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  • Written By Imran_H
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Best Books for JEE Advanced Physics: Syllabus and Books

Best Books for JEE Advanced Physics: IIT Bombay has released the IIT JEE advanced exam 2022 notification and revised the exam dates on the official website. The exams will be conducted on August 28, 2022. The authorities will release JEE advanced 2022 application forms online. The IIT JEE advanced 2022 will be held in two forms – papers 1 and 2. Candidates who are preparing for the exams must select the best books for JEE advanced physics to score well in Physics. 

Physics is the most crucial subject that consists of theoretical and numerical questions. Candidates must know the basic concepts of physics to crack the exam. NCERT are recommended books to study for JEE main as they strengthen your basic knowledge. Candidates must be sure that books have previous year’s question paper solutions. In this article, we will highlight JEE’s advanced physics syllabus and the best IIT JEE books for physics.

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JEE Advanced 2022: Overview

IIT JEE is a national-level exam conducted once every year. Students who have qualified in JEE mains are eligible to take JEE advanced exams to get admissions to the most prestigious institutes like IITs, NITs and CFTIs. Below is the overview of JEE Advanced 2022 exam. This will help candidates, to know about the exam. 

Full Exam NameJoint Entrance Exam Advanced
Short Exam NameJEE Advanced
Conducting BodyIndian Institute of Technology Bombay
Frequency of ConductOnce a year
Exam LevelNational Level Exam
LanguagesEnglish, Hindi
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Application Fee (General)2800 Rs [Offline] +1 More
Mode of ExamOnline
Mode of CounsellingJEE Advanced Paper 1 & 2 online
Participating Colleges27
JEE Advanced Paper 1 & 2 – Duration3 Hours +1 More
Number of Seats11279 Seats
JEE Advanced Official Website

JEE Advanced 2022: Important Dates 

JEE Advanced will be conducted in the form of two sessions – papers 1 and 2. Candidates must make a note of JEE Advanced Exam dates 2022 that are given in the table below

EventsJEE Advanced Exam Dates 2022
Release Of JEE Advanced 2022 Application FormAugust 7, 2022,
Last Date Of JEE Advanced 2022 RegistrationAugust 11, 2022,
Last Chance To Pay JEE Advanced 2022 Application FeeAugust 12, 2022,
Release Of JEE Advanced Admit Card 2022August 23 To 28, 2022
JEE Advanced Exam Date 2022August 28, 2022 (Revised)
Availability Of JEE Advanced Candidate Response SheetSeptember 1, 2022,
Provisional JEE Advanced Answer Key 2022September 3, 2022,
Last Date Of JEE Advanced ObjectionsSeptember 3 To 4, 2022 (5 Pm)
JEE Advanced 2022 Final Answer KeySeptember 11, 2022,
JEE Advanced 2022 ResultSeptember 11, 2022,
JEE Advanced 2022 AAT RegistrationSeptember 11 To 12, 2022
JEE Advanced AAT 2022September 14, 2022,
JEE Advanced AAT ResultSeptember 17, 2022,

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JEE Advanced Physics Syllabus 2022:

The IIT JEE syllabus 2022 for physics is given below

SectionsJEE Advanced Topics
GeneralUnits And Dimensions, Dimensional Analysis, Least Count, Significant Figures; Methods Of Measurement And Error Analysis For Physical Quantities Pertaining To The Following Experiments: Experiments Based On Using Vernier Callipers And Screw Gauge (Micrometre), Determination Of G Using A Simple Pendulum, Young’s Modulus By Searle’s Method, Specific Heat Of A Liquid Using A Calorimeter, The Focal Length Of A Concave Mirror And A Convex Lens Using The U-V Method, Speed Of Sound Using Resonance Column, Verification Of Ohm’s Law Using Voltmeter And Ammeter, And Specific Resistance Of The Material Of A Wire Using Meter Bridge And Post Office Box.
MechanicsKinematics In One And Two Dimensions (Cartesian Coordinates Only), Projectiles; Uniform Circular Motion; Relative Velocity.Newton’s Laws Of Motion; Inertial And Uniformly Accelerated Frames Of Reference; Static And Dynamic Friction; Kinetic And Potential Energy; Work And Power; Conservation Of Linear Momentum And Mechanical Energy.Systems Of Particles; Centre Of Mass And Its Motion; Impulse; Elastic And Inelastic Collisions.Law Of Gravitation; Gravitational Potential And Field; Acceleration Due To Gravity; Motion Of Planets And Satellites In Circular Orbits; Escape Velocity.Rigid Body, A Moment Of Inertia, Parallel And Perpendicular Axes Theorems, The Moment Of Inertia Of Uniform Bodies With Simple Geometrical Shapes; Angular Momentum; Torque; Conservation Of Angular Momentum; Dynamics Of Rigid Bodies With Fixed Axis Of Rotation; Rolling Without Slipping Of Rings, Cylinders And Spheres; Equilibrium Of Rigid Bodies; Collision Of Point Masses With Rigid Bodies.
Thermal PhysicsThermal Expansion Of SolidsLiquids And GasesCalorimetry, Latent HeatHeat Conduction In One DimensionElementary Concept Of Convection And Radiation, Newton’s Law Of CoolingIdeal Gas LawsSpecific Heats (Cv And Cp For Monoatomic And Diatomic Gases)Isothermal And Adiabatic Processes, Bulk Modulus Of GasesEquivalence Of Heat And WorkFirst Law Of Thermodynamics And Its Applications (Only For Ideal Gases)Blackbody Radiation: Absorptive And Emissive Powers; Kirchhoff’s LawWien’s Displacement Law, Stefan’s Law.
Electricity And MagnetismCoulomb’s Law; Electric Field And Potential; Electrical Potential Energy Of A System Of Point Charges And Of Electrical Dipoles In A Uniform Electrostatic Field; Electric Field Lines; Flux Of An Electric Field; Gauss’s Law And Its Application In Simple Cases, Such As, To Find Field Due To Infinitely Long Straight Wire, Uniformly Charged Infinite Plane Sheet And Uniformly Charged Thin Spherical Shell.Capacitance; Parallel Plate Capacitor With And Without Dielectrics; Capacitors In Series And Parallel; Energy Stored In A Capacitor.Electric Current; Ohm’s Law; Series And Parallel Arrangements Of Resistances And Cells; Kirchhoff’s Laws And Simple Applications; Heating Effect Of Current.Biot–Savart’s Law And Ampere’s Law; Magnetic Field Near A Current-Carrying Straight Wire, Along The Axis Of A Circular Coil And Inside A Long Straight Solenoid; Force On A Moving Charge And On A Current-Carrying Wire In A Uniform Magnetic Field.
OpticsRectilinear Propagation Of Light; Reflection And Refraction At Plane And Spherical Surfaces; Total Internal Reflection; Deviation And Dispersion Of Light By A Prism; Thin Lenses; Combinations Of Mirrors And Thin Lenses; Magnification.Wave Nature Of Light: Huygen’s Principle, Interference Limited To Young’s Double-Slit Experiment.
Modern PhysicsAtomic Nucleus; Α, Β And Γ Radiations; Law Of Radioactive Decay; Decay Constant; Half-Life And Mean Life; Binding Energy And Its Calculation; Fission And Fusion Processes; Energy Calculation In These Processes.Photoelectric Effect; Bohr’s Theory Of Hydrogen-Like Atoms; Characteristic And Continuous X-rays, Moseley’s Law; De Broglie Wavelength Of Matter Waves.
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Best IIT JEE Books for Physics

Candidates must buy the best books while preparing for exams. The books must be updated with the latest edition which contains the previous year’s question papers. As stated that physics is the toughest subject which includes theoretical and numerical. The books are available online and in the market too. Books for JEE Main and JEE advanced are almost similar. The best books mentioned below will help students ace the exams. 

Physics BooksBest Book for Physics
Concepts of Physics Vol I and II by H.C. VermaBest Book for Physics
IIT Physics by D.C. PandeyIt is also considered books by toppers and is well explained.
Problems in General Physics by I.E. IrodovGood for practicing problems
Understanding Physics by DC PandeyBest book for understanding concepts
Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & WalkerCandidates can use the book for practicing
Problems in Physics by S.S. KrotovCan be used for problem-solving
Understanding physics by Freedman and YoungGood Explanation

Below are the frequently asked questions with answers about JEE Advanced Books for Physics

Q.1: When is JEE Advanced exam 2022 being conducted?

Ans: JEE Advanced 2022 will be conducted on August 28, 2022.

Q.2: In how many sessions is JEE Advanced exam conducted in 2022?

Ans: JEE Advanced exam 2022 will be conducted in two sessions – Paper 1 and 2.    

Q.3: Who conducts IIT JEE Advanced 2022?

Ans: Indian Institute of Bombay (IIT Bombay) conducts IIT JEE Advanced 2022. 

Q.4: Is IIT JEE Advanced Physics tough?

Ans: IIT JEE Advanced Physics consists of theoretical and numerical problems. Learning the basics concepts and practicing regularly makes physics an easy subject. 

Q.5: Which are the best JEE advanced books for physics?

Ans: Concepts of Physics Vol 1 and 2 by H.C. Verma are the best JEE advanced books for physics.  

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I hope the above the article about best IIT JEE books for physics helps you in choosing the best books to crack JEE Advanced 2022 exam. Take mock tests provided by Embibe to analyse the score and enhance your preparation. 

Any doubts or queries, write us in the comments section below. We will respond you soon. 

Wishing you all the best of luck!

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