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Delhi Board Class 8 Syllabus 2023


Delhi Board Class 8 Syllabus 2023: The Delhi Board of Higher Secondary Education, also known as BHSE, is an independent educational board established in accordance with the “Trust Act of 1882”. All the Delhi Board schools that offer Class 8 must adhere to the rules established by the Delhi Board.

It is crucial for students to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects covered in the Delhi Board Class 8 exam because doing so will help them perform well in the board exams for Class 10. This comprehensive article includes a detailed BHSE Class 8 syllabus for every subject. Keep reading, for more information. 

Syllabus for Class 8 Delhi Board

Students must remember that class 8 and class 9 syllabuses are very closely related to the Class 10 syllabus, and therefore are the foundation for the 10th board exams. To do well on your Class 10 board exam, you must have a solid grasp of the ideas and subjects in Classes 8. 

The Delhi Board recommends the NCERT curriculum. Students must be familiar with the Delhi Board Class 8 syllabus in order to study for their exams. In this article, we provide the complete syllabus for  Delhi Board Class 8 class. 

Delhi Board Class 8 Mathematics Syllabus

Check the Delhi Board class 8 Maths syllabus in the table below:

Chapter. NoChapter Name
Chapter 1Rational Numbers
Chapter 2Linear Equation in One Variable
Chapter 3Understanding Quadrilaterals
Chapter 4Practical Geometry
Chapter 5Data Handling
Chapter 6Square and Square Roots
Chapter 7Cube and Cube Roots
Chapter 8Comparing Quantities
Chapter 9Algebraic Expressions and Identities
Chapter 10Visualising Solid Shapes
Chapter 11Mensuration
Chapter 12Exponents and Powers
Chapter 13Direct and Indirect Proportions
Chapter 14Factorisation
Chapter 15Introduction to Graphs
Chapter 16Playing with Numbers

Class 8 Delhi Board Science Syllabus

Refer to the table below for the class 8 Delhi Board Science Syllabus:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
Chapter 1Crop Production and Management
Chapter 2Microorganisms: Friend or Foe
Chapter 3Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
Chapter 4Materials: Metals and Non-metals
Chapter 5Coal and Petroleum
Chapter 6Combustion and Flame
Chapter 7Conservation of Plants and Animals
Chapter 8Cell – Structure and Functions
Chapter 9Reproduction in Animals
Chapter 10Reaching the Age of Adolescence
Chapter 11Force and Pressure
Chapter 12Friction
Chapter 13Sound
Chapter 14Chemical Effects of Electric Current
Chapter 15Some Natural Phenomena
Chapter 16Lights
Chapter 17Stars and The Solar System
Chapter 18Pollution of Air and Water

Delhi Board Class 8 History Syllabus

Find the Delhi Board class 8 History syllabus in the table below:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
Chapter 1How, When and Where
Chapter 2From Trade to Territory
Chapter 3Ruling the Countryside
Chapter 4Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of the Golden Age
Chapter 5When People Rebel
Chapter 6Colonialism and the City
Chapter 7Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owners
Chapter 8Civilising the “Native”, Educating the Nation
Chapter 9Women, Caste and Reform
Chapter 10The Changing World of Visual Arts
Chapter 11The Making of the National Movement 1870s-1945
Chapter 12India after Independence

Delhi Board Class 8 Geography Syllabus

Check the table below for the Delhi Board Class 8 Geography syllabus:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
Chapter 1Resources
Chapter 2Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources
Chapter 3Mineral and Power Resources
Chapter 4Agriculture
Chapter 5Industries
Chapter 6Human Resources

Civics/Political Science Syllabus for Delhi Board Class 8 

The table below provides details about the Delhi Board class 8 Civics/Political Science syllabus:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
Unit One: The Indian Constitution and Secularism
Chapter 1The Indian Constitution
Chapter 2Understanding Secularism
Unit Two: Parliament and the Making of Laws
Chapter 3Why do we need a Parliament?
Chapter 4Understanding Laws
Unit Three: The Judiciary
Chapter 5Judiciary
Chapter 6Understanding Our Criminal Justice System
Unit Four: Social Justice and the Marginalised
Chapter 7Understanding Marginalism
Chapter 8Confronting Marginalism
Unit Five: Economic Presence of the Government
Chapter 9Public Facilities

Delhi Board Class 8 English Syllabus

English Literature and English Grammar and Composition are the two sections of English for Delhi Board Class 8 CBSE. Let’s examine the contents of each of these books:

Honeydew – Textbook in English for Class 8

Chapter No.Chapter Name
Chapter 1The Best Christmas Present in the World
PoemThe Ant and the Cricket
Chapter 2The Tsunami
PoemGeography Lesson
Chapter 3Glimpses of the Past
PoemMacavity: The Mystery Cat
Chapter 4Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory
PoemThe Last Bargain
Chapter 5The Summit Within
PoemThe School Boy
Chapter 6This is Jody’s Fawn
PoemThe Duck and the Kangaroos
Chapter 7A Visit to Cambridge
PoemWhen I set out for Lyonnesse
Chapter 8A Short Monsoon Diary
PoemOn the Grasshopper and Cricket
Chapter 9The Great Stone Face – I
Chapter 10The Great Stone Face – II

It So Happened – Supplementary Reader in English

ChaptersName of the chapters
Chapter 1How the Camel got his Hump
Chapter 2Children at work
Chapter 3The Selfish Giant
Chapter 4The Treasure within
Chapter 5Princess September
Chapter 6The Fight
Chapter 7The Open Window
Chapter 8Jalebis
Chapter 9The Comet – I
Chapter 10The Comet – II

Delhi Board Class 8 English Grammar & Composition Syllabus

English Grammar and English Composition are separated into two sections in this section (Writing). The following is the detailed syllabus for these two sections of Delhi Board Class 8:

Delhi Board Class 8 English Grammar Syllabus

Delhi Board Class 8 English Grammar syllabus has the following topics:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1.Order of Words and Clauses
2Direct and Indirect Speech
3Active and Passive Voice
11Phrases and Idioms
13Comprehension Reading

Delhi Board Class 8 English Composition (Writing) Syllabus

This section analyses the ability to write English. The following are the topics covered in the English Composition syllabus:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
3Formal and Informal Letters
4Diary Entry

Delhi Board Class 8 Hindi Syllabus

Delhi Board Class 8 Hindi Syllabus can be mainly divided into two sections:

  1. Hindi Literature, and
  2. Hindi Grammar and Composition

Delhi Board Class 8 Hindi Literature Syllabus is generally based on the following three books:

  • Durva – Bhag 3 (Dwitiya Bhasha)
  • Text Book in Hindi Vasant – Bhag 3
  • Bharat Ki Khoj (Supplementary)

Hindi Literature and Hindi Grammar & Composition are the two main divisions of the Hindi Syllabus in class 8 Delhi Board. 

The three books below serve as the foundation for the majority of the Delhi Board Class 8 Hindi Literature Syllabus:

Hindi Textbook Vasant – Bhag 3 Bharat Ki Khoj Durva – Bhag 3 (Dwitiya Bhasha) (Supplementary)

Delhi Board Class 8 Hindi Literature Syllabus: Vasant

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1ध्वनि (कविता)
2लाख की चूड़िया (कहानी)
3बस की यात्रा
4दीवानों की हस्ती (कविता)
5चिट्ठियों की अनूठी दुनिया (निबंध)
6भगवान के डाकिए (कविता)
7क्या निराश हुआ जाए (निबंध)
8यह सब से कठिन समय नहीं (कविता)
9कबीर की साखियाँ
10कामचोर (कहानी)
11जब सिनेमा ने बोलना सीखा
12सुदामा चरित (कविता)
13जहाँ पहिया है
14अकबरी लोटा (कहानी)
15सूर के पद (कविता)
16पानी की कहानी (निबंध)
17बाज और साँप (कहानी)
18टोपी (कहानी)

Delhi Board Class 8 Hindi Literature Syllabus: Durva

Chapter No.Chapter Name
2दो गोरैया
3चिट्ठियों में यूरोप
5नाटक में नाटक
6सागर यात्रा
7उठ किसान ओ
8सस्ते का चक्कर
9एक खिलाडी की कुछ यादें
10बस की सैर
11हिंदी ने जिनकी जिंदगी बदल दी
12आषाढ़ का पहला दिन
13अन्याय के खिलाफ
14बच्चो के प्रिय श्री केशव शंकर पिल्लई
15फर्श पर
16बड़ी अम्मा की बात
17वह सुबह कभी तो आएगी
18आओ पत्रिका निकालें

Delhi Board Class 8 Hindi Literature Syllabus: Bharat Ki Khoj

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1अहमदनगर का किला
3सिंधु घाटी सभ्यता
4युगों का दौर
5नयी समस्याएँ
6अंतिम दौर -एक
7अंतिम दौर -दो
9दो पृष्ठभूमियाँ – भारतीय और अंग्रेज़ी

Delhi Board Class 8 Hindi Grammar & Composition Syllabus

Composition Syllabus

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1पुनरुक्ति शब्द
9शब्द परिवार
14अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द

Delhi Board Class 8 Hindi Composition Syllabus:

Delhi Board Class 8 Hindi Composition syllabus includes the following sections.

  • Essay (निबंध)
  • Letter Writing (पत्र लेखन)

What are the Benefits of Referring to the Delhi Board Class 8 syllabus 2023?

For the duration of the academic year, students must study the course structure, which is laid out on paper in a syllabus. The specific syllabus that the school administration develops provides students with all of their knowledge and information. Students can gain the following advantages from the syllabus:

  • The fact that the syllabus informs the students of the course’s organisation, goals, and learning outcomes is one of its best benefits.
  • Students and teachers attempt to accomplish the objectives by the end of the session by establishing the objectives in the syllabus.
  • The steps needed to create a study plan are outlined in the syllabus.

FAQs on Delhi Board Class 8 Syllabus 2023

Here are some frequently asked questions on the Delhi Board class 8 syllabus 2023:

Q: Who conducts the Delhi Board exam for class 8?

Ans: The respective school authorities conduct the Delhi Board exam for class 8.

Q: Who creates the curriculum for the Delhi Board class 8?

Ans: The Delhi Board of Higher Secondary Education or BHSE prepares the curriculum for class 8 Delhi Board.

Q: What are the benefits of knowing the Delhi Board class 8 syllabus? 

Ans: Referring to the Delhi Board class 8 syllabus can benefit both teacher and student since they will both work towards the same goals collaboratively. Students would also know what topics to cover and when. It also helps students create a study plan accordingly.

Q: What is the syllabus for Mathematics in class 8 Delhi Board?

Ans: To learn about the Mathematics syllabus class 8 Delhi Board, you can refer to this article.

Q: What are the core subjects in Delhi Board Class 8?

Ans: The core subjects in Delhi Board Class 8 are Maths, science, Social Science, English and Language 2.

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