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12th Delhi Board Topics: Subject-wise Important Chapters & Chapter-wise Topics


Studying all the topics of Delhi Board Class 12 in detail helps the students to easily score top marks in the final exams, which is a dream come true for many. It is surprising that only 2.3% of the students secured above 95% in the final exams for the year 2022. Therefore, to help the students acquire high grades in the final exams effortlessly, Embibe has developed a list of topics for each subject along with detailed explanations for each topic.

The topics are explained in detail by the subject experts at Embibe. After learning each topic, students can also evaluate their performance in the topic by practicing questions and tests. Also, feedback is provided at the end of each test to help the students determine where they need to improve. Let us now know the 12th Delhi Board topics in detail.

Subject-wise 12th Delhi Board Topics

Students can access the subject-wise topics for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology from the tables provided below. To score good marks in Delhi Board Class 12 exams, students must study each topic provided below in detail and become proficient in answering all the questions provided at the end of each chapter. 

Delhi Board 12th Mathematics Topics

Knowing the important topics in Mathematics makes the exam preparation productive and the learning process easy. Students can note down the important topics from the below-mentioned table and start practicing the problems for each topic.

Chapter NameTopics
Relations and FunctionsTypes of RelationsTypes of Functions
Composition of Functions
Invertible Functions
Binary Operations
Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsBasic Concepts in Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Properties of Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Students can access all the topics of Delhi Board Class 12 Mathematics at Embibe.

Delhi Board 12th Physics Topics

As Physics requires you to memorise the formulas and develop good problem-solving skills, you can note the important topics for each chapter as provided below and develop proficiency in these topics.

Chapter NameTopics
Electric Charges and FieldsElectric Charge
Conductors, Insulators and Semiconductors
Different Methods of Charging
Basic Properties of Electric Charge
Coulomb’s Laws
Superposition Principle
Electric FieldElectric Field Lines
Electric Flux
Electric Dipole
Dipole in a Uniform External Field
Continuous Charge Distribution
Gauss’s Law
Applications of Gauss’s Law
Electrostatic Potential and CapacitanceElectric Potential
Potential Due to a Point Charge
Potential Due to a Electric Dipole
Potential due to System of Charges
Equipotential Surfaces
Relation between Field and Potential
Potential Energy of a System of Charges
Potential Energy in an External Field
Electrostatics of Conductors
Dielectrics and Polarisation
Capacitors and Capacitance
Parallel and Spherical Plate Capacitor
Effect of Dielectric on Capacitance
Combination of Capacitors
Energy Density in Electric Field
Energy Stored in Capacitor

Students can access all the topics of Delhi Board Class 12 Physics at Embibe.

Delhi Board 12th Chemistry Topics 

Scoring high marks in Chemistry is easy if students practice chemical reactions flawlessly. To make learning interesting and easy, students can go through the conceptual videos provided for each chapter at Embibe. Students can click on the links below to access the chapter-wise video lessons.

Chapter NameTopics
The Solid StateGeneral Characteristics of Solid State
Amorphous and Crystalline Solids
Classification of Crystalline Solids
Crystal Lattices and Unit Cells
Number of Atoms in a Unit Cell
Close Packed Structures and Packing Efficiency
Calculations Involving Unit Cell DimensionsImperfections in Solids
Electrical Properties of Solids
Magnetic Properties of Solids
SolutionsTypes of Solutions
Methods of Expressing Concentration of Solutions
Vapour Pressure of Liquid Solutions
Raoult’s LawIdeal and Non-ideal Solutions
Colligative Properties
Elevation in Boiling Point of the Solvent
Depression inzing Point of the Solvent
Osmosis and Osmotic Pressure of the Solution
Van’t Hoff’s Factor

Students can access all the topics of Delhi Board Class 12 Chemistry at Embibe.

Delhi Board 12th Biology Topics

As you prepare for the Biology exam, you should be aware of important topics like pollination, among others. Embibe provides important points for each topic to help you draft notes easily. You can click on the links provided below to learn about each topic in detail.

Chapter NameTopics
Reproduction in OrganismsModes of Reproduction
Asexual Reproduction
Sexual Reproduction
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsSexual Reproduction in Plants
Flower- Reproductive Organ in Plants
Stamen, Microsporangium and Pollen Grain
The Pistil, Megasporangium and Embryo sac
Outbreeding Devices and Pollen Pistil Interactions

Students can access all the topics of Delhi Board Class 12 Biology at Embibe.

FAQs on 12th Delhi Board Topics

Below we have provided frequently asked questions (FAQs) on 12th Delhi Board topics:

Q: Where can I find the topics for Delhi Board Class 12?

Ans: Students can find all the topics related to Delhi Board Class 12 in this article of Embibe.

Q: How can I prepare notes for all the subjects of Delhi Board Class 12?

Ans: Embibe provides a list of important topics for every chapter. Students can go through each topic on the Embibe platform and note down the important points for exam preparation.

Q: How will Embibe help me in preparing for the Class 12 exams of the Delhi Board?

Ans: Embibe offers explanatory videos for all the subject topics for. Students can also attempt practice questions on each topic to evaluate their performance.

Q: How to score good marks in Class 12 Delhi Board exams?

Ans: To score high marks in Class 12 Delhi Board exams, you must learn all the topics, attempt the sample papers, and previous years’ question papers and practice mock tests. Embibe is the best learning platform for students to prepare for Class 12 Delhi Board exams.

Q: When will the Delhi Board Class 12 exams for 2023 be conducted?

Ans: The Class 12 Delhi Board exams for 2023 will tentatively be conducted between February and March 2023.

We hope this detailed article on the Delhi Board Class 12 Topics helps you prepare for the Delhi Board Class 12 2023 exam in the best way possible. Should you have any queries regarding taking the mock test or anything related to the exam, please contact us via the live chat box, which is accessible when signed in. 

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