Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8

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  • Written by gnanambigai
  • Last Modified on 15-02-2023
  • Written by gnanambigai
  • Last Modified on 15-02-2023

Jammu and Kashmir Class 8 Exam 2023

About Exam

The Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (abbreviated as JKBOSE) is an authorised education board responsible for prescribing study material, setting up guidelines, and regulating secondary and higher secondary education in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). The JKBOSE was established in 1975. The board provides the syllabus for all classes based on the latest curriculum. 

The board-level exams in J&K are conducted for Class 10 and Class 12. All the other intermediate exams like the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th are conducted at the school level according to guidelines provided by the board. JKBOSE is responsible for prescribing the syllabi, curriculum and textbooks for secondary and higher secondary classes. Continue reading to know more about the Jammu and Kashmir Class 8 exam.

Jammu and Kashmir Class 8 Exam Summary 2023

The Class 8 exam is an important part of a student’s life as the topics taught in this class forms the foundation for the higher classes. Students in Jammu & Kashmir Board preparing for JKBOSE Class 8 exam need to ensure that they prepare thoroughly and pass the exam with flying colours.

The table below gives a brief description of the Jammu & Kashmir Board Class 8 exam.

Particulars Details
Board Name Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education
Abbreviated as JKBOSE
Establishment year 1975
Exam name Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8
Frequency of Exams Once in a year
Mode of Exam Offline
Total marks of Exam 100

Jammu and Kashmir Board Official Website Link


Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 Exam Syllabus


JKBOSE prescribes the syllabus for Class 8 and ensures that all the important topics are covered to give students a solid foundation for their higher studies. Knowing the syllabus is important for students to be aware of the topics that are included and start their preparation accordingly. Based on the updated syllabus, students must plan their study routine and work on them. Below we have provided the Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 subject-wise syllabus:

Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 Mathematics Syllabus

Mathematics is one of the main subjects for Class 8 students. JKBOSE Class 8 Maths consists of 14 chapters. Students need to go through the syllabus and based on that start their studies. This will help them to know the chapters that are coming in the exam and which chapters they need to prepare. The table below lists the syllabus for JKBOSE Mathematics Class 8.

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 Rational Numbers
2 Linear Equation in One Variable
3 Understanding Quadrilaterals
4 Practical Geometry
5 Data Handling
6 Squares and Square Roots
7 Cubes and Cube Roots
8 Comparing Quantities
9 Algebraic Expressions and Identities
10 Mensuration
11 Exponents and Powers
12 Direct and Inverse Proportion
13 Factorisation
14 Introduction to Graphs

Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 Science Syllabus

The syllabus for Class 8 Science is structured in such a way that students learn the topics with ease. The topics covered ensure that students can use them as a foundation for higher classes. To score well in the JKBOSE Class 8 exams, students need to go through the syllabus thoroughly. Below we have provided the syllabus for Class 8 Science.

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 Micro-Organisms: Friend and Foe
2 Coal and Petroleum
3 Conservation of Plants and Animals
4 Reproduction in Animals
5 Sound
6 Food Production and Management
7 Combustion and Flame
8 Chemical Effects of Electric Current
9 Force and Pressure
10 Reaching the Age of Adolescence
11 Materials: Metals and Non-Metals
12 Light
13 Pollution of Air & Water
14 Friction
15 Stars and the Solar System
16 The Cell
17 Some Natural Phenomenon

Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus

Social Science for Class 8 is bifurcated into History, Geography, and Political Science. The syllabus for the same is designed in such a way that students can have detailed knowledge of all three subjects. To score well, students need to start their exam preparation by going through the JKBOSE Class 8 Social Science syllabus. The syllabus for all three sections is mentioned below.

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 The Indian Constitution
2 Understanding Secularism
3 Why do we need a Parliament?
4 Understanding Laws
5 Judiciary
6 Understanding Our Criminal Justice System
7 Understanding Marginalisation
8 Confronting Marginalisation
9 Public Facilities
10 Law and Social Justice
11 Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy in Jammu & Kashmir
12 Barter and Money, Bank and Investment & Insurance and Tax
13 How, When and Where
14 From Trade to Territory The Company Establishes Power
15 Ruling the Countryside
16 Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age
17 When People Rebel 1857 and After
18 Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owners
19 Resources
20 Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources
21 Mineral and Power Resources
22 Agriculture
23 Industries
24 Human Resources
25 Industries of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh

Study Plan to Maximise Score in Jammu and Kashmir Board Exam Class 8

Exam Pattern

Following a proper study plan plays a key role in helping a student kickstart his preparation for the exams. It is important to have a proper strategy for studies to ensure that all the subjects are learned thoroughly and the concepts can be later applied in higher studies. These can be better obtained if students can have access to some preparation tips and a study plan. To know more, continue scrolling.

J&K Board Class 8 Preparation Tips

Having some preparation tips is extremely helpful while preparing for one’s exam. These preparation tips help students by giving them an idea of how they can proceed with their preparation. Below we have provided preparation tips for Jammu and Kashmir Board class 8 students:

  1. Students should be thorough with the syllabus of every subject.
  2. They should make a proper timetable in which all the subjects are given equal importance.
  3. It is important to clarify all the doubts from the respective teachers.
  4. Practice is a pivotal step toward any exam preparation. Thus, students should consistently practice questions to be confident during exams.
  5. Students can note down all the formulas from Maths and Science in a separate copy. 
  6. They can take tests on Embibe for Maths and Science to assess their level of understanding and get detailed feedback on their performance.

Jammu and Kashmir Board Exam Class 8 Detailed Study Plan

Below we have provided a detailed Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 detailed study plan for your reference:

  1. Be systematic and planned: Every student must make a proper schedule for studying. The timetable should be such that all the subjects are allocated a certain amount of time. However, depending on the subject’s difficulty students can divide their time accordingly.
  2. Be thorough with the syllabus: Students should be thorough with all the subjects’ syllabi to know the topics included and the weightage of each topic. This helps them manage their time while studying.
  3. Regular revision: In order to retain the topics that students have learned, they should revise on a regular basis. While revising they can make use of the short notes prepared at the beginning of the learning process.
  4. Solving Previous Year Question Paper: Collect previous years question papers from the school / from previous years senior’s students. Solving them helps in proper time management and allows students to gain more exposure to the numerous questions that may be asked during the exam.
  5. Refer to the Board’s prescribed textbooks: Follow textbooks recommended by 8th Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education as it contains the updated syllabus. Once that is done students can also refer to NCERT textbooks.

FAQs on Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 Exam

Study Plan to Maximise Score

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on the Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 exam:

Q. Is there any negative marking for wrong answers in the Class 8 Jammu and Kashmir Board Exam?

Ans: No, there is no negative marking for wrong answers in the Class 8 Jammu and Kashmir Board Exam.

Q. What are the first language options for the 8th Jammu and Kashmir Board Exam?

Ans: Students can take either Hindi or Urdu as their first language in the Class 8th Jammu and Kashmir Board Exam.

Q. Is the Class 8 Jammu and Kashmir Board Exam a school-level or a board-level exam?

Ans: The Class 8 Jammu and Kashmir Board Exam is a school-level exam conducted by the respective school authorities.

Q. Where can I practice questions for Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 Maths and Science?

Ans: Students can practice Jammu and Kashmir Class 8 Maths and Science questions on Embibe.

Q. Where can I get the syllabus for Jammu and Kashmir Class 8?

Ans: Students can find the syllabus for Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8 on this page.

Jammu and Kashmir Board List of Educational Institutions

Previous Year Analysis

There are more than 10000 schools affiliated with the JKBOSE. Some of them are given below:

Sl No School Name School Category
1 Higher Secondary School Hardu tooru Secondary with Higher Secondary
2 Higher Secondary School, Akingam Secondary with Higher Secondary
3 Higher Secondary School, Dialgam Secondary with Higher Secondary
4 Higher Secondary School Damhall Secondary with Higher Secondary
5 Boys Higher Secondary School Achabal Secondary with Higher Secondary
6 Girls Higher Secondary School Aishmuqam Secondary with Higher Secondary
7 Government Higher Secondary School, Pahelgaon Secondary with Higher Secondary
8 Higher Secondary School, Boniyar Secondary with Higher Secondary
9 Higher Secondary School, Bijhama Secondary with Higher Secondary
10 Government Higher Secondary School, Aragam Secondary with Higher Secondary
11 Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Badipora Secondary with Higher Secondary
12 Girls Higher Secondary School, Budgam Secondary with Higher Secondary
13 Higher Secondary School, Teetwal Secondary with Higher Secondary
14 Girls Higher Secondary School, Kupwara Secondary with Higher Secondary
15 Boys Higher Secondary School, Jawahar Nagar Secondary with Higher Secondary
16 Girls Higher Secondary School, Rajbagh Secondary with Higher Secondary
17 Boys Higher Secondary School, Pampore Secondary with Higher Secondary
18 Girls Higher Secondary School, Pampore Secondary with Higher Secondary
19 Higher Secondary School, Barbugh Secondary with Higher Secondary
20 Higher Secondary School, Chowgam Secondary with Higher Secondary

Future Exams After Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 8

Exams are one way to bring out students’ knowledge, interests, and potential. Apart from the regular final exams conducted at school, students can also appear for other competitive exams. Some of the competitive exams that Class 8 students are eligible to appear for are listed below.

  1. National Talent Search Examination or NTSE: It is a scholarship programme as well as one of the most well-known national competitive tests for school students. The purpose of the NTSE is to identify individuals with high intellectual potential and academic competence. Students who pass this two-tiered test are eligible for a full-year financial scholarship.
  1. National Level Science Talent Search Exam or NLSTSE: This diagnostic test provides engaging questions that require critical thought rather than mindless memorising, as in traditional approaches. NLSTSE gives a detailed skill-by-skill assessment that highlights students’ strengths and weaknesses.
  1. Indian National Olympiad (INO): Olympiads are a five-stage procedure that is financially supported by the Indian government. The NSE (National Standard Examination), which is held for each topic and is totally overseen and administered by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers, is the first phase in the Indian National Olympiad (INO). HBCSE, on the other hand, is in charge of the next four stages.
  1. Science Olympiad Foundation: This non-profit organisation, founded by well-known academics, scientists, and journalists, holds a competitive examination for students in Class 1 to 12. The foundation offers exams in Information technology (National Cyber Olympiad), Math (International Maths Olympiad), Science (National Science Olympiad), and English (National English Olympiad) among other subjects (International English Olympiad).
  2. Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO): The Unified Cyber Olympiad is conducted by the Unified Council for classes 2 to 10 and will be held across the globe. The olympiad is meant to test the mental ability, reasoning, english and computer skills of students. The exam can be appeared directly online by registering on the website or can be appeared in schools through school registration.

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