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IB ACIO Salary: Get All the Details Here


IB ACIO Salary 2022: The Intelligence Bureau (IB) releases notices on its website seeking applicants to apply for Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO) Grade-II / Executive positions. The IB has advertised a total of 2000 jobs in their most recent recruiting. One of the reasons why so many candidates appear for the exam is the IB ACIO salary, which is very bankable.

There lie many advantages of registering for these ACIO posts; one being is lucrative pay scale—which this article is about. We have added everything that candidates might be filling to know about IB ACIO Salary 2022 with an intention to make a well-versed decision for the ACIO application. Take a look to find out more about the IB ACIO salary slip, allowances, career growth, and more.

IB ACIO Salary – 7th Pay Commission

The IB ACIO Salary In-hand depends on the post and city where candidates are posted. The salary has been revised after the 7th Pay Commission. The salary structure can be seen on the IB ACIO salary slip and it depends on different factors has been laid out on this page below:

  • The officers are entitled to salary in the range of Rs.44,900/- to Rs.1,42,400/- along with the applicable allowances.
  • The Special Security Allowance is 20% of basic pay in addition to other government allowances.
  • Also, there will be cash compensation in lieu of duty performed on holidays subject to a ceiling of 30 days.

ACIO IB Salary Structure 2022

Candidates can check the following Salary Structure for the post of Grade-II/Executive given below:

IB ACIO Salary Structure (During Training)

Candidates recruited for IB ACIO have to undergo training before they are posted. During the training period, the salary structure mentioned in their IB ACIO salary slip is different. The salary during the training period is given below:

Basic PayRs.44,900
Dearness Allowance @ 17%Rs.7633
House Rental Allowance0
Transport Allowance0
Special Security AllowanceRs.8980
Special Security Allowance0
Special Security Allowance0
Government Contribution @14 % (Basic + DA)Rs.7355
Gross SalaryRs.68868
Net SalaryRs.56260

IB ACIO Salary Slip Structure (Hard Location Posting)

After the training, the candidates may be posted in cities or remote locations. Depending on the threat level at the location of posting there is variation in salary. The salary for Hard Location Posting is given below:

Basic PayRs.46,200
Dearness Allowance @ 17%Rs.7854
House Rental Allowance @ 8%Rs.3693
Transport AllowanceRs.2106
Special Security Allowance Rs.9240
Special Security Allowance @ 10% Rs.4620
Special Compensatory Allowance Rs.3000
Government Contribution @14 % (Basic + DA)Rs.7355
Gross SalaryRs.84284
Net SalaryRs.71311

IB ACIO Salary Structure (City Posting): Salary of IB Officer

Candidates can also be recruited to cities, towns or any villages. Depending upon the posting, candidates will get the IB ACIO salary in hand as mentioned below:

Basic PayRs.46,200
Dearness Allowance @ 17%Rs.7854
House Rental Allowance @ 24%Rs.11088
Transport AllowanceRs.3600
Special Security Allowance @ 20%Rs.9240
Special Duty Allowance @10%0
Special Compensatory Allowance0
Government Contribution @14 % (Basic +DA)Rs.7568
Gross SalaryRs.85550
Net SalaryRs.72577

IB ACIO Perks & Allowance 2022

The Intelligence Bureau offers great benefits and allowances along with salary. Check the following allowances listed below:

Office Cum Residence AllowanceRs.3500
Cook Salary Rs.3200
Petrol Sanction 13 litres
Diesel Sanction20 litres
2 Newspaper and CableRs.600
Special Compensatory Allowance0
Entertainment AllowanceRs.650

IB ACIO Job Profile 2022

The Assistant Intelligence Officer Grade-II post is similar to the Inspector rank in the state police services. They would be posted for fieldwork to acquire the intelligence required for maintaining state security.

Candidates can check the IB ACIO Job Profile recruited by the Intelligence Bureau below:

  • At National level, lot of intelligence collection is carried out by the Grade II employee. Mostly employees of that grade will carry out coordination at ground level for intelligence collection.
  • At State level, employees of State Special Bureau will be reporting to Central Intelligence Officer.
  • Working hours will be from morning to evening without extra work hours and shifts.
  • Analysis of threats and finding solution will be carried out by the employee.

Important IB ACIO material:

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IB ACIO Promotion 2022

Candidates applying for the post of IB ACIO are provided promotions in a time-bound manner. The salary and perks also vary with the promotions. Various roles in the career path of IB ACIO II officers are given below:

Job ProfileExperience
ACIO-I3-4 years
DCIO10 years
Assistant Director25-30 years

FAQs on IB ACIO Salary 2022

The frequently asked questions on IB ACIO Salary 2022 are given below:

Q.1: What is the pay scale of IB ACIO as per the 7th Pay Commission?
Ans: The pay scale of IB ACIO is Rs. 44,900 to 1,42,400 at Level 7 of the pay matrix as per the 7th pay commission.

Q.2: What are the allowances offered for the post of ACIO?
Ans: The allowances offered to ACIO are HRA, Petrol, Entertainment, Cook salary, Special Compensatory Allowance, Newspaper, etc.

Q.3: Is there any training period after the selection process?
Ans: Yes, the candidates will have to undergo training for a fixed duration before posting.

Q.4: How many vacancies have been announced this year?
Ans: The Intelligence Bureau has announced at least 2000 vacancies this year.

Q.5: Where can I find all the relevant information about IB ACIO salary?
Ans: Candidates can find all the relevant information about IB ACIO salary 2022 on Embibe.

Now that we have provided you with all the details on IB ACIO Salary 2022, if you find the pay scale lucrative or impressive, you should not miss out on this job opportunity whenever released. Meanwhile, if you are aspiring to work in Intelligence Bureau or other government-owned agency, then you should take the government exam mock tests to check how prepared you are for the exam.

We hope this article on IB ACIO Salary 2022 helps you. If you have any questions, feel to ask in the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest.

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