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Jharkhand Board Class 12 Preparation Tips 2024


Jharkhand Board Class 12 Preparation Tips: JAC Class 12 board exams are like the deciding steps of your future endeavours. So, kickstart your preparation for the exams immediately if you wish to ace the board exam and boost your academic performance. We have provided some 12th Jharkhand Board preparation tips and tricks in this article to help you get an edge over the others during the JAC Class 12th exam.

Firstly, keep stress off your table and do not let your mind waver towards negative thoughts. Think positive and start learning with the right study materials. If you are facing any difficulty with the study materials, you can get them on Embibe for. They include 15+ ebooks with videos and solutions, 1500+ practice questions, unlimited mock tests, short notes, and much more. So, scroll down to prepare for the JAC Class 12 exam.

JAC 12th Preparation 2024

If you are preparing for the Jharkhand Board Class 12 exam, you must pay attention to all the subjects of JAC 12th books to score good marks. Therefore, we have provided subject-wise preparation tips below to help you prepare for all the subjects simultaneously:

JAC Class 12 Preparation Tips and Tricks for Physics

Some of the preparation tips to help you score good marks in the JAC Class 12 Physics exam are as follows:

  • You must try to master the basic concepts in Physics to gain conceptual clarity.
  • Write down all the important formulas and concepts on a sheet and stick it in front of you so that you remember them at your fingertips.
  • Try to solve as many numerical problems as possible to understand the subject thoroughly.
  • Enhance your problem-solving skills by solving the previous year’s paper or JAC Intermediate model papers.
  • Review all the questions you had trouble answering and work on them again. Try to learn more from your mistakes.
  • Maintain all the notes properly and try to clarify your doubts ahead of the exams.

12th Jharkhand Board Preparation Tips for Chemistry

Chemistry is a scoring subject, so try to concentrate on this subject to improve your overall academic performance. Some of the tips for that are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, do not try memorising the book’s formulas or concepts. Try to understand them in-depth.
  • Maintain proper notes of all the derivations and diagrams to use during last-minute revision.
  • Try to solve equations or practice problems to stay on top of your game.
  • Strengthen your knowledge and understanding of chemistry while conducting experiments.
  • Try to be a part of study groups as it allows you to exchange and share ideas.

JAC Class 12 Preparation Tips and Tricks for Biology

The JAC 12th tips and tricks to score excellent marks in the Biology exam are as follows:

  • Biology is all about theory, so start by learning all the concepts from your book.
  • Then try to maintain notes in simple language to help you with revision.
  • Make flowcharts and practice labelling diagrams as they often appear in the exam.
  • Solve model papers or previous year’s papers to understand the exam pattern.
  • Use or create mnemonic devices as they prove to be really helpful while studying biology.
  • The syllabus for Biology is quite vast, so try to break it down. Start with chapters you feel weak in and then move towards the easy chapters.
  • Attempt mock tests for better preparation.

12th Jharkhand Board Preparation Tips for Maths

Maths is much more than just those complicated sums in your textbook. Follow the preparation tips mentioned below to have a clear understanding of the subject:

  • Go through your JAC 12th class syllabus 2024 first and then make a timetable for the subject.
  • Then actively solve the sums from your book to enhance your problem-solving skill. Try to do this daily.
  • Try to answer in steps or try to solve in steps so that your answer sheet remains clean and tidy.
  • Give more attention to word problems, as they can be tricky.
  • Refresh your memory daily by going through the older problems.
  • Take practice tests or JAC class 12 mock tests regularly to track your progress.
  • Try to nail down all the formulas from your syllabus by writing them down repeatedly.

Attempt Mock Tests for JAC Class 12 Exam

You are advised to take subject-wise mock tests to understand what the actual exam feels like. This way, you will be able to prepare better for the exam. Check the links below to get started:

S.NoAttempt Mock Tests
2.Attempt Physics
4.Attempt Chemistry
6.Attempt Biology
8.Attempt Mathematics

FAQs on 12th Jharkhand Board Preparation Tips

Some of the frequently asked questions on JAC Class 12 preparation tips are as follows:

Q: Can I attempt subject-wise JAC Class 12 mock tests on Embibe for?

Ans: Yes, you can attempt subject-wise JAC Class 12 mock tests for on Embibe and can solve JAC class 12th sample papers as well.

Q: How to prepare for the Jharkhand Board Class 12 Biology exam?

Ans: You can prepare for the 12th Jharkhand Board Biology exam by following the preparation tips mentioned on this page.

Q: How to prepare for the JAC Class 12 exam in the best way?

Ans: The best way to prepare for the JAC Class 12 exam is to follow a rigid timetable and gain conceptual clarity regarding all the subjects.

Q: Where can I find the subject-wise JAC Class 12 preparation tips?

Ans: You can find the Jharkhand Board Class 12 subject-wise preparation tips on this page.

Q: Should I solve model papers to prepare for the 12th Jharkhand Board exams?

Ans: Yes, you must solve model papers to prepare thoroughly for the Jharkhand Board Class 10 exams.

We hope this detailed article on 12th Jharkhand Board Preparation Tips helps you prepare for the exam. For more such informative articles, stay tuned to Embibe.

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