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  • Written By Monica_Kumari
  • Last Modified 26-08-2022
  • Written By Monica_Kumari
  • Last Modified 26-08-2022

Indian Army Agniveer Mock Test 2022: Attempt Free Test Series

Agniveer Army GD & Tradesman Mock Test 2022: If you want to cut the crap and get shortlisted in the Agniveer Army exams, you must read this article. Embibe provides the Indian Army AGNIVEER Free Online Mock Test Series, designed like the actual exam. It offers a detailed exam preparation solution by assisting you in structuring your study plan and speed, revising the syllabus, analysing your progress, and making changes for a better result.

Indian Army Agniveer Free Test Series 1Indian Army Agniveer Free Test Series 3
Indian Army Agniveer Free Test Series 2Indian Army Agniveer Free Test Series 4

**Steps to attempt mock test are mentioned below in this article.

The Embibe’s Advanced Feedback Analysis will analyse your knowledge and prepare you to develop the appropriate behaviour throughout the preparation. Through practice, it will assist you in lowering the rate of errors committed during the Indian Army Agniveer 2022 examination. The list of benefits does not end here. Read this article to know more benefits, attempt free mock test and crack the exam in one go.

Take Practice for Indian Army Agniveer Questions

Practice Indian Army Subject Wise QuestionsPractice Indian Army Chapter Wise Questions
Practice General Knowledge Chapters From Indian Army
Practice English Chapters From Indian Army
Practice Elementary Mathematics Chapters From Indian Army

Features of Embibe Indian Army Agniveer Mock Test

Simply practising questions from exam books, attending coaching classes, or even solving questions from question papers will not be helpful for this exam. This exam is happening for the very first time, and Embibe has created free Indian Army Agniveer Practice Sets & Online Test Series with the help of experts.

The test series for Indian Army Agniveer Agnipath at Embibe provide you with unmatched benefits compared to others. Here are a few:

  • Free Chapter-wise tests in your preferred language.
  • Free Subject-wise tests in your preferred language.
  • Free Full-length tests in your preferred language.
  • Previous Year Tests with Solutions and Hints.
  • Real exam-like environment.
  • Agneepath Online Practice Set.
  • Measure your preparation.
  • Real-time Advanced Feedback Analysis.
  • Free learning materials like 3D videos, revision notes and so on.
  • Option to create your own tests by selecting a chapter or topic from the latest syllabus.

Do you prefer an easy, moderate, or difficult test? Go ahead and attempt free online test series based on your preparation and confidence level.

Army Agniveer Agneepath Mock Test Online Free

Embibe has created a smart, real-time analysis strategy in Agneepath Agniveer Free Online Test Series it offers, utilising advanced AI technology and trends. Those who followed the Advanced Feedback Analysis suggestions improved their performance by 25% in just two tests.

You can get detailed and advanced ideas from every test you take, from setting up goals to measuring your preparation level. Click on the below link to attempt free Army Agneepath Mock Test series and get an All India Rank:

Take Free Agneepath Army Mock Test 2022Take Free Agneepath Army Mock Test 2022
Indian Army Agniveer Full Test – 1Indian Army Agniveer Full Test – 6
Indian Army Agniveer Full Test – 2Indian Army Agniveer Full Test – 7
Indian Army Agniveer Full Test – 3Indian Army Agniveer Full Test – 8
Indian Army Agniveer Full Test – 4Indian Army Agniveer Full Test – 9
Indian Army Agniveer Full Test – 5Indian Army Agniveer Full Test – 10

How to Take Army Agniveer Free Mock Test on Embibe?

Embibe offers the free test series to assist you in passing exams with a higher score. You can take the test series by following the steps outlined below:

1st Step: Visit the official website –
2nd Step: If you are not logged in, we recommend you to log in through your mobile number/email.
3rd Step: Change your Goal from the tab appearing in the right corner of your screen.
4th Step: Select your Goal as ‘Defence’ under the Getting into my dream undergraduate college section.
5th Step: Click Next and select ‘NDA & NA’. (The exam pattern for NDA and Army Agniveer is the same.)
6th Step: Click Next and select your preferred language.
7th Step: Now, you will see the list of free study resources available at Embibe. For Mock Tests, choose Test from the upper Search section.
8th Step: Scroll down and click on the test series that you want to take.
9th Step: Finally, click on ‘Start Test.’
10th Step: Read the instructions carefully and click on the check box ‘I have read and understood the instructions.’
11th Step: Click on ‘Start Now.’
12th Step: After completing the test, click on ‘View Test Feedback.
13th Step: Check the test summary indicating marks scored, percentage, average time spent, cutoff and attempt analysis.

Note: You can use Embibe’s Advanced Feedback Analysis to get your top skill, weaker topics, chapter-wise analysis, sincerity score, question-wise analysis and more. It will assist you in determining where you are making mistakes and where & how you need to improve. This clarity will allow you to better prepare for the next test and ultimately score higher marks.

Benefits of Embibe’s Advanced Feedback Analysis

Embibe’s Advanced feedback analysis gives you detailed feedback and insights into how well you performed in the test. Following the completion of each test, a test summary is generated, as well as the option to unlock the Advanced Feedback Analysis. Check the benefits of using Embibe’s Advanced Test Analysis:

  • You will be able to see how you performed on the test and where you need to improve.
  • The Score & Time analysis will tell whether you spent the right time on a particular type of question or not.
  • You must work on the test-taking skills and behavioural gaps apart from knowledge gaps. Advanced Feedback Analysis allows you to concentrate on important exam-taking skills such as speed, accuracy, time management, stamina, and planning.
  • The Advanced Test Analysis identifies your mistakes and weaknesses, and working on them will improve your score.

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FAQs on Army Agneepath Mock Test 2022

You can find some commonly asked questions on the Agneepath Army Mock Test 2022 below:

Q.1: From where can I take Army Agneepath mock test 2022?

Ans: You can attempt Indian Army Agniveer free mock tests by clicking on the link mentioned in the above article.

Q.2: Are Army Agniveer mock tests at Embibe available in English only?

Ans: No. English is the default language. However, you can select the language as per your choice.

Q.3: What is the difficulty level of the Indian Army GD Test Series?

Ans: The Indian Army GD Test Series is designed by experts to match the level of difficulty of the actual Indian Army GD exam.

Q.4: Will I get any report card after attempting Army Agniveer test series on Embibe?

Ans: Yes, after submitting the test, you will receive a detailed analysis of your performance. You will also receive feedback on how to score better with study materials and more.

Q.5: Will there be any negative marking in the Indian Army Agniveer 2022 exam?

Ans: Yes. For each wrong response, 0.5 marks or 1/2 mark will be deducted from the General Duty Exam, and 1 mark will be deducted from the other Army Agneepath exams.

We hope this detailed article on Army Agniveer Free Mock Test 2022 helps you. Feel free to check our app if you have any queries regarding the exam. We will be happy to help you out.

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