form of CGPA is Cumulative Grade Point Average.

Q: What is the definition of a percentage of a number?

Ans: A number’s percentage is its value as a percentage of 100.
E.g. There are 16 girls and 34 boys in the class. So, the percentage of boys in the class is 68 per cent, which indicates that 68 out of 100 are boys.

Q: Is it possible for a percentage to be more than 100?

Ans: Yes, a percentage can be greater than 100 when the value is greater than the entire value.

Q: What is the CGPA to percentage formula?

Ans: To convert CGPA to percentage, you need to multiply it by 9.5.

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