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ISC Class 11 Exam Chapters


Believe you can, and you’re halfway there! If you are a passionate student aiming to achieve the best results in ISC Class 11 final exams, this quote will perfectly resonate with you! Succeeding in exams starts with a strong self-belief. Because when you have trust in yourself, you will take the right steps on the pathway to success! As an ISC Class 11 student, the key step is to know all your subject-wise chapters and find out some interesting ways to study them.

At Embibe, we provide interactive learning methods that you will probably never forget! You will come across some fascinating 3D videos that will detail all the ISC Class 11 exam concepts. Keep scrolling to know more about ISC Class 11 exam chapters.

ISC Class 11 Subject-wise Exam Chapters

Easy explanations pave the way to easy learning. The core subjects of ISC Class 11, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, contain topics that require focus and dedication to learn. Also, it is important to score good grades in all the subjects to achieve an overall good result. We have some specially curated learning videos to help you understand the concepts easily and score good marks in every subject. Continue reading to know more.

ISC Class 11 Physics Chapters

Each chapter of ISC Class 11 Physics is interesting to learn and explore! Moreover, the numerical problems are easy to solve once the concepts are understood, and the formulas are revised carefully. With engaging conceptual explanations provided below, your desire to learn the topics and deliver the best in exams will magnify.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Vectors, Scalars and Elementary Calculus
2Physical World and Measurement
3Motion in a Straight Line
4Motion in a Plane
5Laws of Motion
6Work, Power and Energy
7Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
9Mechanical Properties of Solids
10Mechanical Properties of Fluids
11Thermal Properties of Matter
12Heat and Thermodynamics
13Behaviour of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases

ISC Class 11 Chemistry Chapters

For most of us, Chemistry concepts are better understood when they are visually explained. Especially the chemical reactions and mechanisms involved in chemical bonding require illustrative explanations. To make the ISC Class 11 Chemistry learning easier, we have provided interactive chapter-wise video explanations below.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
2Structure of Atom
3Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
4Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
5States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
6Chemical Thermodynamics
8Redox Reactions
10The s-Block Elements
11Some p-Block Elements
12Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and Techniques
14Environmental Chemistry

ISC Class 11 Mathematics Chapters

The best results in the Mathematics exam are achieved with good practice! As there are various types of questions that require different problem-solving approaches, the key to score good marks lies in understanding and practising these methods. You can go through some interesting chapter-wise explanations provided for ISC Class 11 Mathematics below.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
2Relations and Functions
3Trigonometric Functions
4Compound and Multiple Angles
5Trigonometric Equations
6Properties of a Triangle
7Mathematical Induction
8Complex Numbers
9Quadratic Equations
11Permutations and Combinations
12Binomial Theorem
13Sequences and Series
14Basic Concepts of Points and Their Coordinates
15The Straight Line
19Measures of Central Tendency
20Measures of Dispersion
25Points and Their Coordinates in 3-Dimensions
26Mathematical Reasoning
28Correlation Analysis
29Index Numbers
30Moving Average

ISC Class 11 Biology Chapters

The concepts of Class 11 Biology help us explore many interesting facts about Cell, which is the unit of life, about mineral nutrition, anatomy of flowering plants and more. Studying all the chapters effectively also assists you in scoring good marks in competitive exams. To know all the chapters of ISC Class 11 Biology, you can refer to the table provided below.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1The Living World
2Biological Classification
3Plant Kingdom
4Animal Kingdom
5Morphology of Flowering Plants
6Anatomy of Flowering Plants
7Structural Organisation in Animals
8Cell- The Unit of Life
10Cell Cycle and Cell Division
11Transport in Plants
12Mineral Nutrition
13Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
14Respiration in Plants
15Plant Growth and Development
16Digestion and Absorption
17Breathing and Exchange of Gases
18Body Fluids and Circulation
19Excretory Products and Their Elimination
20Locomotion and Movement
21Neural Control and Coordination
22Chemical Coordination and Integration

FAQs on ISC Class 11 Exam Chapters

You can check some of the frequently asked questions on ISC Class 11 Exam Chapters below.

Q: Where can I find all the ISC Class 11 Biology chapters?

Ans: You can find all the ISC Class 11 Biology chapters at Embibe.

Q: Does Embibe help me study all the ISC Class 11 exam chapters?

Ans: Yes. At Embibe, you can learn about all the ISC Class 11 exam chapters in detail, as there are chapter-wise video explanations that are clearly explained.

Q: How does Embibe help me in ISC Class 11 Chemistry exam preparation?

Ans: At Embibe, you can access 3D videos that clearly explain all the ISC Class 11 Chemistry chapters. You can watch the videos and learn the concepts at your own pace. You can also draft notes and practice questions on each chapter.

Q: How many chapters are there in the Biology subject of ISC Class 11?

Ans: There are a total of 22 chapters in ISC Class 11 Biology.

Q: Do the ISC Class 11 Biology chapters help me in NEET medical entrance exam preparation?

Ans: Yes. Studying the ISC Class 11 Biology chapters helps you in NEET medical entrance exam preparation.

We hope this detailed article on the ISC Class 11 Exam Chapters helps you prepare for the exam in the best way possible. Should you have any queries regarding the same or anything related to the exam, please feel to contact us via the live chat box, which is accessible when signed in.

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