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  • Last Modified 04-08-2022

How To Not Get Distracted While Studying?


If you have got your smartphone, television, and video games, it means you have all the reasons to get distracted, especially while you are studying. How to combat distractions? Read on!

How to not get distracted

If you don’t want to study, you would rather go out with your friends or spend hours in front of the television or video game, or just sleep. Our mind seeks for instant gratification and appreciation and hates long term hard work. You are distracted if you have to submit an important project tomorrow and all you are doing is watching a cute cat video. If you want to combat distractions, you must know how to control your mind.

What it means to be distracted?

You get distracted because a part of your brain wants to party all the time. The other part of your brain is calm; it is the wise one and gives you good advise like, “Hey, you need to focus, you need to study.” Chances are that you are going to dance to the rhythm of the music at the party going on inside your head. If that’s the case, you have to give the steering wheel of your mind to the wise one so that you get back to study. Fighting distractions becomes easier if you have set a goal. It helps you to focus on the bigger picture – to get into your dream college.

How to fight procrastination?

When you get distracted easily, you tend to postpone your work. As a result, you get diverted from your plan for the day. So how to deal with it? Easy! Get yourself a reward every day after you have finish all the tasks that you wanted to do. Rewards are the best way to motivate yourself. The user friendly interface of Embibe makes studying fun as you can earn Embiums while solving JEE Main practice papers or practice questions for any other engineering and medical entrance exams. Embiums are the currency that can be used to unlock various score improvement packs on Embibe.

Procrastination happens when you lose focus and don’t feel like studying or doing work. So make studying fun by setting up goals so that you are excited to finish them.

How to motivate yourself?

Whenever you feel like not studying, do 10 push ups! Exercises release certain hormones that help in staying focused. This way you might get to fulfill your dream of going to your dream IIT or you will build muscles. It’s a win-win situation.

Find out how to motivate yourself here

The key to self-motivation is to never forget why you are doing what you are doing. Stay on track and when you feel you are losing the way, gently come back to the path you were before, it will be worth your while.

One of the best ways of not getting distracted is by focusing on what you are doing right now by giving your best.

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