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Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 Topics


Do you know which topics to focus your study time on so that you score well in the Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 exams? While the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) Class 8 exams are still some time away, it’s never too late to start studying all topics if you want to do well on the final exams. Also, you can check the links to free 3D video explanations for each topic from Embibe experts.

To help you study smarter, we have put together this list of Science and Math topics you need to study thoroughly in the Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 syllabus so that you can use your preparation time wisely and prepare for the test day better. This article will give you everything you need to know about the topics you need to study for the JK Class 8 exams. Let’s get started!

Subject-wise Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 Topics

Science and Mathematics are conceptual subjects; thus, it requires you to study topics deeply, so it’s critical to take some time to familiarise yourself with them if you hope to score high marks in final exams. In the following tables, you can check the Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 topics you need to know for your Science and Maths papers.

High-scoring Topics for JKBOSE Class 8 Science

Here is a list of the topics you will study in Science for the 8th Jammu and Kashmir Board. You can follow the links to start studying a particular topic with accompanying 3D video explanations:

Chapter NameTopics
Microorganism Friend and FoeIntroduction to MicroorganismsFriendly MicroorganismsHarmful MicroorganismsFood PreservationNitrogen Fixation and Nitrogen Cycle
Coal and PetroleumNatural ResourcesCoalPetroleumNatural GasConservation of Natural Resources
Conservation of Plants and AnimalsDeforestation and Its CausesConsequences of DeforestationConservation of Forest and Wildlife and Protected Areas
SoundSound is Produced by a Vibrating BodySound Produced by HumansSound Needs a Medium for PropagationWe Hear Sound through Our Ears
Food Production and ManagementIntroduction to AgricultureDifferent Types of CropsBasic Practices of Crop ProductionImprovement of CropsStorage of Food grains

Note: For complete list of Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 topics in Science, you can click here.

High-scoring Topics for JKBOSE Class 8 Mathematics

If you need help understanding the following topics in 8th Jammu and Kashmir Board Mathematics, click on the links below to watch video explanations:

Chapter NameTopics
Rational NumbersIntroduction to Rational NumbersProperties of Rational NumbersRepresentation of Rational Numbers on Number LineRational Number between Two Rational Numbers
Linear Equations in One VariableIntroduction to Linear Equations in One VariableSolving Linear Equations in One VariableApplication of Linear EquationsReducing Linear Equations to Simpler Form
Practical GeometryConstructing a QuadrilateralSpecial Cases of Construction of Quadrilateral
Squares and Square RootsProperties of Square NumbersPatterns in NumbersFinding the Square of a NumberSquare Roots
Understanding QuadrilateralsPolygonsClassification of PolygonsSum of the Measures of the Exterior Angles of a PolygonKinds of Quadrilaterals
Data HandlingBar GraphsOrganising DataGrouping Data and HistogramCircle Graph or Pie Chart

Note: To access the complete list of topics in JKBOSE Class 8 Mathematics, log in to the Embibe app.

FAQs on Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 Topics

Some of the frequently asked questions on the JKBOSE Class 8 topics are as follows:

Q: Where can I get the topic-wise study material for JKBOSE Class 8?

Ans: Embibe offers a comprehensive range of JKBOSE Class 8 study material for all the topics in Science and Maths for free.

Q: Where can I find video lectures related to JKBOSE Class 8 topics?

Ans: Embibe’s free 3D video explanations from experts can help you prepare for all topics of the Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 exams.

Q: Where can I find the JKBOSE Class 8 syllabus?

Ans: You can visit the official JKBOSE website or refer to this article link to get the JKBOSE Class 8 syllabus.

Q: Where can I attempt the JKBOSE Class 8 mock tests?

Ans: Embibe’s free mock tests can help you study for and pass the JKBOSE Class 8 exams with flying colours.

Q: What is the official website for the Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8?

Ans: The Jammu and Kashmir Board’s official website is jkbose.nic.in.

We hope this article on Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 topics helps you. Be sure to download the Embibe app to access free 3D video explanations for Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 subjects. 

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest JKBOSE Class 8 exam updates.

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