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Delhi Board Class 8 Chapters Subject-Wise


If you play a sport or game without knowing the rules, you are most likely to lose. In the same way, if you appear for any exam without being thorough with all the chapters, you may end up on the losing side. Knowing the chapters inside out can be tedious, especially when there are so many to complete and not enough time is there. However, you cannot afford to miss them if you want to nail your Delhi Board Class 8 exam.

Studying all the chapters for your exam can be stressful but don’t worry because Embibe can help you blow off steam. You can get all the chapters for Delhi Board Class 8 at Embibe with an intensive explanation through 3D videos and Embibe explainers. Not just that, you also get real-life examples and solved examples to strengthen your concepts. Every chapter has practice questions t and tests to assess how well you have understood them. Continue reading to get the 8th Delhi Board chapters.

Delhi Board Class 8 Subject-wise Chapters

Knowing the chapters gives you an overview of the subject and helps you plan your studies accordingly. The subject matter experts at Embibe have explained the chapters in a way that you can master them easily and excel in your exam. The 3D videos and explainers help you learn easily by allowing you to visualise and use your imagination. You can start your preparation without the hassle and immerse yourself in the concepts. Scroll down to get the Delhi Board Class 8 subject-wise chapters.

8th Delhi Board Mathematics Chapters

Many students try to solve Maths problems without really understanding the underlying concept. But to score good marks in Maths, you must first have clear concepts followed by practice. The table below provides the 8th Delhi Board Maths chapters.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1.Rational Numbers
2.Linear Equations in One Variable
3.Understanding Quadrilaterals
4.Practical Geometry
5.Data Handling
6.Square and Square Roots
7.Cubes and Cube Roots
8.Comparing Quantities
9.Algebraic Expressions and Identities
10.Visualising Solid Shapes
12.Exponents and Powers
13.Direct and Inverse Proportions
15.Introduction to Graphs
16.Playing With Numbers

8th Delhi Board Science Chapters

Science is an interesting subject because most of the chapters that you study are relevant to your real-life situations. At Embibe, you can visualise every topic and understand its application through real-life examples. Check the 8th Delhi Board Science chapters from the table below.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1.Crop Production and Management
2.Microorganisms: Friend and Foe
3.Synthetic Fibres and Plastic
4.Material: Metals and Non-metals
5.Coal and Petroleum
6.Combustion and Flame
7.Conservation of Plants and Animals
8.Cell: Structure and Functions
9.Reproduction in Animals
10.Reaching the Age of Adolescence
11.Force and Pressure
14.Chemical Effects of Electric Current
15.Some Natural Phenomenon
17.Stars and the Solar System
18.Pollution of Air and Water

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FAQs on 8th Delhi Board Chapters

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on 8th Delhi Board chapters:

Q. Where can I get the 8th Delhi Board chapters?

Ans: You can get the 8th Delhi Board chapters from Embibe.

Q. How can I access the 8th Delhi Board chapters on Embibe?

Ans: You must log in to the Embibe app or website to access the 8th Delhi Board chapters. Once logged in, you must choose the board, class and language and start learning immediately.

Q. Do I get only the chapter-wise explanations for the 8th Delhi Board on Embibe?

Ans: Besides the chapter-wise explanations, you get practice questions, chapter-wise tests and full tests for the 8th Delhi Board on Embibe.

Q. How many chapters are there in the 8th Delhi Board Science?

Ans: There are 18 chapters in the 8th Delhi Board Science.

Q. Is the chapter, Direct and Inverse Proportion in Delhi Board Class 8 Maths tough?

Ans: The chapter, Direct and Inverse Proportion, is moderately difficult; but with the right explanation and practice, you can master it.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Visit Embibe to get more updates for the 8th Delhi Board exam.

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