How to Prepare for CBSE Board Exam? Know Tips and Tricks
  • Written By Varsha
  • Last Modified 03-08-2022
  • Written By Varsha
  • Last Modified 03-08-2022

How To Prepare for CBSE Board Exam 2022-23

How To Prepare for CBSE Board Exam 2022-23: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) administers the board exams for Classes 10 and 12. To score excellent marks, students preparing for the CBSE board exam in 2022-23 must go through these preparation tips. Firstly, students must be thorough with the syllabus and accurately identify their strengths and weaknesses before the exam. 

Students should focus on completing the syllabus and revising each topic more than once to ensure they are entirely prepared for the exam. Moreover, students can take the free mock tests on Embibe to learn from a range of questions that they may appear in their board examinations. Students need to look for areas that they need to work on to improve their performance in the long run. Follow this page to learn how to prepare for CBSE Class 10 and 12 board exams and tips to help students efficiently strategise their study plan for this academic year 2022-23.

CBSE Board Exams 2022-23: Overview

Embibe offers a detailed study plan to maximise scores for Class 10 and Class 12 board exams. Students must carefully review the study plan and prepare for the upcoming exams. However, before we get into further details, let us have an overview of the exam:

CBSE EventsParticulars
Exam NameCentral Board of Secondary Education Class 10 and Class 12
Conducting BodyCentral Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Exam LevelClass 12 and Class 10
Mode of ExaminationOffline
Maximum Marks100 Marks
Exam Duration3 Hours
CBSE Official
NCERT Official

10 Things To Know Before Class 12 Board Exam 2022

Given below are some tips to finish the whole syllabus and prepare for the CBSE Class 12 board exam in time:

  • Students must begin preparing for the board examinations as soon as possible. They must create a detailed schedule and adhere to it religiously. Every few days, all of the important topics should be reviewed.
  • The formulae that we have in subjects like Mathematics, Science, and so on are very important in exams. Students should memorise all formulas and revise them daily so that they do not forget them when answering questions.
  • Students must avoid skipping meals in between classes. Meals are critical for the proper functioning of our bodies and minds.
  • Attempting previous years’ question papers/sample papers provides students with an understanding of the types of questions asked as well as the marking scheme.
  • Students must try to contribute to the answers to the questions in the literature section. Answering questions from the student’s point of view and ideas while maintaining the essence and context of the answer will help you score well.
  • Students should be aware that the CBSE English paper is extremely long. They are advised to read the question paper quickly in the 15 minutes allotted for reading.
  • For exam preparation, students must use the proper books. They must complete the NCERT textbooks for the subject.
  • Students must solve previous years’ CBSE Class 12 question papers to determine the difficulty level of the question papers. Not only that, but by completing previous years’ sample papers, they will be able to determine which section carries the most weight.
  •  Knowing the exam pattern helps students understand the important units and prepare for a high score.
  • Preparing well for CBSE 12th exams will help students prepare for upcoming competitive exams such as NEET, JEE Mains, and so on.

How To Prepare for 2022-23 Class 10 Board Exam?

Students who are in search of preparation tips for the CBSE Class 10 board exam can check out the following tips:

  • Begin your preparation by paying attention in class and covering the entire syllabus in a systematic manner. Determine the complete chapter-by-chapter marking scheme for all subjects – Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology – and plan accordingly.
  • Gather all relevant handouts and keep all important notes in one place for last-minute revision. Find all of the important topics in the NCERT book because the majority of the exam questions come from the NCERT books only.
  • Memorise effectively by using flashcards and breaking down important topics into bullet points, lists, diagrams, and formulas.
  • Explaining your answers to someone else will assist you in getting it clear in your mind, highlighting the key points where you need to work harder.
  • When revising your topics, visuals are more beneficial. Begin by writing down everything you already know about a particular topic and highlighting the areas where you are lacking.
  • Exams are always stressful, but too much stress can derail your preparation. Do not even forget to look after your health, nutrition, and sleep.

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FAQs on How To Prepare for CBSE Board Exam 2022-23

Q.1: Can I prepare for the CBSE board exams in one month?
Yes, referring to the preparation timetable on this page will help students get an idea of how to study one month before the commencement of the CBSE board exams.

Q.2: How can I get full marks in exams without studying?
It is not easy to score full marks in exams without studying. Students will have to study and memorise the concepts as much as possible to secure good marks.

Q.3: How can I cover the whole syllabus in one week?
One will not be able to cover the entire syllabus in one week for all subjects. But in one week, they can only cover one subject.

Q.4: What are the important topics that one should cover in Mathematics for board exams?
Selective studies are not advisable for any student. Students must cover all the topics mentioned in the syllabus.

Q.5: What are the tips to crack the Class 10 and 12 CBSE board exams?
Ans: The tips for scoring well in the CBSE Class 10 and 12 board exams are mentioned above in this article.

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