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IES Salary 2022: Salary Structure and Benefits


IES Salary 2022: Engineering Service Exam which is commonly known as Indian Engineering Services is a national level exam organized by UPSC to recruit Engineering Candidates for various posts under the Government of India. IES exam is mainly organized to recruit candidates who completed their graduation in Engineering under the following disciplines – Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Since the IES is a prestigious job, candidates who are preparing for the IES exam must be aware of IES Salaries.

Knowing the IES Salary will help candidates to keep themselves motivated for the IES Exam Preparation. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the Indian Engineering Services Pay Scale, Work Profile, Career Growth and salary of an IES officer. Read on to find out everything about IES Salary for Civil Engineer, Mechanical engineers, Electrical Engineer, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer.


IES Salary 2022 – List of Organizations/Cadres

Before getting into the details of UPSC IES Salary, let’s have an overview of the list of the organizations under which the candidates are being recruited through IES Recruitment:

  1. Border Roads Engineering Service
  2. Central Electrical and Mechanical Service
  3. Central Engineering Service for Roads
  4. Central Power Engineering Service
  5. Central Water Engineering
  6. Defence Service Engineering Corps
  7. Geological Survey of India
  8. Indian Army Engineering Service
  9. Indian Navy Armaments Service
  10. Indian Ordnance Factory
  11. Indian Railways Service
  12. Indian Supply Service
  13. Indian Telecommunication Service

IES Salary in India: Details

Initially, the IES In Hand salary was 42,000. But after the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, the approximate IES Salary is Rs.55,135/-. The UPSC IES Salary in India and Pay Scale for different posts are tabulated below:


Pay Scale

Grade Pay

Junior levelINR 15,600 – INR 39,100INR 5400
Senior ScaleINR 15,600 – INR 39,100INR 6600
Junior Administrative GradeINR 15,600 – INR 39,100INR 7600
Selection grade scale (Chief Engineer L2 / Jt. G M )INR 37400 – INR 67000INR 8700
Super time grade (Chief Engr. /Additional GM)INR 37400 – INR 67000INR 8700
Cabinet Secretary GradeINR 90,000N/A
Apex Pay ScaleINR 80,000N/A

IES Salary Per Month at Entry Level

The IES Entry-level salary will depend upon the candidate’s location where they are getting posted. The IES has divided cities into 3 classes and candidates will receive a salary according to the class of the city they are posted in. The three classes are listed below:

  1. Class A: Metropolis
  2. Class B: Metropolis + Other Big Cities
  3. Class C: Village + Small Cities


Class A CitiesClass B Cities

Class C Cities

Basic Pay15,60015,60015,600
Grade Pay5,4005,4005,400
Net Basic Pay21,00021,00021,000
Dearness Allowance (125% of Basic)26,25026,25026,250
House Rent Allowance6,300 (30% of Basic)4,200 (20% of Basic)2,100 (10% of Basic)
Transport Allowances ((15% of Basic + DA)7,0877,0877,087
IES Gross Salary60,63758,53756,437
IES Deductions (Approx.)10,00010,00010,000

IES Salary Per month in Hand



IES Salary Deductions

According to the various government policies, some amount of salary will be deducted. The UPSC IES Salary deductions are listed below:

  1. 10% of gross pay is deducted for PF
  2. The employees must pay Rs 325/- under Central Government Employees Group Insurance.
  3. NPS Payment – 10% of Basic + Dearness Allowance
  4. Income Tax Deductions.

IES Salary 2022 – Allowances & Benefits Enjoyed By IES Officer

Apart from the salary of IES Officer, they are even eligible for various allowances and benefits. Let us look at the benefits enjoyed by an IES Officers.

  1. CGHS medical facility
  2. Dearness Allowance
  3. Domestic Servant
  4. Driver
  5. Gratuity
  6. Leave Encashment
  7. Leave Travel Allowance/ Tour Allowance
  8. Official Vehicle
  9. Peon
  10. Personal Assistant
  11. Provident Fund
  12. Residential Quarters or HRA

IES Salary 2022 – Promotions

Candidates who are recruited under IES will be promoted from time to time based on their performance. The IES Officer Promotions are listed below:

  1. The candidates will be recruited as Assistant Executive Engineers or Assistant Directors under IES.
  2. After 3 to 4 years of experience, the candidate will be promoted to Executive Engineer or Director.
  3. After 10 to 13 years of experience, the candidates will be appointed as Joint General Manager or Chief Engineer of level 2.
  4. After completion of 20 years of experience, the candidate will be promoted to Additional General Manager or Chief Engineer.
  5. After the completion of 30 years of experience, the candidate will become a senior General Manager.
IES Salary Promotions

FAQs On Salary of an IES Officer

Here are a few frequently asked questions related to IES Salary.

Q.1: What is the basic salary of an IES officer?
Ans: The basic salary of IES Officer is Rs.15,600/- for cities of all categories.

Q.2: What is the salary of an IES Officer per month?
Ans: An IES Officer earns tRs.46,437 to Rs.50,637 per month based on the category of the city they are posted in.

Q.3: What are the allowances that an IES Officer is eligible for?
Ans: An IES Officer is eligible for various allowances such as CGHS medical facility, Dearness Allowance, Domestic Servant, Driver, Gratuity, Leave Encashment, Leave Travel Allowance/ Tour Allowance among others.

Q.4: What is the educational qualification to become an IES Officer?
Ans: The candidate must have a graduation degree in Engineering in the field of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics or Telecommunication Engineering to be eligible to become an IES Officer.

Q.5: What are the deductions in the IES Officer salary?
Ans: The deductions in the salary of an IES Officer is 10% of gross pay for PF, Rs 325/- under Central Government Employees Group Insurance, NPS Payment – 10% of Basic + Dearness Allowance
Income Tax Deductions.

Now that you are provided with all the necessary information regarding IES Salary and we hope this detailed article is helpful. If you have any queries regarding this article, please drop your comments in the comment box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Embibe wishes you all the best for your IES exam 🙂

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