• Written By Livia Ferrao
  • Last Modified 07-08-2020

How to prepare for COMEDK UGET 2016?


The Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka is known as COMEDK. For undergraduate entrance exam, it is also called as COMEDK UGET. Students from all over Karnataka who desire to be doctors and engineers give these entrance exams along with AIIMS, AIPMT etc.

In the medical stream, the top score this year was 178 out of 180, up from the top score of 159 last year. Candidates who gave the entrance test for the medical and dental stream in increased from 39,607 in 2013 to 45,235 in 2014, which is an increase of 5,628. Hence, the competition this exam, especially for the medical stream, will be stiff this year. Here are some tips which will help you to prepare for COMEDK-UGET as well as other exams.


For students appearing for COMEDK-UGET and Other exams:

You need to balance your study time.

  1. Write down the date of all the exams you are going to appear for,
    For Medical students:
    COMEDK UGET – 8th May 2016,
    AIIMS – 29th May 2016,
    AIPMT – 1st May 2016,
    KCET – 4th May 2016.
  2. Pick those chapters which are most important and common for all these exams. Create notes for important concepts you need to remember for the exams.
  3. Study each chapter thoroughly, make a timetable for the schedule of the entire day.
  4. Practice:
    You need to practice for each chapter, prepared well in each of the important chapters you have listed.
  5. Take tests:
    Tests are important to make you confident and tension for the exams. Full tests will help you prepare for the final exam itself.


For students only aiming to give COMEDK UGET 2016:

You have one exam and the result of this exam is important. But not to panic simply do as follows:

  1. Books:

    You need to choose the right books for COMEDK UGET 2016 which will help make the subjects easy and those that will cover the basic concepts of each subject.

  2. Paper pattern:

    For COMEDK UGET 2016, the paper pattern and the syllabus should be well defined. This will give you a clear picture of what and how you can do stuff.
    Test and practice are a must if you want to score in the exam. To head towards perfection, you need to practice.

  3. Develop the Ability to judge each question:

    Time is precious in these exams you need to develop an ability to judge the difficulty level of each question by just looking at it. This will prevent you from wasting precious time. In case, you can’t attempt a question or if you get confused you can either attempt that question at the end of the exam. Else you can figure out the right answer by striking out all the wrong option out first.

  4. Solve Previous Years’ Papers

    Collect at least 2-3 previous years papers and practice them well. For mock tests, you can visit Embibe to know exactly how much time you take to answer a test. And to know if you are wasting time during the test and how and where you need to improve. Make notes of all the topics you are weak in and concentrate more on those topics. But remember do not neglect your strong topics you must revise them as well.

  5. Avoid Procrastination

    You shouldn’t have any delay in your study preparation. Today is the best day the best time to start preparing since tomorrow is never there for anyone. So don’t wait. Create a study schedule to keep track of your progress this will reduce stress and anxiety.

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