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ISC Books for Class 11: Important Books for Exams


ISC Books for Class 11: Students appearing for ISC exams need to ensure that they closely follow the ISC books for Class 11 for their Class 11 exams. Each subject is extremely important which is why the students need to refer to all of it. Students must have an idea about the ISC Class 11 books 2022 so that they can start their preparation accordingly.

For Physics, the students must follow Nootan Physics Class 11. However, for Maths they must follow ISC Mathematics Class 11. The ISC books for Class 11 are often prescribed by the board. These books provide in-depth knowledge about the subject and respective chapters. Furthermore, they also cover important questions for exams that can help students prepare accordingly/

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ISC Class 11 Books: List of Prescribed Textbooks

Class 11 students from the ISC board should follow these ISC books thoroughly to prepare for their exams in a better way. These books present the concepts in a comprehensive way to students, that students can read to clear their doubts concerning any topic. The books act as a guide and instruction manual for all students about what to study. Students get all the basic concepts and topics for ISC Class 11 in textbooks prescribed by CISCE. There are mainly three streams that students opt for in Class 11 namely Science, Commerce, and Arts. Each stream has different subjects to be studied.

StreamList of Subjects
ScienceEnglish, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics
CommerceEnglish, Economics, Commerce, Business Studies, Mathematics, Accountancy
ArtsHistory, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Economics

We have provided the list of ISC prescribed books for Class 11 stream-wise in the next sections.

List of Class 11 ISC Books for Science Stream

ISC books for Class 11 Science consists of books on subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. The list of books that we have provided here is prescribed by CISCE for Class 11. They are written and compiled in complete accordance with the latest ISC board syllabus for Class 11. Students can follow these books to study and prepare for their exams.

ISC Class 11 Physics Book

1. ISC Physics Book I for Class XI by P. Vivekanandan, D.K. Banerjee and Anand V. Karthik
2. ISC Nootan Physics Class 11 by Kumar.Mittal Nageen Prakashan
3. New Simplified Physics, For Class 11th by S. L. Arora
4. Modern’s ABC Of Practical Physics For Class-11 by Ashok Sharma

ISC Class 11 Chemistry Book

1. ISC Nootan Chemistry Class 11 by HC Srivastava
2. S Chand ISC Chemistry for Class 11 by RD Madan and BS Bisht
3. KL Chugh Chemistry Class 11 for Physical and Inorganic Chemistry by KL Chugh
4. Modern’s ABC Of Practical Chemistry For Class-11 by S. Kiran, Kavya
5. The Language of Chemistry or Chemical Equations by G.D. Tuli & P.L. Soni

ISC Class 11 Biology Book

1. S. Chand A Textbook of ISC Biology Class 11 by Sarita Aggarwal
2. Nootan ISC Biology Class 11 by VK Singh and DK Jain
3. Modern’s ABC Of Practical Biology For Class-11 by V.K. Khosla, Kanta Khosla

ISC Class 11 Mathematics Book

1. S. Chand’s ISC Mathematics Class – XI by O.P. Malhotra, S.K. Gupta, Anubhuti Gangal
2. ISC Mathematics Class 11 – R D Sharma by R D Sharma
3. Understanding I.S.C. Mathematics Class XI (Vol 1 & Vol 2) by M.L. Aggarwal
4. Senior Secondary School Mathematics for Class 11 by R.S. Aggarwal

English Paper – I (Language)

1. Complete Course In ISC English – I by Oswal Publishers
2. Total English ISC XI by Xavier Pinto, Pamela Pinto

English Paper-II (Literature)

1. Evergreen ISC Self Study English Literature – Class 11 Paper II by Genevieve Lobo, Dr K.S. Paul
2. Art Effective Eng. Writing For ISC Students 01 Edition By O P Singh
3. Intermediate Comprehension Passages (Paperback) by Byrne

List of ISC Class 11 Books for Commerce Stream

While studying for the Class 11 ISC board, it is very important that students take up the right study materials to learn. Studying from textbooks that have topics outside the ISC syllabus for Class 11, may cause the students to lose marks in the exam. That is why we have provided the students with subject-wise reference books for the ISC Commerce stream of Class 11.


1. ISC Economics Book I for Class XI by Dr Abhijit Das and Dr Kalyan Basu
2. Frank ISC Economics Class 11 by D K Sethi, U Andrews
3. Essentials of Economics: Textbook for ISC Class 11 by I.C. Dhingra
4. Understanding I.S.C. Economics Class- XI by B L Gupta


1. S Chand’s ISC Commerce -Volume I (for Class-XI) by Dr. C B Gupta
2. Essentials of Commerce: Textbook for ISC Class 11 by Sandhita Purbi Vijay Kapur
3. ISC Commerce Class 11 by T.N. Chhabra and Ankur Chhabra
4. Concepts of Commerce: Textbook for ISC Class 11 by S.K. Gupta, Naresh Handa, Resham Sengar

ISC Class 11 Accounts Book

1. New ISC Accountancy Class – XI (Volume I and II) by D.K. Goel and Rajesh Goel
2. An Aid to Accountancy – ISC XI by T.S. Grewal, H.S. Grewal, G.S. Grewal, R.K. Khosla
3. ISC Accountancy for Class XI by Balbir Singh

Business Studies

1. ISC Business Studies Part 1 for Class XI by C.B. Gupta

List of ISC Class 11 Books for Arts Stream

Students from the ISC board have thedom to refer to more books, as CISCE does not offer textbook-oriented education. So, we have provided the list of best reference books for ISC Class 11 Arts stream students. This list consists of books on subjects including History, Geography, Sociology, etc. These Class 11 textbooks are updated according to the latest ISC syllabus.


1. ISC History For Class XI by Sachhidananda Banerjee


1. ISC Sociology For Class – 11 by Manjir Ghosh
2. Principles of Sociology with an Introduction to Social Thought by Shankar Rao
3. Social Anthropology by Madan and Majumdar


1. ISC Geography for Class 11 by D.R Khullar
2. Oswaal Question Bank Class 11 Geography Book by Oswaal

ISC Political Science Class 11 Book

1. ISC Political Science Class 11 by K.K. Ghai
2. MBD Class 11 Political Science by V.K Puri
3. ISC Political Science for Class 11 by Tanima Banik

Importance of Class 11 ISC Books

ISC books for Class 11 provide an in-depth knowledge of all the concepts and topics that are included in the CISCE curriculum. These textbooks are standard resources for learning and understanding concepts of ISC 11th Class. Some of the advantages of having ISC textbooks are:

  • ISC Class 11 reference books are widely accepted in most of the CISCE-affiliated schools all over India.
  • All the concepts are explained in an easy manner with illustrations (wherever required) to help students understand the topics in a better way.
  • The paperback version of ISC 11th Books are easily available in the market and priced well.
  • These textbooks are prescribed by CISCE because they contain all the topics included in the Class 11 curriculum. So, students can totally rely upon these for final exam preparation.
  • Prepared by the best academic authors, ISC prescribed textbooks are comprehensive in nature. They prove to be the best study resources for students.

FAQs on ISC Class 11 Books

Q.1: What are the best books for ISC 11?
Ans: There are several good books used in the ISC board for Class 11. Some of the popular ones are Nootan Physics, Chemistry Class 11, S.Chand Publications, M. L. Aggarwal Class 11 ISC, Frank ISC books for Economics, ISC Class 11 Maths book by RD Sharma etc. Students can refer to the list of ISC books provided in this article.

Q.2: Is ISC 11 board exam?
Ans: No, the ISC Class 11 exam is not a board exam. It is a school-level exam conducted by school authorities as per the guidance of CISCE.

Q.3: Which Mathematics book is preferred for ISC Class 11?
Ans: M.L Aggarwal and O.P Malhotra are the best reference books for ISC Mathematics Class 11.

Q.4: Why are ISC Class 11 books important?
Ans: ISC Class 11 books are important for students to understand the concepts clearly and study for the examination. Students can find concepts studied in Class 11, helpful for their board examinations and later for competitive exams as well.

Q.5: Where can I practice Class 11 mock test questions?
Students can practice mock test questions of Class 11 for on Embibe.

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