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Indian Weapons and Equipment: Know Our Might


Indian Weapons and Equipment: India has the second largest military in the world. That being the case, it has some of the most sophisticated weapons on the planet, essentially required to protect the country. 

The armed forces are always ready with these weapons and equipment to jump into action in any eventuality threatening India’s sovereignty and danger to its citizens. 

Indigenous Indian Weapons and Equipment

Let’s take a look at some of the indigenous Indian weapons and equipment that the armed forces use: 

M9 BayonetBayonet
Pistol Auto 9mm 1ASemi-automatic pistol
12 Bore PAGPump action 
1B1 INSASAssault Rifle

Anti-materiel Rifle
MMHG ShivalikHand Grenade

Grenade Launcher 

India’s Phenomenal Weapon Systems 

It’s imperative that India boosts its military weapons and equipment to thwart any danger. We have compiled a few weapon systems that can be summoned anytime to protect the country. 

  1. Rafale jets: In simple terms, these winged beauties are owner’s pride and neighbour’s envy! Manufactured by France, these Rafale jets in India’s possession are twin-engined and are extremely capable of performing long-and-short range missiles, ground and sea attacks, reconnnaisance. With its SCALP air-to-ground weapon, it can target an enemy from a distance of over 300 kilometres. 

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  1. Light Combat Aircraft: A proud product of India’s technical prowess, the Tejas aircraft is known for its lightness and phenomenal agility. It is also incorporated with fly-by-wire flight control system. It can take part in air combat operations, reconnaissance and anti-ship missions. 
  1. INS Vikramaditya: This aircraft carrier, commissioned by the Indian navy in 2014. It is a modification of Kiev-class aircraft carrier. It is equipped with LESORUB-E, a computer-aided action information system which collects data and creates a comprehensive situational awareness. 

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  1. INS Chakra: The salient feature of this anti-submarine torpedo is that it can remain underwater for a long, long time! On the other hand, other such navy weapons have to surface frequently. It can accommodate 80 personnel, operate at zero noise levels. India happens to be a part of a list of a few nations that can brag about nuclear-powered submarine! 
  1. Kalashnikov rifles: The Indian army will soon be a proud owner of AK-203 rifles! What’s so unique about this weapon? Well, this is the fifth generation assault rifle of the world-famous Kalashnikov family! Just to jog your memory, its generation is the super AK-47, which was designed in 1947. With a range of 500 metres, it can fire 600 rpm. Weighing 3.8kgs, these rifles will be with our soldiers in a few years’ time. As of now, Russia will export 70,000 such rifles while India will also start manufacturing them. 
  1. ARDE 40 mm under barrel grenade launcher: It is a single-shot grenade launcher that was developed by ARDE and Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli. It is used along with INSAS and AK-47 rifles that the Indian army predominantly uses. 
  1. Brahmos Missile: Talking of India’s military might, one can certainly not miss out on Brahmos missile, which comes as a blessing to the nation! It is a supersonic cruise missile that can be launched from multiple platforms – land, submarine, ship and aircraft. What’s more! It is the fastest supersonic missile in the world! 

India’s Defence Budget

In order to procure more robust weapons and equipment with the sole intention of keeping its military prowess unchallenged, India invests hugely in its defence budget. This year, the defence ministry, headed by Nirmala Sitharaman, announced an increase of 9.8 percent in defence allocation that sets the amount at INR 5.25 trillion! With India’s recalcitrant neighbours like China and Pakistan, India cannot ill-afford to lessen its defence budget. 

We hope this article on Indian Weapons and Equipment gives you an idea of how strong and robust India’s military system is. For more such informative articles, do keep visiting Embibe.  

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