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CUSAT CAT 2023 Exam Analysis: Know Paper Analysis


Do you want to understand the difficulty level of the CUSAT CAT exam? Are you planning to enrol in any of the courses at the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT)? If your answer is a yes, you should review the difficulty level of the exam. Many aspirants make the mistake of not checking the difficulty level of the exam. As a result, they miss an important step in exam preparation.

Students who do not know the difficulty level of the exam prepare too little or sometimes prepare too much, which can lead to time wastage. We believe determining the difficulty level of the exam can help predict the question paper of the upcoming exam. Therefore, we have provided the CUSAT CAT exam analysis in this article. You may scroll down to view the details.

CUSAT CAT Exam Analysis 2023

Approximately 21,412 students took the B.Tech admissions exam out of 24,190 applicants who applied for B.Tech courses in CUSAT. The exam was held online, and due to some technical issues with two of the exam centres, the exam had to be cancelled, resulting in the absence of 810 B.Tech aspirants. 

The CUSAT CAT exam for B.Tech courses had 3 sections: Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. There were 250 multiple-choice questions on the exam. Candidates had to finish the exam in 180 minutes. Candidates received three marks for each correct answer, and one mark was deducted from their total score for each incorrect answer. 

We recommend you read the following information to learn about the difficulty level of each exam section and analyse the paper.

CUSAT CAT Paper Analysis- Mathematics Section

  • This section of the exam had 125 questions.
  • It comprised only objective type of questions. Each question was of the objective variety.
  • The weightage of this section was 375 in total.
  • Candidates received +3 marks for each correct answer and -1 marks
  • for each incorrect answer.
  • This exam section was simple, and candidates could complete all the questions in the allotted time.
  • Candidates were expected to complete this exam section in 90 minutes, giving 0.72 minutes to each question.

CUSAT CAT Paper Analysis- Physics Section

  • There were 75 MCQs in this section.
  • The maximum mark a candidate could get from this section was 225.
  • Candidates received -1 mark for each incorrect answer and got 3 marks for each correct answer.
  • Like the Mathematics section, this section of the exam was easier than last year’s paper, and candidates could complete all the questions on time.
  • Candidates had 54 minutes to complete this exam section, with an average rate of answering one question in 0.72 minutes.

CUSAT CAT Paper Analysis- Chemistry Section

  • There were 50 objective-type questions in this section.
  • This section had a maximum score of 150.
  • For each correct answer, 3 marks were awarded, and 1 mark was deducted for each incorrect answer.
  • According to the candidates who took the exam, this section was relatively difficult. But only a few of the questions in this section were difficult.
  • Candidates had 36 minutes to complete the section, with 0.72 minutes allotted to each question.

FAQs on the CUSAT CAT 2023 Exam Analysis

Refer to the following questions for the CUSAT CAT exam analysis:

Q: How many questions were there in the CUSAT CAT Chemistry section?

Ans: There were 50 questions in the CUSAT CAT Chemistry section.

Q: How many questions were there in the CUSAT CAT Physics section?

Ans: There were 75 questions in the CUSAT CAT Physics section.

Q: What was the maximum mark in CUSAT CAT Physics?

Ans: The maximum mark in the CUSAT CAT Physics section was 225.

Q: What was the maximum mark in CUSAT CAT Mathematics?

Ans: The maximum mark in the CUSAT CAT Mathematics section was 375.

Q: What was the duration of the CUSAT CAT exam?

Ans: The exam was held for 180 minutes.

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