How Is Technology Changing Education: Improve Learning
  • Written By Anu_V
  • Last Modified 08-06-2022
  • Written By Anu_V
  • Last Modified 08-06-2022

How Has Technology Changed Education: Changes/Impact

Living in the 21st Century, this won’t come as a surprise to us as we see the intervention of technology in almost every walks of life. Education too is not far from accepting this fact. Over the two decades, we have witnessed technology changing education sphere, transforming it into a new case and leveling up. With the advent of technology, we have seen education taken in an online environment, conducting computer-based remote exams and attending classes of foreign Universities while living in other countries.

Educational institutions are adopting technology for teaching, learning and administration purposes. The education biosphere is tending to entirely depend on innovative technology for effective teaching and learning experiences. Teachers are learning new technologies to help students with better learning outcomes.

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Today the technology has answers to almost every question. The days are now history when we need to take the help of written-books to access knowledge. The books were rare and accessible for a few lucky. Whereas, technology, today, has made information quite accessible to all, with no hassles.

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In the current situation, you can find a huge amount of information available in the form of ebooks, videos, images, etc. And moreover students are using iPads at their desks and digital software for accessing reading materials, announcements, reminders, assignments, assessments and communication. It has revolutionized the education system for the better.

Government is taking initiative in developing policies that can help schools for effective online education. According to a survey, most of the educators say that future classrooms will be centered around self-paced and personalized learning.

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10 Ways Technology is Changing Education

How Has Technology Changed Education

Schools across the world are trying to adapt classrooms with Artificial Intelligence based education, having greater reach, lifelong learning and options for diverse career opportunities.

According to another survey, 86 percent of educators think that students need video capture skills to succeed in their future careers. Video helps in increasing 92% of student satisfaction, 82% achievement, 80% educator collaboration and 80% professional development.

Let us see how technology has found its way in schools across the globe and look at the 10 ways of technology changing the education system.

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#1 Technology Changing Education – Accessibility 

The most important thing that every education focuses on is accessibility for easy and effective learning. The learning does not limit to four walls of the classroom. Technology has helped education in reaching every corner of the world. School across the country is encouraging teachers and students to make the best use of technology and imbibe new learning experiences. You are no longer confined to books and have access to information with just a click. All the necessary resources required for learning will be easily accessible with the help of technology. 

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With the use of technology, education has become accessible to rural areas, towns and cities. It provides various tools that help in improving academic outcomes. Experts across the world deliver lectures for the students sitting in the classroom via video streaming. There is no need for them to go anywhere for attending lectures for effective learning. 

#2 Technology Changing Education – Communication and Collaboration

Technology plays an important role in communication and collaborative learning. It has created many opportunities in the education system for effective learning experiences. Technology offers new innovative platforms where teachers and students can use communication tools for interaction, discussion and sharing information related to their learning. For instance, you want to communicate course content, feedback, assignments, projects and assessment to the students via video conferencing, calls, text messages etc.

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Technology has enabled students and teachers for communication and collaboration unlike in the past. They can share information and discuss any topic via video conferencing, texts and messages through emails and calls. There are also platforms for the students to share and exchange ideas for a better understanding of the concept. They can collaborate with each other and work together for improving their learning experience. It provides powerful tools for teachers to create content materials that will enable them to learn together.

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#3 Technology Changing Education – Online Resources 

You must be aware of the fact that with growing technology, there is a drastic increase in the availability of online resources in the form of e-textbooks, reading materials, blogs, articles and journals for learning and teaching purposes. Teachers and students can use this technology for preparing lessons and searching related information for a better understanding of the concepts. There are many sources available in the form of e-books, videos, documentaries, images, graphics, etc. Some of the learning tools have access to ebooks, images and videos for effective learning. It also helps others to share information in the form of educational posts, blogs, or videos. 

To make learning more understandable, study materials are available in many educational websites, videos, authentic journals and publications. We all know that online resources are accessible freely in the form of text, images, videos etc. There is abundant information available in educational blogs, articles, applications that help in improving your learning experience. The resources can be used to strengthen your concepts, problem-solving skills, practice and research for better learning outcomes. 

#4 Technology Changing Education – Personalized Learning 

We all know that all the students are not equal with respect to learning abilities. Some students might need time to learn and some do not. So it is important to pay attention to individual students for their effective learning. For instance, few students might understand the concepts more virtually and some might not. So, all the students have different learning styles. Earlier times, there were no such options for learning style. But now technology is changing the education system in terms of providing personalized learning to the students. 

There are different learning styles such as visual, aural, physical, social etc that can help students to learn as per their abilities. So teachers can use these learning styles and provide personalized guidance to every individual student. Nowadays all the schools are providing personalized learning for the students to identify their weaknesses and strengths for improving the learning experience. Technology provides study materials, ideas on different learning styles and activities, assignments, projects and also test-taking skills so that they can improve their academic performance. 

#5 Technology Changing Education – Flexibility

Every education system requires flexibility for high productivity. Due to advanced technology, everything is available online and there is no need for students to struggle with notes or assignment submissions. They do not feel stressed in doing assignments or projects as all the resources are available with the help of technology. It is not necessary to sit the whole day in the classroom as you can study any course from the comfort of your home. It provides a platform for the students to learn at their own pace and connect with the teachers anytime. There are also possibilities of connecting with different experts around the world for gaining knowledge and improving skills.

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#6 Technology Changing Education – Assessment 

Technology has brought tremendous benefits especially for teachers for lesson preparation and assessing students based on their performance. There are various tools that help teachers in giving and receiving assignments or taking tests for their assessment. There are many ways by which teachers can assess students by giving assignments, online projects, quizzes, learning games, etc. In this way, teachers can identify their weaknesses and strengths with their learning abilities. 

#7 Technology Changing Education – Fun Learning

As you know students are more interested in learning when there is fun associated with it. The use of technology in the education system has become more fun than what used to be before. If you want to draw their attention towards learning then engaging them is very important. That can only be done when there is a fun element in learning and teaching. There are many platforms and tools where teachers are able to engage their students for long periods of time. As students have become tech-savvy with the usage of digital gadgets like computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and i-pads which engages them in learning through videos, texts, images, documentaries, art, graphics, etc.. There are many applications available in these devices used for their learning purposes. 

#8 Technology Changing Education – Eases Classroom Preparation

The education system is changing the pattern of teaching and learning in the present world. The pattern of delivering lectures is also made easy for teachers so that they can save their time in preparation and other paperwork. Teachers can get rid of preparing notes for the students instead they are preparing presentations and sharing it with the students. Teachers are developing different teaching methods that do not restrict only to lectures.  And also they provide virtual tours, conduct learning activities and games for a better understanding of the concept. There are multiple tools available online that ease teachers classroom preparation and focus on other productive work.  

#9 Technology Changing Education – Reduces Paperwork

The use of technology in the education system is widely used for administrative work. As you know teachers and sometimes students get a lot of paperwork related to homework, assignments, attendance, question papers, notes and many more. Nowadays, every educational institution has computers connected to high-speed internet with installed software and applications. It helps them in reducing paperwork and focus on increasing academic productivity. 

These technologies help in tracking student information, administrative details, teachers’ information, logistics, attendance, fees, test and examination details, curriculum, content and other activities. All the work can be done automatically and hence does not need manual work. Teachers are using video streaming to deliver lectures to the students. And also use video conferencing for communicating with students. Teachers need not spend too much time preparing notes and delivering lectures on the blackboard, instead, they can record lectures digitally and share it with the students. 

#10 Technology Changing Education – Online Tools 

In the era of advanced technology, there are multiple online tools available for teaching and learning purposes. Earlier, it used to be difficult to gather information on any content as none of them were available for public use. But rising technology has brought changes with respect to accessing information for effective learning. There is abundant information available on the digital platform. Educational institutions are using various tools that can help students and teachers in effective learning and teaching experience. Teachers can create lectures and share it with students for their learning. Let us see how different online tools can have an effect on the education system. 

  1. Podcast: Teachers can create their own informative podcasts and share them with the students. They can learn and practice concepts at their own pace. 
  2. Gadgets: Teachers and students are using digital devices such as laptops, mobile phones, i-pads, tablets for learning and teaching purposes. Students download multiple applications for improving their learning experiences such as reading study materials, preparing for exams, taking practice tests, referring information for exams, assignments and projects. Whereas teachers use these devices for preparing lectures in the form of presentations, videos, texts, etc and also assessing and evaluating students based on their performance. 
  3. Powerpoint presentations: This is a very useful tool for teachers to prepare for lectures using high resolutions pictures and videos along with texts. It helps students to get engaged and interested during the lecture. And motivate them to learn effectively. 
  4. Communication tools: These tools are used by teachers and students to communicate effectively. They can do video conferencing, text messages or video calls to communicate with each other.
  5. Content organization tools: Content management is the most important part of the education system. Educational institutions pay a lot of attention to keep the content organized so that students can learn without any confusion. Teachers are using content management tools where they can organize content, time tables, assignments, projects, assessment and feedback in one platform. They also allow them to post-study materials, assignments topics, time tables and announcements.

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