Frequently Asked Questions for Apna CSC - Embibe Exams
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  • Written By Team_Embibe
  • Last Modified 12-05-2022
  • Written By Team_Embibe
  • Last Modified 12-05-2022

Frequently Asked Questions for Apna CSC

    1. What is Embibe?

CSC VLEs have the chance of a lifetime to participate in selling India’s best product for IIT and Medical entrance exams. This product will shortly be available for all exams across India including Board exams. This product is the best in the country:

      1. It guarantees score improvement without study by pointing out careless mistakes and other reasons why students lose marks. This is without even increasing knowledge.40% your attitude and 60% knowledge. Learning assessments do not provide the complete picture of a student’s aptitude. Embibe will for the first time, reveal the true picture behind what holds a student back from scoring higher! Embibe has been instrumental in improving the score of thousands of students. There are instances where students giving tests on embibe have improved their marks from 7 to 28, 112 to 179 and 320 to 345 in the JEE Main exam.


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      1. Embibe has the best results! The top 10 ranks in the last three years in the JEE paper have used this product to improve their scores! Read more at Embibe success stories
      1. Embibe has the most comprehensive content at the most affordable price. Instead of other products that sell very few tests and study material at a high price. Embibe offers 351 tests including chapter, full tests, part tests and previous year papers. The price for this entire package which includes more than 100,000 questions for practice and 15,000 concepts to learn with videos and important questions is only Rs 1180 / student/ year (1000+Service Tax).
      1. Embibe tests are the level of the actual exam. Over 4 years, student scores have been within 92% of the actual score in the paper. This is a true mirror of score.


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Every student deserves a chance to score high because a high score translates to admission to best college and the best job. Embibe is a four year old company with a vision of bringing score improvement in every student’s life through the use of in depth analytics.

    1. Who is it for?

Embibe is currently helping students to prepare for banking, engineering, medical and primary school exams. Our paid product is available right now for:

      • a. Any student from 8th, 9th, 10th class preparing for their exams and 11th or 12th standard preparing for the following engineering entrance exams JEE MAINS, JEE Advanced, APCET, TSCET, GUJCET and BITSAT
      • b. Any student from 11th or 12th standard preparing for medical entrance exams NEET or AIIMS.
      • c. Any student preparing for IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO and SBI Clerk
      • d. Institutes helping students prepare for these exams where bulk sales can be made by VLEs. The product is currently available in english language but will shortly be launched in Hindi. Also, Embibe plans to cover all Indian exams in one year so you have more students locally.

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Great minds, IITians, data scientists, educators, and best teachers of India are involved in building Embibe whose only purpose is to help students improve their score.

Embibe is for every fighter, confused student who needs a powerful guide. Think of Embibe like Lord Krishna who guided Arjuna in Mahabharata to use his skills to win the battle.

Students preparing for engineering or medical entrance exams can best utilize this platform to increase their ranks and get in their dream colleges.

    1. What is the cost of the course/package?

The cost of course for students is Rs. 1180/- (1000+Service Tax) for one year and Rs. 2360/- (2000+Service Tax) for two years. This course pack will allow you to:

      • All the benefits of Embibe test series, practice and learn will be available for students to be able to compete for the best ranks.
      • In addition to solution and concept wise analysis via the video solutions in full tests, students will also get to see their question by question time management for the first time!
      • Compare with rankers is a unique feature which will allow students to see the actual feedback of previous year rankers on embibe for the same tests they take!

The pack is specially made for students who want to objectively review their performance and take corrective measures to improve.

    1. What will be the benefits for the VLE’s?

Embibe’s goal is to help our VLE brothers and sisters earn repeated high revenue through the sale of embibe. Unlike schemes like NDLM and Aadhar, this revenue is not one time as the student will come back every year.  

VLE’s will earn very high commissions for bringing students to the portal. For every enrollment they get to the website, they will be compensated with Rs. 500 which is 50% of the sales. 

    1. How will students benefit out of it?

The marks and rank equation is really unfair when the students appear every year for these exams. Every single mark you lose brings your rank down by 10 to 20,000 ranks. This is where Embibe comes in the picture. With 15000+ concepts, 100+ chapters and a linked knowledge base, Embibe is creating magic in students life. It is helping students to improve time management, to strategize in terms of accuracy, speed and approach towards exams.

These are the features that you can use:

a. Learn – Learn page is where students learn & understand various topics and concepts.Here’s how the Learn page at Embibe looks like:


b. Practice – Once a student is done learning a topic from the learn page, the next step is to practice. Have a look at our practice page:


c. Tests – Embibe thinks that learning and practicing is not enough. Performance is as much necessary as preparation. Learning & practicing helps in preparation, but tests aid you in performing well. There are different tests available, namely, chapter wise test, live test, mock test, mini test, full test.

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d. Ask – Ask is a question answer forum. Our experts at embibe solve doubts that have been posted by students. We have more than 40k questions that have been posted by students. We are committed to helping students.


e. Chat Support – You can get in touch with us at any point of time and get your queries resolved.

The analysis that a student gets after a test is as good as a series of next steps to follow in order to increase your marks. Any student using this analysis comprehensively will certainly get a jump in his score.

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    1. How to register a student

Here’s a step to step process of how to get started:

      • Step 1: Login to the CSC website
      • Use your CSC username and password to log in. Once you’ve logged in you’ll find a ribbon on the top of the page with several options.


      • Step 2: Click on the Education Related Services to find Embibe
      • Embibe link would be found under the Education Related Services. Click on the Embibe to enter the dashboard. Once you’re through this, there could be two possibilities: a) You’re a new VLE. b)You’re a registered VLE.
        Registered VLE would find a screen like this:


      • New VLE’s will have to register which get us to our next step.
      • Step 3: Fill the requisite details for registration (New VLE’s)
      • This step is for the new VLE’s. If you are an already registered VLE, skip on to the next step. Be careful while you input your email ID’s and contact number and ensure all other fields are duly filled.


      • Step 4: Add students or View students
      • Newly registered VLE’s will have to add students into their accounts. Already registered users would have an option either to add or to view the list of existing students. Once the new VLE’s add the students, they’d be able to see the student list.


      • This is how the list of students will appear to you:


      • Step 5: Pay Now
        For every student you add, there will be a ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Paid’ action/status corresponding to every student. You will have to pay for students who are not yet paid for. Students who are already paid?—?Skip on to the next step.
        6A successful transaction would display an aforementioned screen.
      • Step 6: Log in to Embibe
      • After successful payment, the student will be able to login to Embibe. Their email ID can be used as the username and the mobile number will be their passwords. This is how they’d be able to access their packs for their regular use.

General Questions

1. Resetting password for student:

      • Go to the login page and click on Forgot Password
      • You’ll receive an email on your registered email ID
      • Click on the link in the email to reset your password

2. What are the tech specifications for using embibe?

      • For best experience, please operate embibe on a 3G network.
      • Embibe can also be used over an EDGE network, which typically gives a speed of 200kbps on mobile. however the app may work slowly
      • Embibe  has been used in over 350 cities, towns and villages over the last 4 years, by over 2,000,000 users.
    • Embibe is working towards a NO-Internet Solution, which will be available from March 2017 onwards.

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