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  • Last Modified 22-06-2023

Embiums – Your Kryptonite weapon against super exams!


“Embiums”, the currency you earn while practicing on embibe could be the most valuable thing you can earn during your JEE Preparation. Read on to read more about this awesome virtual currency.

What are embiums?


Embiums are a currency you can earn and use on Embibe. You can see how many embiums you already have on the top right of your screenHow many do you have?

What can I buy with embiums?

The big question! The embiums you earn are worth REAL money. Here’s why –

With embiums you can unlock advanced JEE, NEET and CET prep packs like the important questions revision digest, the Top Ranker’s Mistakes Pack, and the careless mistakes pack.

These are packs that you can’t get anywhere else, and it is guaranteed to raise your score. To buy packs like these, you would need up 920 rs. per pack.

How do I earn these awesome embiums?

That’s the easy part! You earn embiums when you practice on embibe. Each question you get right is worth embiums, and you earn up to 4 embiums per question.


How does this boost my score?

There are two ways that embiums boost your score.

The first one is through the packs they can unlock for you. No surprise there. These packs are created through the powerful data analytics that is proven to boost your scores.

The second way is because it gives you constant motivation of what you should do and what you shouldn’t do.

For example –

The more your perfect attempts when you practice, the more embiums you earn (perfect attempt)

If you take too long to solve a question in practice, you will earn less embiums (overtime attempt)

If you solve a question incorrectly, no embiums!

It rewards you for actions you should do, and doesn’t reward you for things you shouldn’t. This way, it will keep you moving down the right path, improving your perfect attempts, reducing your mistakes and overtime attempts.
Even if you are batman or wonder woman, you can’t beat doomsday without some kryptonite!

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