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Jharkhand Board Class 9 Study Material 2023


Doesn’t studying feel like a rollercoaster ride sometimes? One moment you are feeling elated since you understood a fairly difficult concept; you are on a high. But when you have to answer a question on it, you just can’t put 1+1 together, and you feel you are going down! Wouldn’t you want a smooth ride – you study a concept, solve practice questions correctly and move to the next topic? For this balance, you need the Embibe app, seriously, and that is where 9th JAC Board study material on Embibe comes to your help.

Embibe provides a well-researched planned strategy in the form of 9th JAC Board study material. We provide 3D videos to explain each chapter topic so that you learn them quickly and effectively and retain them for a longer period. You can solve 1000+ practice questions and see how you are faring each chapter, and work on your concepts accordingly. You take our, unlimited mock tests and get detailed feedback on your test performance, to help you improve. It does not get easier than this. Read on to learn more about 9th Jharkhand Board study material.

Access 9th JAC Board Study Material on Embibe

For a healthy body, you cannot depend on a single nutrient. You must intake everything in balance- vitamins, minerals, etc. Only then can your body function properly and stay healthy. Same ways, to for an all-round exam preparation, you need solid conceptual clarity, solve ample practice questions and take mock tests. It will show you how ready you are for the final exam. 

Embibe provides study material to help you at each step of your exam preparation. The 9th JAC Board study material can be accessed of cost, any time, anywhere. Scroll down for more on that.

JAC Board Class 9 Books

Are you done with the JAC Board Class 9 books but still feel something is amiss? Do you still lack confidence in your understanding? We advise you to refer to the Jharkhand Board Class 8 books available on Embibe. The topics here are explained with the help of 3D videos. Thus there are higher chances of you getting the concept the first time. Click on the book links below:

JAC Board Class 9 BooksJAC Board Class 9 BooksJAC Board Class 9 Books
SCIENCE TEXTBOOK FOR CLASS IXEmbibe Big Book for Science for Jharkhand Board Class 9Embibe Big Book for Social Science for Jharkhand Board Class 9
MATHEMATICS Textbook for Class IXEmbibe Big Book for Mathematics for Jharkhand Board Class 9Social Sciences for Class 9

9th Jharkhand Board Study Material: Practice Questions

Done with concept building? Great. But wait, don’t relax just yet. It’s time to implement these concepts and produce relevant answers. The table below provides direct links to 9th Jharkhand Board practice questions on each subject, chapter, or topic. You will be able to know your strengths and weaknesses while you solve the sample questions.

Subject9th JAC Board Practice Questions
MathematicsPractice 9th Jharkhand Board Questions
SciencePractice 9th Jharkhand Board Questions

9th Jharkhand Board Study Material: Mock Test

After going through our books and solving practice questions, we hope now you know each topic like the back of your hand. No question should surprise you now. To earn a pat on the back from yourself, take these mock tests. It is the real test of your knowledge, problem-solving skills and the final stage to know what all areas you still need to work on, like time management, spending too much time on a single question, etc. Below are the 9th Jharkhand Board mock tests for your direct access:

Subject9th Jharkhand Board Mock Tests
MathematicsAttempt 9th JAC Board Mock Test
ScienceAttempt 9th JAC Board Mock Test

FAQs on 9th JAC Board Study Material

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on 9th Jharkhand Board study material:

Q: Where can I take mock tests for Jharkhand Board Class 9 subjects?

Ans: You can attempt unlimited mock tests for 9th Jharkhand Board subjects on Embibe.

Q: How many practice questions for 9th JAC Board chapters does Embibe have?

Ans: Embibe has 1000+ practice questions for Class 9 Jharkhand Board chapters.

Q: Where will I find Jharkhand Board 9th books?

Ans: You can get books on Maths, Science and Social Science subjects of Jharkhand Board Class 9 on the Embibe app.

Q: Is the syllabus of 9th JAC Board Science subject easy?

Ans: Yes. The chapters in 9th Jharkhand Board Science are easy and interesting to learn. You will learn a wide range of scientific concepts from them.

Q: How many chapters does 9th JAC Board Social Science have?

Ans: Jharkhand Board Class 9 Social Science has 20 chapters.

We hope this page on 9th JAC Board Study Material will help you prepare for the exam. Stay tuned to Embibe for more information on Jharkhand Board Class 9 exam.

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