CTET 2021: Application-oriented question & Online exams
  • Written By Vidyashree PN
  • Last Modified 03-08-2022
  • Written By Vidyashree PN
  • Last Modified 03-08-2022

CTET 2021: Changes in Exam Pattern, Syllabus and Exam Shifts to Online

BENGALURU, AUGUST 02: Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to change the exam pattern, syllabus and shift the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) exam mode to online. The changes will be done to shift from rote learning to acquiring competencies of the modern era. The CTET 2021 question paper will be more based on conceptual understanding, application, reasoning, problem-solving and critical thinking and less on factual knowledge concepts. According to the latest press release, the board informed the CTET 2021 exam will inculcate better test material, both in pedagogy and content. The CBSE aims to transform the nation into a digitally empowered society so that more emphasis will be laid on digital literacy, digital pedagogy, technology, and its integration.

Latest Update:

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CTET 2021: Changes in Syllabus

There will be no change in the syllabus of CTET and the structure of the question paper. Still, the question papers will be developed to assess conceptual understanding, critical thinking, application, problem-solving, and reasoning. The focus will be on assessing the candidate’s understanding of teaching the subject, pedagogic content knowledge, knowledge relevance of the subject in the school curriculum, and other teaching dimensions.

The other dimensions include pedagogic content knowledge, strategies for developing conceptual clarity, teaching-learning aids, and assessment methodologies specific to the content. A detailed assessment framework with measurable competencies, sample blueprints and sample questions will be released by the CBSE to enable aspiring candidates to prepare well for the CTET 2021 examination.

CTET 2021: Changes in Exam Mode

The board has also notified that the CTET will be conducted online in December 2021 or January 2022. The board will set up centres in each district that facilitate the candidates to attempt free online mock tests. These mock tests will aid teachers to become computer literates and attend the actual exam without any confusion. The decision to conduct the CTET in online mode will help save a lot of paper and increase the speed of processing and declaring the result. Strict COVID 19 protocols will be laid on the examination day to ensure the safety of all the candidates.

It is also notified that a detailed notification related to the schedule for submission of the online application form for the CTET 2021 and exam dates will be issued separately by the board in due course.

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