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  • Written By Livia Ferrao
  • Last Modified 10-08-2022
  • Written By Livia Ferrao
  • Last Modified 10-08-2022

How to Prepare for AIPMT 2023 Biology? 3 Tips for NEET 2023

Preparing for AIPMT 2023 Biology: National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2023, previously known as AIPMT, is one of the most competitive exams conducted in India and the only medical exam organised by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Previously, it was conducted by CBSE. Medical aspirants all over the country, those who wish to pursue their career in the medical field, are preparing for NEET (AIPMT) 2023.

NEET 2023 will be taken by lakhs of students aiming to pursue medical and dental courses in India. The NEET syllabus covers Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Out of a total of 720 marks to score, Biology carries the maximum marks with 360 marks and Physics and Chemistry with 180 each. It is not surprising that every student aims to score the maximum in Biology because of two main reasons: 1) it carries the most marks, and 2) it is comparatively easier than Physics and Chemistry put together.

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– Aspirants preparing for NEET 2023 for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are suggested to check out the NEET 2023 pillar page to access all study material in one place.

How to Prepare for AIPMT 2023 Biology?

Preparing for NEET 2023 calls for smart studying. You need to ensure that your hard work pays off and that the hours you put in give you back something in return, preferably a good score! With the exam now just weeks away and the scoring potential in Biology, how do you aim to achieve a better-than-decent score? With the right tools and direction, scoring well in NEET Biology is easier than it sounds!

1. Know Syllabus Comprehensively

First things first, you need to know what you’re marching into. If you’re still not aware of what the syllabus entails by now, you’re swimming in deep waters, my friend. You should be familiar with the whole shebang so you can tune out the less important chapters and concepts from the important NEET chapters that need the do-or-die approach.

Check out NEET 2023 syllabus in detail.

2. Put Your Knowledge to The Test

To simply learn is not enough; you need to practice and revise again and again. Practising on Embibe is adaptive, i.e., it provides the right questions at the right time. Also, you will be timed to know whether you are going too slow or too fast. Besides, Embibe provides detailed solutions for every question you practice! Then you need to move on to taking tests. Embibe has unlimited free tests — full tests, part tests, mini tests and chapterwise tests as well! Also, Embibe provides you with detailed feedback, which will help you improve your score by approximately 29% marks.

3. Study Material

To prepare for the NEET exam, you need the right study material, without which your NEET 2023 preparation will be incomplete. To start off, study your 11th and 12th NCERT 2023 books thoroughly, as most NEET questions come from NCERT. Use markers to highlight important points. Once you have revised them thoroughly, you may move on to other best books for NEET 2023 Biology. Also, practice previous years’ papers to ease yourself into the exam pattern and frequently asked questions.

Besides the above 3 tips to score well in NEET Biology, also remember to use your strong points to give yourself an edge in the exams. For instance, focus more on your strongest chapters. Do not waste too much time on your weak chapters if they are unimportant and have less weightage. These tactics will help you improve your score considerably!

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Time to take NEET 2023 Biology by the horns! All the best! 🙂

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