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Daily Current Affairs for Competitive Examinations: April 10, 2023


Instead of reading books to prepare for the Current Affairs section, use Embibe’s daily current affairs updates and continue the normal newspaper reading habit. Candidates with the correct resources and daily news analysis may ace any exam’s current events section. A thorough review of The Hindu, Economic Times, and India Today presents these questions to the aspirants. We have organised the most recent subjects for today’s current affairs into categories for general preparation.

Current Affairs: National Interest 

India Justice Report 2022 – Karnataka tops among 18 large States in delivery of justice

  • The third edition of the report was released by Tata Trusts in collaboration with representatives from a number of civil society organisations, including the Centre for Social Justice, DAKSH, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, etc. 
  • The report assesses and ranks each state’s progress incapacitating its major justice delivery mechanisms—the judiciary, police, prisons, and legal aid.
  • The State of Karnataka emerged at the top among the 18 large and mid-sized States with populations of over one crore.
  • The State of UP is at the lowest rank (18th) among mid-sized and large States (population > 1 crore), while the State of Goa is at the lowest rank (7th) among the small States with a (population < 1 crore).

Key Findings of the Report- It assesses the capacity of 4 core pillars of the justice system:

  • Judiciary: No court works with a full capacity of judges in the country except the High Court of Sikkim and the district courts in Chandigarh. At the district court level, no state/UT could fully meet all its SC, ST and OBC quotas. Data on SC/ST/ OBC judges are not available for the High Court.
  • Police: Not a single state/UT meets their reserved quotas for women in police. Only Karnataka fulfilled the mandated quotas for SC, ST and OBCs in the police force. In 19 states/UTs, urban police stations serve greater populations than their rural counterparts. 
  • Prisons: The share of undertrials is more than 60% in 32 states. Only less than 5% of inmates were educated in 24 states during 2020-21.
  • Legal aid: The number of Legal services clinics dropped from 14,159 (2020) to 4,742 (2022). The Lok Adalats settled cases to the value of 7,322 cr in 2021-2022.
  • State Human Rights Commission (SHRC): 33,312 cases are pending across all 25 SHRCs as of March 2021. There is a 44% vacancy on average in all 25 SHRCs.

Q1.) In India Justice Report 2022, which state tops among 18 large States in the delivery of justice?

(A) Telangana

(B) Rajasthan

(C) Kerala

(D) Karnataka

Answer: D

Check out the Highlights of the Economic Survey 2022-23 by clicking on the link given below:
Economic Survey 2022-23

Current Affairs: Science and Technology

Deep Learning Geomagnetic Perturbation (DAGGER) model

  • NASA researchers have developed a new computer model called DAGGER to forecast geomagnetic disturbances and provide a warning for solar storms. 
  • The model integrates Artificial intelligence with Satellite data to predict the incoming solar winds. It provides a lead time of 30 minutes for an impending solar storm anywhere on Earth, enough to protect critical systems from solar storms. 
  • The solar wind is a stream of material that flows from the Sun, carrying the Sun’s magnetic field out into space and can cause damage to existing electrical infrastructure in the world.

Q2.) What is the name of the model which NASA researchers have developed for forecasting geomagnetic disturbances and providing a warning for solar storms?

(A) Deep learning geographical perturbation model

(B) Deep learning geomagnetic perturbation model

(C) Deep learning geometric prediction model

(D) Deep learning geographical prediction model

Answer: B

Current Affairs: International 

China’s yuan replaces the US dollar as the most traded currency in Russia

  • China’s yuan has replaced the US dollar as the most traded currency in Russia, a year after the invasion of Ukraine led to a slew of Western sanctions against Moscow.
  • According to data from the Moscow Exchange, the yuan accounted for 23.6% of Russia’s foreign exchange turnover in the first quarter of 2023, while the dollar’s share was 22.5%. 
  • This marks the first time the yuan has surpassed the dollar in Russia’s currency market.
  • The rise of the yuan in Russia is part of a broader trend of increasing acceptance of the Chinese currency in international trade and finance.

Q3.) Recently which currency has superseded the US dollar as the most traded currency in Russia?

(A) Japanese Yen

(B) China’s yuan

(C) US dollar

(D) Indian Rupee

Answer: B

Current Affairs: Sports

Indonesia’s Gregoria Mariska Tunjung wins Madrid Spain Masters final

  • The two-time Olympic medallist and former World Badminton Champion P.V. Sindhu lost to Indonesia’s Gregoria Mariska Tunjung in the summit clash of the Madrid Spain Masters.
  • Tunjung has outclassed Sindhu in straight games to lift the title in Madrid.
  • In Men’s singles, Kenta Nishimoto won the final. The ace shuttler has defeated second seed Kanta Tsuneyama 15-21, 21-18, 21-19 in the all-Japanese men’s singles final.
  • The Madrid Spain Masters 2023 is a globally recognised badminton competition classified as a Super 300 event. 
  • The prize money for the tournament amounted to USD 210,000, making it a highly lucrative event. 
  • The Spanish Badminton Federation organised the tournament with the approval and regulation of the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

Q4.) Who has recently won the women’s single in the Madrid Spain Masters final?

(A) Tan Ning

(B) Liu Sheng Shu

(C) Gregoria Mariska

(D) P.V. Sindhu

Answer: C

Current Affairs: Technology

Israel launches new Ofek-13 spy satellite into orbit

  • Israel successfully launched the “Ofek-13” spy satellite into space.
  • The satellite, the latest in a line of Israeli observation assets in space, will provide the military with better-quality images than its predecessors.
  • The “Ofek-13” satellite is a [synthetic-aperture radar] observation satellite with advanced capabilities.
  • A Shavit launch vehicle shot the satellite into space from the Palmachim Airbase.
  • The satellite’s development and production were led by the Defense Ministry’s Space and Satellite Administration, with development involving various IDF bodies, including the Visual Intelligence Unit 9900 and the air force.
  • Israel’s state-owned Rafael and Tomer defence firms produced the launch engines.

Q5.) Which country has recently launched the new Ofek-13 spy satellite into orbit? 

(A) Iraq

(B) Iran

(C) Qatar

(D) Israel

Answer: D

Current Affairs: Sports 

Forbes Billionaire 2023 list: Mukesh Ambani becomes richest sports owner

  • Mukesh Ambani has been named the richest sports owner in the Forbes Billionaire 2023 list, with a net worth of $83.4 billion, surpassing Steve Ballmer, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, whose net worth is $80.7 billion. 
  • It is interesting to note that despite a 3% fall in Reliance Industries’ share value over the past year, Ambani’s net worth has still increased, indicating the strength and diversity of his business interests.
  • Mukesh Ambani’s net worth as of 10 March 2023, was $83.4 billion, making him the world’s richest sports owner, while Steve Ballmer, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, had a net worth of $80.7 billion, making him the planet’s second-wealthiest team owner. 
  • In recent years, Reliance Industries, owned by Ambani, has been expanding its presence in the sports industry, having purchased a franchise in the inaugural Women’s Premier League and owning cricket teams in South Africa and the UAE. 
  • This indicates the company’s continued commitment to growing its presence in the sports industry.

Q6.) In the Forbes Billionaire 2023 list, who became the richest sports owner?

(A) Cyrus Poonawalla

(B) Shiv Nadar

(C) Mukesh Ambani

(D) Gautam Adani

Answer: C

A new book titled “Gandhi: Siyasat aur Sampradayikta” written by Piyush Babele

  • A new book in Hindi titled “Gandhi: Siyasat aur Sampradayikta” (“Gandhi: Politics and Communalism”) was written by journalist-turned-author Piyush Babele, who currently heads the Madhya Pradesh Congress’ media department. 
  • He cites extracts from Dr Ambedkar’s book Pakistan or the Partition of India and other sources. He claims to “contextualise the developments leading up to India’s Partition in 1947 to bust the illusion spread by the Hindu right-wing that Mahatma Gandhi was responsible for the Partition”.

Q7.) Who wrote “Gandhi: Siyasat aur Sampradayikta”?

(A) Vikram Seth

(B) Shashi Tharoor

(C) Piyush Bansal

(D) Piyush Babele

Answer: D

Check out the Highlights of Union Budget 2023 by clicking on the link given below:
Union Budget 2023-24

Factbook: 06-April-2023

Combined Commanders Conference

  • The Prime Minister of India recently participated in the Combined Commanders’ Conference in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, for three days. 
  • The theme of the conference was ‘Ready, Resurgent, Relevant’. 
  • The Military Commanders discussed a wide range of issues related to national security, including jointness and theaterisation in the Armed Forces.
  • Theaterisation is the practice of dividing military forces into operational commands or theatres, each with a distinct geographic area of responsibility. The preparedness of the Armed Forces and the progress in the defence ecosystem towards achieving ‘AtmaNirbharta’ (self-reliance) were also reviewed.

World Bank lowers India’s growth forecast to 6.3%

  • The World Bank has forecast a 6.3% economic growth rate for India in the current fiscal year (FY) which ends 31 March 2024, a downgrade of 0.7 percentage points since its October 2022 forecast.
  • The World Bank has released “South Asia Economic Focus: Expanding Opportunities: Toward Inclusive Growth”.
  • The Indian economy is expected to grow at 4% in FY 2024-25, an upgrade of 0.3 percentage points from the previous forecast.
  • The South Asia region as a whole is expected to grow at 6% for the financial year 2024-25.
  • As per its report, the primary reasons mentioned by the world bank for the forecast for India include:
    • Its high borrowing costs,
    • Weaker consumption due to slower income growth,
    • The government is tightening fiscal expenditure.

Banarasi Paan is among four Varanasi products that get the GI tag

  • The celebrated Banarasi Paan has received the geographical indication (GI) tag.
  • This tag signifies that products from a specific geographical location possess qualities that are due to that origin.
  • With this initiative, now more than 1,000 farmers will be registered and given GI Authorised User Certificates.
  • Known for its delicious taste, the Banarasi Paan is made uniquely using special ingredients.
  • Along with the Banarasi Paan, three other Varanasi-based products – Banarasi Langda Mango, Ramnagar Bhanta (Brinjal) and Adamchini Rice – have also received the GI tag.
  • With this development, the Kashi region now boasts 22 GI tag products.

MK 54 lightweight torpedo 

  • As per the report, India will sign a weapons deal with the United States that includes Mark 54 anti-submarine torpedoes. 
  • MK 54 lightweight torpedoes are used by US surface ships, fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters and are their primary anti-submarine warfare weapon. 
  • It was previously known as Lightweight Hybrid Torpedo (LHT). 
  • It can operate in shallow waters and in the presence of countermeasures. 
  • It is powered by a reciprocating external combustion engine, which burns Otto II liquid fuel. It can track, classify, and attack underwater targets.

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