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Manipur Board Class 11 Topics


When you read a long novel or watch a K-drama with 20 episodes, do you feel anxious about how much time it will take to complete? You don’t, right? But it’s uncanny that while studying, we are at our wits’ end when we see the vast syllabus and uncountable topics. Does that happen to you too? Class 11 is an important phase of your journey, and you must thoroughly prepare for the final exam as it will have an impact on your Class 12 exam as well. So how can you finish all the subjects’ topics on time to ace your exam?

Embibe has a solution for you! The AI-comprehensive curriculum for Manipur Board Class 11, designed by the experts at Embibe, ensures that the subjects are divided into chapters which are further subdivided into topics. You can learn all the topics through 300+ 3D videos and even bookmark them to rewatch whenever you want. You can find the 11th Manipur Board important topics on this page to help you start your exam preparation immediately.

Manipur Board Class 11 Subject-wise Topics

The Manipur Board Class 11 topics at Embibe are explained in detail to help you grasp the concepts. The topics not only help you learn every bit and piece of a chapter but also help during revision because you can refer to them as they are readily available. A few important topics are tabulated in the following sections. You can access the Manipur Board Class 11 subject-wise topics in the tables below.

Manipur Board Class 11 Mathematics Topics

Understanding the Maths topics and solving questions is much easier through the step-wise explanation of concepts at Embibe. Check the Manipur Board Class 11 topics in the table below. Click here for more topics.

Chapter NamesTopics
SetsSets and Their Representations
Types of Sets
Relations and FunctionsCartesian Product of Sets
Trigonometric FunctionsAngles
Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometric Equations
Mathematical InductionThe Principle of Mathematical Induction
Complex Numbers and Quadratic EquationsComplex Numbers
Algebra of Complex Numbers
Quadratic Equations

Manipur Board Class 11 Physics Topics

Finding the topics of Physics lengthy and difficult to understand? At Embibe you can learn the concepts comprehensively and easily through explainers and 3D videos. You can find the Manipur Board Class 11 topics in the table below to help you learn right away. Click here for more topics.

Chapter NamesTopics
Physical WorldUnderstanding Physics
Scope of Physics
Fundamental Forces of Nature
Units and MeasurementsPhysical Quantity
Measurement of Mass
Measurement of Time
Motion in a Straight LineSleep and Velocity
Relative Velocity
Motion in a PlaneScalar and Vector
Projectile Motion
Uniform Circular Motion
Laws of MotionForce
Law of Inertia
Newton’s Law of Motion

Manipur Board Class 11 Chemistry Topics

The topics in Chemistry cover concepts from Physical, Organic, and Inorganic Chemistry. To help you study the topics without missing out on anything important, we have compiled the Manipur Board Class 11 Chemistry topics in the following table. Click here for more topics.

Chapter NamesTopics
Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryNature of Matter
Dalton’s Atomic Theory
Atomic and Molecular Mass
Structure of AtomDalton’s Idea of Atoms
Atomic Models
Atomic Spectra
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesNeed for Classifying Elements
Genesis of Periodic Classification
Electronic Configuration and Types of Elements
Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureIonic or Electrovalent Bond
Bond Parameters
States of MatterThe Gaseous State
Gas Law
Ideal Gas Equation

Manipur Board Class 11 Biology Topics

Biology can seem a little challenging to study because of the numerous topics, theories, diagrams, scientific terms and other terminologies. You can check the Manipur Board Class 11 Biology topics from the table below to help you study and focus more on the important topics. Click here for more topics.

Chapter NamesTopics
The Living WorldCharacteristics of Living Organisms
Diversity in the Living World
Taxonomic Categories of Organisms
Biological ClassificationKingdom Monera
Kingdom Fungi
Kingdom Plantae
Plant KingdomAlgae
Gymnosperms Angiosperms
Animal KingdomBasis of Classification of Animals
Classification of Animals
Morphology of Flowering PlantsRoot

Benefits of Learning Manipur Board Class 11 Topics on Embibe

While in-depth preparation of all the topics is necessary, referring to the important topics proves useful when you are revising. Below, we have listed a few benefits of learning the Manipur Class 11 Board topics from Embibe.

  • You get an in-depth understanding of every topic with real-life examples.
  • You can practice over 50 questions for a specific topic to give you enough exposure to different questions that can come up during the exam.
  • You can bookmark a topic that you feel needs more practice.
  • You can get the important points to remember for each topic.
  • You can take chapter-wise tests to evaluate your knowledge.

FAQs on 11th Manipur Board Topics

Below we have provided frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Manipur Board Class 11 Topics:

Q. How can I access the 11th Manipur Board topics on Embibe?

Ans: When you click on the chapter-wise links given on this page, you will be directed to the login page of Embibe, where you can log in to access the 11th Manipur Board topics.

Q. What are the benefits of learning the 11th Manipur Board topics on Embibe?

Ans: Learning the 11th Manipur Board topics on Embibe allows you to immerse yourself in the concepts and relate them to real-life situations. Other benefits are mentioned on this page.

Q. Can I get good marks by studying the 11th Manipur Board’s important topics?

Ans: To get good marks, you must be thorough with all the topics; however, you can give more attention to the important topics as they have more weightage or are more likely to be asked in the exam.

Q. How do I bookmark a topic on Embibe?

Ans: When you click on a topic, you will see an option to bookmark beside the learn button. When you bookmark it, it will appear on the home screen under bookmarked videos so that it is visible whenever you log in to learn something.

Q. How many chapters are available in Manipur Board Class 11 Physics?

Ans: There are 15 chapters in Manipur Board Class 11 Physics.

We hope the above article has answered all your doubts and queries. Embibe wishes you good luck and all the best.

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