Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10

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  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 19-06-2023
  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 19-06-2023

Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10 2024

About Exam

HPBOSE Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education is responsible for conducting the Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10 exams. HPBOSE is a state-level board that prescribes textbooks and syllabus and sets the examination dates, exam pattern and curriculum for the same. Students can access all these in the article below.

The HPBOSE will tentatively conduct the Class 10 exams in March 2024. Students are advised to go through the article in order to understand the exam pattern, application process, syllabus and other important details regarding the HPBOSE Class 10 2024 exams. Continue reading this article to know more about the Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10 exam.

HPBOSE Class 10 Exam Summary 2024

It is essential for students to understand the exam before appearing in one. Having a proper knowledge about the exam helps in having a strong preparation and helps students to be fully prepared. To get a better understanding of the Himachal Pradesh board Class 10 examination, the students are requested to go through the exam summary provided below.

Particulars Details
Full Exam Name Himachal Pradesh Board of Secondary Education 10th Examination
Short Exam Name HPBOSE 10th
Conducting Body Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education (HPBOSE)
Frequency of Conduct Once a year
Exam Level Matriculate
Application Fee (General) INR 500 [Offline]
Exam Duration 3 Hours
Exam Subjects Total seven subjects; Five are compulsory, and two are optional
Mode of Examination Offline
Official Website hpbose.org
Address Gyan Alok Parisar, Jawahar Nagar, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176213
Contact Details 01892 242216, 242219

According to the HP Board curriculum, students must prepare for seven subjects, five of which are compulsory. 

The HP Board 10th class board has exams for 5 core subjects that are as follows:

  • Hindi
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Social Science
  • Science & Technology

In addition to these, students can choose two optional subjects as per their preference.

HPBOSE Class 10 Latest Updates 2024


Latest Updates 2022-23

  • HPBOSE conducted the Class 10 term 2 examinations from March 11 to March 31, 2023

HPBOSE Class 10 Registration 2024

Exam Pattern

The HPBOSE Class 10 registration for 2024 is likely to begin soon. Students will be required to fill in their application forms online provided on the official website of the board. If necessary documents are not submitted, the online registration form will be deemed to be rejected. It is mandatory for students to fill in their application forms within the deadline. 

To register for Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10, the students will need to follow the registration process as given below:

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website of the Himachal Pradesh board, i.e., www.hpbose.org
  • 2nd Step: From the menu page, select the SOS option. 
  • 3rd Step: The HPBOSE Class 10 exam section will appear. Click on the “Apply Now” section available on top of the homepage. 
  • 4th Step: Search for the Application Form Link of Class 10 and click on it. 
  • 5th Step: On the application form page, you will need to provide all the necessary details and credentials. 
  • 6th Step: You should fill in all the required information in the given sections. 
  • 7th Step: Download the registration form and submit it to the respective school authority.

Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10 Exam Pattern 2024

Exam Syllabus

It is necessary for students for HPBOSE Class 10 to be familiar with the exam pattern. The exam pattern is a great way to prepare for the exam and helps you to understand on how to proceed with your preparation. Furthermore, the Himachal Pradesh board Class 10 exam pattern deals with various details that the students need to know.

Exam Pattern Details – Scoring Pattern (+/- Marking)

Below we have provided HP Board Class 10 exam pattern for your reference:

Subject Duration Maximum Marks
Home Science 3 hours 60
Social Science 3 hours 85
Mathematics 3 hours 85
Commerce – elements of business 3 hours 85
Commerce -elements of bookkeeping and accountancy 3 hours 85
Commerce – Tabulation test 40 minutes 36
Commerce – Practical paper 3 hours 60
Commerce -one theory paper 1 hour 25
Science & Technology 3 hours 60
Science & Technology – practicals   25
English literature 3 hours 85
Agriculture 3 hours 50
Agriculture – practical 3 hours 35
Telugu 3 hours 85
Tamil 3 hours 85
Urdu 3 hours 85
Introductory Information Technology 3 hours 35
Introductory Information Technology -practical 4 hours 50
Art – paper A 3 hours 50
Art – paper B 3 hours 35

Exam Pattern Details – Total Time

All the exams of seven subjects will have a total duration of three hours. Some of the subjects must be completed within an hour, whereas students are provided with three hours for major subjects.

HP Board Class 10 Syllabus 2024

Study Plan to Maximise Score

According to the HP Board exam schedule, students must prepare for seven subjects, five of which have been made compulsory.The remaining two are optional subjects that students can select according to their preference. Given below is the Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10 syllabus for 2024.

The 10th class board has exams for 5 core subjects which are:

  • Hindi
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Social Science, and 
  • Science & Technology

HP Board Class 10 English Syllabus 2024

English is a compulsory language subject and includes English grammar, prose, fiction, and poetry. Students preparing for the grammar, reading, and writing sections can read newspapers or articles regularly. This will help students improve their grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills. 

Unit Topics Marks
Reading 2 questions of 4 or 5 marks
5 comprehension questions of 4 marks
and multiple-choice questions
17 marks
Writing Writing a letter (formal/informal, paragraph writing), short writing task following oral, visual stimuli 20 marks
Grammar Tense, Prepositions in grammar, Reported speech, model, voice, non-stock 15 marks
Text Book First Flight (reader), supplementary reader’s textbook lesson 33 marks
Total Score   85 marks

HP Board Class 10 Mathematics Syllabus 2024

Mathematics is a major subject and requires constant practice and preparation. This subject includes the study of Mathematical concepts, Number systems, Algebra, Geometry, Triangulation, Physiology, Statistics, Graphs, Coordinate geometry, and others.

Unit Topics Marks
Numerical System Euclid’s Theorem of Division Basic Theorem of Arithmetic Result Certificate Irrational Numbers √2, √3, √5, For the decimal expansion of rational numbers 5 marks
Algebra Polynomials Pairs of linear equations of two variables, quadratic equations, arithmetic series 21 marks
Trigonometry Trigonometric ratios, ID, height, the distance of trigonometric functions 14 marks
Coordinate Geometry Lines (2D) 7 marks
Geometry The triangular, circular structure of the shape 16 marks
Mensuration Area, surface area and volume of the measurement plan 12 marks
Statistic probability Mean, median, and mode of statistics and probability grouped data are cumulative frequency graphs. Classic definition of probability. Simple Problem in a Single Case 10 marks
Total Score   85 marks

HP Board Class 10 Science Syllabus 2024

The syllabus of science is divided into four sections, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Education.

Unit Topics Marks
Chemical Substances
(Properties and Behaviors)
Chemical Equations Chemical Equations, Types of Chemical Reactions, Effects of Oxidation Reactions in Daily Life
Acids, Bases, and Salts General properties (physicochemical properties) of acids, bases and salts and examples and usage.
Metals and Non-Metals Physical and Chemical Properties of Metals and Non-Metal Reactive Series Metals and Non-Metal Reactions, Corrosion of Metals and Corrosion Prevention Metals Generation and Extraction.
Carbon and its compounds Covalently bonded saturated and unsaturated carbon compounds, nomenclature of carbon compounds, Chemical properties of carbon compounds Several important carbon compounds, ethanol and ethanoic acid. (attributes only), Detergent action of soap and detergent soap (micelle formation).
Periodic classification Early attempts at the chemical series (Tornado Octave Newland’s Law of Doberaina, Mendeleev’s Periodic Table). Modern Periodic Table Trends in the Modern Periodic Table
18 marks
World of Life (Biology) Life Processes, Basic concepts of nutrition, respiration, transport and excretion of plants and animals.
Control and coordination, Nervous system, Reflexes and the human brain, How do organisms breed? Importance of deformation
The reproductive system is human reproductive and reproductive health
18 marks
How Things Work and Natural phenomenon, electricity Current and circuit, heat generation effect of current, the interrelationship of P, V, I, R , Self-effect of current
Field by magnetic field and magnetic root, magnetic field current, fleming’s right thumb law, left-hand rule
Electric motors, electromagnetic induction, generators and household electrical circuits.
Light Reflection and Refraction Light Reflection, Curved Mirror: Concave and Convex, Image formation using ray diagram. Mirror expression and magnification. Refraction of light through glass slabs and lenses (convex and concave) and the formulation and magnification of lenses to form images by lenses. The power of the lens
The Human Eye and the Brilliant World, The Human Eye, Accommodation, and Defects and Corrections of Vision, Refraction of Light by Prisms, Light Dispersion, and Light Scattering, Atmospheric refraction
16 marks
Natural Resources Conservation of Natural Resources 8 marks
Practical Search for pH of various samples,
Characteristics of mountain bases (HCl and NaOH)
Determine the focal intensity of concave and convex mirrors,
Prepare SO2 gas.
Observe the action of Zn, Fe, Cu and Al metals in salt solutions.
Study current dependence.
Temporarily prepare leaf bark to show stomata
25 marks
Total score   85 marks

HP Board Class 10 Social Science Syllabus 2024

Social Science is a theoretical subject; students should review it regularly to get a good score. Chapters and themes include several elements of Sociology and Commerce, mainly in Geography, History, Citizens, and Economics. There is one paper with a maximum of 85 points in the social sciences, and questions are asked from both of the five units. Up to 15 points will be awarded for internal evaluation.

Unit Topics Marks
Unit 1 India and the Contemporary World
Indo-China nationalist movement.
Indian nationalism.
Livelihood, economy, society, making a global world.
Industrialisation era
A city of work, life and leisure in the modern world.
Everyday Life, Culture, Politics, Printing Culture and the Modern World
21 marks+3 map
Unit 2 Modern India II
Indian Resources and Development, Forests and Wildlife Resources, Water,
Agriculture, Mineral and energy resources, manufacturing, national economic lifeline transportation, telecommunications, international trade, maps (in all chapters)
19 marks + 3 (Map)
Unit 3 Democratic Politics II
Power Sharing
Democracy and Diversity
Gender, Religion, and Caste
Popular Struggles and Movements
Political Parties
Outcomes of Democracy
Challenges to Democracy
14 marks
Unit 4 Understanding Economics-II
Sectors of the Indian Economy
Money and Credit
Globalisation and the Indian Economy
Consumer Rights
15 marks
Unit 5 Disaster Management 10 marks

HP Board Class 10 Timetable 2024

Previous Year Analysis

The Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10 exams will tentatively commence in March 2024. The Himachal Pradesh board students can find the timetable on the official website. For the convenience of students, we have provided the HP Board Class 10 timetable below. Students can refer to this timetable and accordingly plan their studies.

Exam Dates Subjects
March 2024 Hindi
March 2024 Mathematics
March 2024 Sanskrit, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu
March 2024 Social Science
March 2024 English
March 2024 Arts-A(Scale and Geometry), Commerce (Elements of Business, Elements of Bookkeeping and accountancy, Type-writing English or Hindi), Economics
NSQF: Agriculture, Automotive, Healthcare, Information Technology Enabled Services, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Physical Education, Private Security, Telecom, Tourism & Hospitality, Banking Financial Services & Insurance, Apparels, Made ups & Home Furnishing, Beauty and Wellness, Electronics & Hardware, Plumber
March 2024 Science and Technology
March 2024 Home Science
March 2024 Computer Science
March 2024 Vocal Music
March 2024 Instrumental Music
March 2024 Financial Literacy

HP Board Class 10 Admit Card 2024

Himachal Pradesh board will be releasing the Class 10 admit card on the official website. The admit card will be released one week before the examination. Since the examination will be held in March, chances are that the Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10 examination admit card will be available on the official website. Once the admit card is available, we will update you about it. 

The schools will access the admit card from the official website. On the other hand, students will need to collect a physical copy of the Himachal Pradesh board Class 10 admit card from the official website. Students must ensure that they fill in the details for the admit card accurately so that they can appear for the examination without any problem. 

Below are the steps that students can follow to download HP board class 10 admit card.

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website of HPBOSE – hpbose.org.
  • 2nd Step: Click on the “Online Services” link at the top menu bar.
  • 3rd Step: From the options available on the new page, select the “School Login” option.
  • 4th Step: A new page will appear where the credentials are to be filled, as shown below.
  • 5th Step: Enter the details and click on “Login”.
  • 6th Step: The HP Board 10th admit card will pop up on the screen.

Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10 Exam Study Plans to Maximise Score 2024

Achieving excellent results in the Himachal Pradesh class 10 are extremely important in determining a student’s future professional path. The results of the HPBOSE 10th test will determine the stream that the students will need to appear for. Students appearing for the Class 10 Himachal Pradesh boards must be aware of important preparatory strategies to excel in the exams. This list of HPBOSE Board 10th test preparation tips for 2024 can assist students in cracking the exam with flying colours. 

HP Board Class 10 Preparation Tips

The performance of students in the secondary examination decides which stream one has got to choose for creating a bright career to a great extent. There is no shortcut to success, and students should try harder to get it right, to be positive and achieve their goals.

One of the most important things needed for the Himachal Pradesh 10th board preparation is the regular practice and assessment in complex subject areas. Given below are some of the important tips to help the students prepare well for their HP board exams. 

  • Examine the HPBOSE board 10th timetable for 2022 to arrange your study schedule and hone your time management abilities.
  • Make a note of the key topics and inquiries that come up repeatedly and practice them.
  • Students should complete the entire HPBOSE 10th syllabus 2022 at least one month before the exam so they have enough time to review.
  • Between study sessions, take short breaks.
  • Go through the things a student has already learned to help them remember and develop confidence with the help of Himachal Pradesh 10th timetable 2022 PDF.
  • Make a study regimen based on reading the entire Class 10 HPBOSE board curriculum in detail.
  • After completing the curriculum, students should focus on their areas of weakness.
  • To grasp the questions, trends, and other factors, look over the HPBOSE Board 10th exam question paper.

HP Board Class 10 Detailed Study Plan 2024

Regular study and preparation will undoubtedly aid in obtaining high grades in class 10 HP boards. Here are a few pointers to help students prepare effectively.

Strategy Details
Reading the question paper The first step is to try to read and understand the questions thoroughly. When writing the responses, students must first comprehend the question and the number of marks it carries. Based on this, the solution should be written in a logical and thorough manner.
Effective use of time Students have an honest quarter-hour to read the question paper at the start. READ, and use this time to try to do just that. In a quarter-hour, read all of the questions thoroughly. While reading, categorise the questions into the following categories: wise, easy, doable, and difficult. Do this frequently in order to get a general concept of the questions and build a preliminary outline.
Attempt of questions Always start with the easy questions, then go on to the more manageable ones and make sure you finish them before moving on to the more tough ones. This may ensure that students don’t leave any questions unanswered. Once they have completed all of the simple and doable questions, their confidence will rise, and they will be mentally prepared to tackle the more difficult problems.
Accuracy To ensure that they aren’t dabbling and that their solutions are valid, use faster computations. For example, if they make a mistake in the sign of a term, they won’t be able to solve quadratic or linear equations questions. As a result, avoiding foolish mistakes is critical in order to save time. Always keep in mind the speed tactics we discussed.
Neatness of the paper Fill in the blanks with your answer in clear, legible handwriting. Although not everyone has beautiful handwriting, everyone can write answers in readable handwriting with proper spacing and punctuation. It’s important to remember that if their response sheet isn’t clean and their handwriting is illegible, it will reflect negatively on them. Wherever possible, use a margin.

Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10 Previous Year Analysis

Topper List Success Stories

Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10 students need to prepare for the exams thoroughly. Students who will be appearing for Himachal Pradesh board Class 10 exams in 2024 need to be aware of the trends of 2022 and previous years. This will give the students an upper hand and allow them to prepare for the exam accordingly.

Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10 Topper’s List 

Students who will be appearing for the Himachal Pradesh board Class 10 exams need to know the previous year’s toppers and marks too. 

Below we have provided the previous year’s analysis for HP Board Class 10 exams:

Previous Year Topper List

Students can check the topper details of the previous year’s HBSE 10th topper details in the following table:

HPBOSE 2020 Toppers’ List

Below we have provided HPBOSE Class 10 2020 topper’s list:

Rank Topper’s name Marks obtained
1 Kumari Tanu 691
2 Kshitij Sharma 690

HPBOSE 2019 Topper’s List

Below we have provided topper’s list for HPBOSE Class 10 2019:

Rank Topper’s Name District Percentage Marks Scored
1 Atharva Thakur Hamirpur 98.71% 691/700
2 Paras Mandi 98.57% 690/700
3 Dhruv Sharma Bilaspur 98.57% 690/700

Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10 Exam Results

Exam counselling

The HPBOSE Class 10 Results for 2023 will be announced soon. The result dates will be updated below once the board releases them. Below we have provided some of the important dates for HPBOSE Class 10 results:

Events Dates
HPBOSE 10th exams dates March 2024
HPBOSE 10th Class result date Yet to be Announced
Revaluation/Rechecking result Yet to be Announced
Compartment application dates Yet to be Announced
Compartment exam Yet to be Announced
Compartment result Yet to be Announced

Steps to Check HPBOSE 10th Result

Follow the steps mentioned below to check HP Board 10th result:

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website, hpbose.org.
  • 2nd Step: On the home page, check the latest announcements section.
  • 3rd Step: Click on the ‘HP Board Class 10 result’ link. A login window will appear on the screen.
  • 4th Step: Enter the roll number and click on the search button.
  • 5th Step: HPBOSE 10th result will be displayed on the screen.
  • 6th Step: Take a screenshot and keep it safe for future reference.

The HPBOSE class 10th result will include the student’s personal details, subject-wise marks, overall marks, grades, etc. Students must secure at least 33 per cent marks to pass the exams. Students can also check HPBOSE 10th result through the SMS facility. Read more about the HPBOSE 10th result date, steps to check, supply, and revaluation details.

HPBOSE 10th Result: Revaluation or Rechecking

  • Students who are unsatisfied with their HP Board class 10 result 2023 can apply for rechecking or revaluation.
  • They must fill out the revaluation form and submit the fee online through the official website: hpbose.org.
  • Students will have to pay Rs.400/- per subject for rechecking the result.
  • Those who want to apply for revaluation of answer sheets will have to pay INR 500 per subject.

Only those students who score at least 20 per cent marks in the respective subject will be able to apply for revaluation or rechecking in that subject.

HPBOSE Class 10 Compartment Exam 2024

Exam talks

The HPBOSE Class 10 compartment exams are conducted shortly after the result declaration. Students appearing for the compartment exams need to register for the same within the given deadline. Below are some points that students need to remember regarding the HPBOSE Class 10 compartment exam 2024.

  • The students who are unable to qualify for the HP board class 10 examination are advised to take the compartmental examination.
  • After the declaration of the HPBOSE 10th result, students will apply for the compartment exams.
  • They must contact their respective schools to fill out the compartment exam application form.

FAQs on Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10

About Exam

Q: When are the HPBOSE Class 10 exams conducted?

Ans: The HPBOSE Class 10 exams will be conducted in March 2024.

Q: When will the HPBOSE Class 10 results be declared?

Ans: The HPBOSE Class 10 results will be declared tentatively in April 2024.

Q: Where can I access the HPBOSE Class 10 syllabus for 2024?

Ans: Students can access the HPBOSE Class 10 syllabus for 2024 on this page.

Q: Is the HP Board timetable for regular and SOS students the same?

Ans: No, both have different table regular exams starting from the first week of April, while SOS is in late June.

Q: When will the HPBOSE Class 10 timetable be released?

Ans: The HP Board 10th Class 2024 exam date sheet is released on the official website. Students can refer to this page to access the HPBOSE Class 10 timetable.

Himachal Pradesh Board Class 10 List of Educational Institutes

About Exam


Students who wish to study in Himachal Pradesh Board schools need to enroll in HP Board affiliated schools. It is important that the students check out all the schools affiliated. In the table below, we have provided all the information about HP Board affiliated schools.

School Code And Name District
1001 – Amarpur – Govt Sr Sec School Bilaspur
1002 – Auhar – Sarswati Vidya Mandir Bilaspur
1003 – Auhar – Govt Sr Sec School Bilaspur
1004 – Baddu (Dadhog) – Govt Sr Sec School Bilaspur
1005 – Badgaon – S.Bhagat Singh High School Bilaspur
1006 – Badgaon – Govt Sr Sec School Bilaspur
1007 – Bahot Kasol – Govt High School Bilaspur
1008 – Bala – Govt Sr Sec School Bilaspur
1009 – Balag Ka Ghat – Govt Sr Sec School Bilaspur
1010 – Balghar – Govt High School Bilaspur

Students can check out the complete list of HP Board-affiliated schools here.

HPBOSE Class 10 Future Exams 2024

Eligibility Criteria

Age Criteria

Students who have finished Class 10 must make plans for the next step of their education, including selecting one of the various streams available after class 10. Because classes beyond 10 include Science, Arts, and Commerce courses, to mention a few, students must research about these and choose accordingly. Not only that, but students interested in a job-oriented curriculum may want to check into other post-tenth-grade courses that allow for placement following graduation. Short-term diploma and certificate courses after 10th grade that add value to one’s qualifications and can make a difference in one’s career.

Our educational system currently revolves around competitive tests. Many students and parents believe that competitive exams are only for grades 12 and up. However, this is not the case. There are a variety of competitive tests and reward programmes available for students in grades 10 and who’ve finished their class 10 studeies. Students’ mental ability and intellectual quotient are tested in these competitive exams, and those who succeed are offered scholarships.

Some of the future exams are as follows:

Along with the exams mentioned above, students can write several competitive exams and stand a chance to secure scholarships. The table below provides the details of all the major competitive exams a class 10 student can appear for:

Name of the Exam Exam Dates Website
Indian National Olympiad or INO April – June olympiads.hbcse. tifr.res.in
National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) 1st level – November, 2nd level – May www.ncert.nic.in
Indian National Earth Science Olympiad January www.geosocindia.org
National Science Olympiad (NSO) November www.sofworld.org
National Standard Examination in Astronomy November www.iapt.org.in
International Olympiad of English Language (IOEL) November-December silverzone.org
National Biotechnology Olympiad or NBO August www.ei-india.com
International English Olympiad October www.ei-india.com
International Informatics Olympiad (IIO) August silverzone.org
Zonal Informatics Olympiad November www.iarcs.org.in
National Science Talent Search Exam or NSTSE January www.unifiedcouncil.com
Technothlon July www.technothlon.
National Interactive Maths Olympiad or NIMO August and December www.eduhealfoundation
GeoGenius Phase 1 – December, Phase 2 – April www.geogeniusindia.com
Smart Kid General Knowledge Olympiad December www.silverzone.org

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