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CUSAT CAT 2023 Preparation: Check Important Questions


CUSAT CAT Preparation 2023: The authorities have declared the dates for the CUSAT CAT exam on the official website. The CUSAT CAT 2023 will be conducted from April 29 to May 1, 2023. Candidates preparing for CUSAT CAT must start their preparation soon and check this article to know the tips and tricks to clear the exam with a high score.

The Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) conducts the Common Admission Test (CAT). It is a state-level common entrance test for candidates pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Go through this article to achieve the desired marks and fulfil your dreams of getting admission to the best colleges in Kerala.

Latest Update:
– Online CUSAT CAT 2023 Registration started on January 27, 2023. The last day to fill out the application form is February 26, 2023 (with a fine up to March 6, 2023).
CUSAT CAT 2023 Admit Cards will be released on April 18, 2023.
– CUSAT CAT 2023 will be conducted on April 29, 30 and May 1, 2023.

CUSAT CAT Preparation 2023: Check Subject-wise Details

Before getting into the details of CUSAT CAT preparation, let us understand the paper pattern for UG Engineering admission. Questions in CUSAT CAT will be based on Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. 

The Physics section will be conducted first, followed by Chemistry. In the last section, candidates will require to solve questions from Mathematics. Each correct answer will be awarded 3 marks. There will be a deduction of 1 mark for each incorrect answer.

Note: Candidates must score 10 marks in each section to qualify for the B.Tech admissions. However, this is not applicable to candidates belonging to the reserved categories of Kerala.

The distribution of questions, as well as marks allotment for each section, is provided in the table below:

SectionsNo. of QuestionsMaximum MarksDuration
Section I: Physics7522560 Minutes
Section II: Chemistry5015030 Minutes
Section III: Mathematics12537590 Minutes
Total250750180 Minutes

Candidates must be absolutely thorough with the CUSAT CAT exam pattern. This is especially important to develop a proper strategy to attempt the exam.

Let us now see how to prepare for CUSAT CAT Maths, Physics, and Chemistry.

CUSAT CAT Mathematics Preparation

Mathematics has the highest weightage in CUSAT CAT. To secure a good score in this paper, candidates must properly understand the theory behind every concept. Like any other subject, Mathematics requires knowledge of theories. Just memorising the formulas alone is not enough to solve questions. So it is important to go through the whole CUSAT CAT Mathematics syllabus and brush up on the concepts.

Candidates should ensure that they understand what the various concepts mean. Also, all the formulas should be at their fingertips. If candidates find any particular formula difficult to remember, they should practice it regularly. Parallelly they should solve practice questions related to CUSAT CAT Maths. Remember, Mathematics needs a lot of practice. It is advisable to focus on the familiar chapters and diligently practising them is better. Mastering chapters such as Complex Numbers, 3D Geometry, Vectors, Trigonometry, and Calculus can fetch good marks.

CUSAT CAT Physics Preparation

Physics is a subject that needs a lot of visualisation other than conceptual knowledge and application skills. Candidates who can visualise the various processes and concepts find memorising them easier and solving problems quicker.

Create diagrams, flowcharts, or other pictorial representations whenever required to simplify complex processes. Go through the example problems. Also, practice the formulas and equations. Solve the most difficult questions and previous years’ questions from each chapter. Difficult questions, and ones where candidates have made mistakes at some point, should also be solved. Mark those questions and practice them multiple times later. Candidates should not miss out on the Wave Motion and Heat Thermodynamics chapters.

CUSAT CAT Chemistry Preparation

Chemistry in CUSAT CAT carries only 50 questions, i.e. the lowest number of questions in all three subjects. Many candidates find Chemistry difficult as there are too many chemical reactions, equations, formulas, laws, rules, etc. Candidates who find Chemistry difficult should note two things: 

  1. It is not at all necessary to remember and memorise all these chemical reactions and equations, 
  2. Understand the theory behind the concepts and practice the important reactions.

Now all that is required is to solve practice questions for every chapter; also go through the examples religiously. Physical Chemistry is quite easy for candidates who have understood the concepts. Inorganic Chemistry needs regular practice. For Organic Chemistry, practice the important reactions regularly. All three sections need practice. So, study the theories carefully and practice them diligently.

CUSAT CAT Preparation Tips 2023: General Instructions

Here are a few general preparation tips for CUSAT CAT 2023:

  • Be thorough with the CUSAT CAT exam pattern and CUSAT CAT syllabus.
  • Create a timetable and allocate time to subjects based on strengths and weaknesses.
  • Solving questions from each chapter will help the candidates to find out their areas of strengths and weaknesses. Candidates can access practice questions, previous year question papers and mock test papers on Embibe. At the end of the test, candidates can analyse where they need to focus more and accordingly strategise their preparation.
  • Know the best books to prepare for each subject.
  • Do not start with any new chapter at the last minute.
  • For chapters that candidates have completed, they should make sure they know the concepts properly.
  • Practice the formulas, reactions, equations, block diagrams, flowcharts, etc., regularly, especially the difficult ones.
  • Solve as many practice questions as possible – Solve previous year’s questions and questions you find difficult, got incorrect at any point, and other challenging questions.
  • Take CUSAT CAT mock tests and previous year tests as seriously as you would take the actual exam.
  • After every test, find your mistakes and weaknesses and work on them.
  • Make sure you keep track of the time spent on every question as you practise, take tests, and improve your time management.
  • Learn how to choose the questions to answer while taking a test. The idea is to spend time only on the known questions.
  • Revise regularly.

With the above tips, candidates can prepare in a much more organised manner and score better marks.

CUSAT CAT Practice Questions and Mock Tests

As almost all engineering entrance exams in India have more or less the same syllabus, solving CUSAT CAT practice questions and taking CUSAT CAT mock tests will help candidates to prepare for the CUSAT CAT exams. Candidates can use the resources that Embibe offers for CUSAT CAT aspirants – practice questions and mock tests. The practice questions come with detailed solutions and real-time feedback on how the questions have been solved and if they need to improve on their speed, accuracy, or both.

The mock tests are of the same level as the actual exam. Candidates can also get detailed feedback on every test they take. However, for that, they need to unlock the advanced feedback analysis. This can be opened with currencies called Embiums which they earn while practising on Embibe.

CUSAT CAT 2023 Mock Tests

Candidates can follow the below-mentioned steps to attempt the CUSAT CAT mock test at Embibe:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Login using your mobile number/email.
  • 3rd Step: Then select your ‘Goal’ as ‘CUSAT CAT’ under Engineering.
  • 4th Step: Click ‘Next’ and select your preferred language.
  • 5th Step: Refer to the below-mentioned links to attempt mock tests.
CUSAT CAT Physics Mock TestCUSAT CAT Mathematics Mock Test
CUSAT CAT Chemistry Mock Test 

FAQs on CUSAT CAT Preparation 2023

Candidates enquiring about the preparation for the CUSAT CAT 2023 frequently ask the following questions:

Q: When will CUSAT CAT 2023 be conducted?

Ans: CUSAT CAT exams 2023 will be conducted from April 29 to May 1, 2023.

Q: Which are the best CUSAT CAT study materials for the exam?

Ans: Aspirants can refer to NCERT and reference books. Also, self-made notes by the candidates are very helpful during the CUSAT CAT exam.

Q: How can I enhance my CUSAT CAT preparation?

Ans: Aspirants can prepare from the previous years’ question papers to know about the types of questions and improve their test-taking skills.

Q: What preparations are needed to crack CUSAT CAT exam?

Ans: CUSAT CAT questions will be from Mathematics and Physics, and Chemistry. Check this article to learn more about the preparation tips for the exam.

Q: Is CUSAT CAT tougher than JEE Main?

Ans: CUSAT CAT is easier when compared to JEE Main.

Q: How many questions will be asked in the CUSAT exam?

Ans: A total of 250 questions will be asked in the exam. There will be 125 questions from Mathematics, 75 from Physics and 50 from Chemistry.

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We hope this detailed article on CUSAT CAT preparation helps you. If you have any queries, you can visit our website and write to us with your queries. We will assist you in the best way possible.

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