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IDP IELTS Candidate Login 2022: Check Updates


IDP IELTS Candidate Login 2022: The candidates who want to register for the IELTS 2022 exam must register at the IDP IELTS Portal – ieltsidpindia.com. The IDP login portal enables candidates to complete their application process and other steps in booking their exam slots. To complete the IELTS IDP candidate login process, candidates must use their username and password.

This IELTS IDP candidate login portal lets candidates choose the date for their listening, reading, and writing (LRW) test from the available slots during the IDP IELTS registration process. Candidates wishing to take up IELTS can register on the official website. Read through the article to know more about the IDP candidate login result, IDP candidate login speaking date, candidate login IDP IELTS, and so on!

Purpose of IDP IELTS Candidate Login

Candidates must complete the registration process on the official IDP IELTS login portal. After successfully completing the IDP registration process, candidates will receive their unique IDP IELTS candidate login credentials. Applicants will require the IDP login credentials for the following purposes:

  1. Sometimes, the students may not be able to fill in the application form in one go. Having IDP candidate login credentials will help them to pick up the registration process from where they left off and complete it in stages.
  2. Candidates need their IDP IELTS candidate login credentials to book their IELTS test date and time slot in the IDP portal.
  3. Candidates also need their login credentials to check and download their IDP IELTS Results.
  4. Candidates will have to use their IDP IELTS login credentials for selecting or checking their speaking exam date and time slots. 

Candidate Login IDP IELTS: Registration

Applicants will have to first complete their IELTS registration process before they book their IELTS exam in online or offline mode. Candidates from India can register themselves on the official IDP website at www.ieltsidpindia.com. Candidates also have the option to book their IELTS exam through offline mode. For this, applicants will have to visit their nearest IDP branch and seek the help of the counsellor there. Those who wish to book their IELTS exam in the online mode must follow the below-mentioned steps mentioned:

  1. Candidates need to first log on to the IELTS India website at www.ieltsidpindia.com.
  2. Click on the option ‘Register for IELTS’ given at the top of the page. 
  3. After that, candidates must select their preferred mode of test – computer-delivered IELTS/ paper-based (IELTS, IELTS for UKVI or Life Skills).
  4. Candidates have to select their test type/module: whether it is academic or general training for IELTS, IELTS for UKVI, A1 and B1 for life skills. This is a step where candidates need to be extremely careful because each module of IELTS serves a different purpose.
  5. Then, candidates are required to select their desired test location/city from the list of available IELTS test centres in India.
  6. After that, a list of dates on which the IELTS exam is scheduled will be displayed to the candidates, and they can choose the date of their preferences. Applicants can select the desired date and time from the list of dates.
  7. Once this step is completed, candidates can start filling up their online registration form by filling the details in the respective forms given there to complete their online application.
  8. Once all the details are filled in, applicants must upload a clear, scanned copy of their passport to complete the registration process.

Proceed to pay the IELTS 2022 Test Fee

After the details are filled in, and the IELTS test date is booked, candidates will receive an acknowledgement of registration on their registered mobile number/ phone. For the IELTS speaking test, candidates will be given the option to book an online slot according to their preferred date and time.

In case a candidate fails to select a speaking exam slot within the given time period, the portal will automatically allocate a time slot for the candidate. Any candidate who wishes to register for the test in offline mode can register in person at the nearest IDP IELTS branch or referral partner. Some important documents are required at the time of registration. This includes a photocopy of the candidate’s original passport (both front and back page) and a signed and dated declaration document.

How to Attempt Free IELTS Mock Test?

Attempt unlimited free IELTS mock tests at Embibe and boost confidence to face the examination. Candidates can follow the below-mentioned steps to take the free mock test series:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Use the mobile number/email to log in.
  • 3rd Step: Select Goal as ‘IELTS’ under the Government Job section.
  • 4th Step: Click Next and select ‘IELTS’.
  • 5th Step: Click Next and select the preferred language.
  • 6th Step: Once done, candidates can practice questions and take free mock tests.

How to access the IELTS IDP Candidate Login section?

  1. Applicants must go to the official website of IELTS and click on the link to the candidate login section provided on the home page of the website.
  2. Applicants must then click on the ‘Forgot your username’ link provided below the login form to change their password.
  3. Then applicants must enter their passport number and date of birth, which they had provided at the time of registration. Thereafter, they should click on the ‘Submit’ option given there. Once the details are submitted, an email with the username will be sent to their registered email address.
  4. After receiving the username in their mail, candidates should return to the candidate login section page and click on ‘Forgot your password’ link.
  5. Now, the candidates have to enter their username which they have received at their registered email address and then click on the ‘Submit‘ option given there.
  6. Now, the candidate will receive the password at his/her registered email address.
  7. Candidates have to now put in both the username and password which they have received at their registered email address and click on ‘Submit’ button.
  8. Thereafter, the candidate will be able to access the candidate login section.
  9. Due to security reasons, all candidates are requested to change the password immediately after their first login. In order to change the password, the candidates have to follow the below-mentioned procedure:
    1. Click on ‘Change Password’ link as shown there:
    2. Thereafter, the candidates have to put in the below-requested details to change their password. The candidates must keep that in their mind that the new password should be at least six (6) characters.
    3. After successful completion, please use their new password along with the username to access the candidate login section.

FAQs For IDP IELTS Candidate Login

Some of the frequently asked questions on IELTS IDP candidate login process are mentioned below:

Q.1: What is the IDP candidate login speaking date 2022?
Ans: Candidates who choose the paper-based IELTS can select their own speaking date as per their convenience.

Q.2: How to check IDP candidate login result 2022?
Ans: Candidates can check the IDP candidate login result 2022 on the 13th day after taking the main IELTS test.

Q.3: Can I get IDP IELTS candidate login link on Embibe?
Ans: Yes, candidates can easily get the link for the IDP IELTS candidate login process on Embibe.

Q.4: How can I register for the IELTS?
Ans: The candidates can make registration by using the official link available on the website.

Q.5: What happens if I am unable to appear for the IELTS Test?
Ans: If any registered candidate fails to appear for their IELTS Exam, then they will be considered as an absentee and there will not be any refund.

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We hope that this information on the IDP IELTS Candidate Login has helped you. If you have any queries,, you can ask us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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