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7th Manipur Board Study Material


To prepare for class 7th Manipur Board, precise study materials are essential, but when you have everything in one place, it’s more convenient, right? Yes. Many students often struggle to find precise study materials; they often browse multiple platforms or channels to download study material. But Embibe offers everything that you require to prepare for the exam. It strives to make your preparation top-notch. 

Embibe offers 30 books, 100+ videos, practice questions and several mock tests. The platform creates adaptive learning with the help of 3D content so that you outperform in the exam though there is high competition. The study materials like sample papers, books with video solutions, practice questions and online mock tests are provided for so that you can access them anytime. Continue reading this article to find study materials for the Manipur Board Class 7.

Manipur Board Class 7 Study Materials: Books

To score excellent marks in Manipur Board Class 7 exam, you must study from the best reference books. Embibe offers 30 books for BSEM class 7 to help you learn the chapters with the help of explainer videos that are mapped to the books. Click on the links below to find books for Mathematics and Science from 7th Manipur Board. 

BSEM Class 7 Science Books 

BSEM Class 7 Science Books
Science Class 7 NCERT Exemplar Science – Class 7 Basic Science For Class 7

Note: To find all the books for class 7 Maths, click here.  

BSEM Class 7 Mathematics Books 

BSEM Class 7 Mathematics Books
Mathematics class 7NCERT Exemplar Mathematics – Class 7Mental Maths 7

Note: Click here, to find all the books for class 7 Mathematics

Manipur Board Class 7: Practice Questions

Now that you have learnt the chapters from the Ebooks, More and more practice will help you to score good marks in the exam. With Embibe, you get the best practice. Click on the links given to practice questions for Maths and Science. 

SubjectPractice Manipur Board Class 7 Question Paper
SciencePractice Manipur Board Class 7 Science Question Paper
MathsPractice Manipur Board Class 7 Maths Question Paper

BSEM Class 7 Study Materials: Mock Tests 

There is no doubt that mock tests for Manipur Board class 7 are one of the finest ways to prepare for the exam. Online mock tests simulate the actual exam, preparing you to face the real exam.  Embibe provides AI integrated mock that will track your progress. With the help of advanced feedback analysis, you will know areas of improvement and improvise your score. 

The mock tests provided by Embibe will boost your confidence and enhance your time management skills. Find the subject-wise mock tests and full tests series for Manipur Board class 7: 

SubjectTake Manipur Board Class 7 Mock Test
ScienceTake Manipur Board Class 7 Science Mock Test
MathsTake Manipur Board Class 7 Maths Mock Test

The frequently asked questions with answers about Class 7 Manipur board study materials 

Q: Which are the study materials provided by Embibe for Class 7 Manipur Board?

Ans: Embibe provides study materials like books with video solutions, practice questions and mock tests for class 7 Manipur Board. 

Q: Where can I find books for Manipur Board Class 7?

Ans: You can find the books for Manipur Board class 7 on the Embibe app. The links to access the books are given in this article. 

Q: Can I take Embibe mock test series for?

Ans: You can try the mock test series for on Embibe. 

Q: How many subjects are there in the Class 7 Manipur Board?

Ans: There are 6 subjects in class 7, Manipur Board. 

Q: How to prepare for the Manipur Board class 7 exam?

Ans: Start your preparation early, Be aware of the syllabus and exam pattern, create your timetable and refer to the best books and attempt mock tests provided by Embibe.   

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