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Delhi Board Class 10 Books


There are about 20 lakh students who want to take the Delhi Board class 10 exam. Last year, 19 lakh of them got 94%. Since getting good marks in the exam is challenging, books are necessary to ace the Delhi Board Class 10 exams. There are many ways to ensure you get the most out of your study time for an exam. But it can be tiring to read big reference books, isn’t it? Well, not today — now we have smart solutions!

Embibe, with its list of complete books with answers, makes it easier to study for the Delhi Board Class 10 exams. With more than 70 exclusive books, 50+ interactive videos, and over 1,000 practice questions, students can learn through online books and practise what they’ve learned.

Delhi Board Class 10 Subject-wise Books

Embibe gives you more than 70 exclusive books to help you study for the Delhi Board Class 12 exams. Embibe has over 50 interactive 3D Explainer Books on all the most important topics.

You can access the books given in the table below:

Sr. No.Subjects
1Maths Important Books
2Science Important Books

Delhi Board Class 10 Science Important Books

Embibe’s important Science books were made with input from students who did well on their exams. In the table below, you can find links to all the important Delhi Board Class 10 Science books with answers that you can use to study for the free exam. 

Delhi Board Class 10 Maths Important Books

It’s safe to say that mathematics is one of those subjects that people either enjoy or loathe. It’s difficult because it requires students to use their problem-solving, logic, and reasoning skills.

The table below links all the recommended reading material for Class 10 Maths on the Delhi Board and solutions to any problems you might encounter.

FAQs on Delhi Board Class 10 Books

Below, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions on the Delhi Board 2023 class 10 books.

Q: What is the most important book to use for the Delhi Board Class 10 exam?

Ans: For the Class 10 Delhi Board Exams, we advise pupils to study from the Embibe Big Books. These books are useful since they help you answer the most significant problems discussed in various texts. Therefore with Embibe, not only can students learn quickly, but they can also learn efficiently.

Q: Why should I use Embibe to study for Delhi Board Class 10 exams? 

Ans: Our subject matter specialists have compiled a list of all the important themes and questions linked to them in the Important books on Embibe. In addition to that, our captivating 3D movies will help you grasp even the most complex ideas. 

Q: How long is the Delhi Board 10th exam? 

Ans: The Delhi Board 10th exam is three hours for one paper.

Q: Which is the most important subject in the Delhi BSE 10th exam?

Ans: All the subjects given below are important subjects for the Delhi Board class 10 exam: 
Social Science 
First Language (Special) 
Second Language (General) 
Third Language (General).

Q: Where can I find Class 10 Delhi Board textbooks to study online? 

Ans: Embibe has an extensive library of high-quality resources for the MH Board HSC exams. You will be much better prepared for your tests after carefully reviewing them. 

We hope this detailed article on the Delhi Board 2023 class 10 books helps you. If you have any questions about the exam, you can contact us through the live chat box, which you can see when you’re signed in.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on Delhi Board 2023 class 10 exams! Happy Embibing! 

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