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Jharkhand Board Class 10 Important Chapters 2023


“How to cover all the chapters in Class 10 for the Jharkhand Board exam on time?” Is it the first question that comes to your mind while preparing for the Jharkhand Board Class 10 exams? Then you have reached the right place. To make your exam preparation easier, Embibe provides you with all the essential information related to the important chapters to be covered in the Class 10th Jharkhand Board.

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JAC Class 10 Subject-wise Chapters 

Before beginning the preparation, it is always best to be well-informed about the exercise, topics, and chapters. Information about the chapters allows you to plan the study timetable more effectively. Embibe’s Learn, Practice, Test modules give students instant access to various learning resources.
In addition to practice questions, Embibe has elaborated solutions that will clarify any doubts you might have. The 3D videos on Embibe help you retain concepts for a long time.

JAC Class 10 Science Chapters 

Science has helped develop our knowledge about the universe, from how organisms reproduce to the structure of atoms. You can understand all these concepts in more detail at Embibe with the help of 3D videos. All the chapters for Jharkhand Board Class 10 are available in the table below:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Chemical Reactions and Equations
2Acids, Bases and Salts
3Metals and Non-Metals
4Carbon and its Compounds
5Periodic Classification of Elements
6Life Processes
7Control and Coordination
8How do Organisms Reproduce?
9Heredity and Evolution
10Light – Reflection and Refraction
11The Human Eye and the Colourful World
13Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
14Sources of Energy
15Our Environment
16Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

JAC Class 10 Maths Chapters 

Math allows us to see the world in ways that nothing else can! Especially in these days of data science, where massive data sets can only be analyzed using statistical models, we are surrounded by numbers, equations, and algorithms. Maths can be interesting if your concepts are clear in Class 10. The following is a list of all Class 10 Maths chapters: 

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Real Numbers
3Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
4Quadratic Equations
5Arithmetic Progressions
7Coordinate Geometry
8Introduction to Trigonometry
9Some Applications of Trigonometry
12Areas Related to Circle
13Surface Areas and Volumes

JAC Class 10 Social Science Chapters 

Social Science helps enhance our knowledge about past events, culture, and history. We have provided the list of all chapters for Class 10 Social Science which includes History (India and The Contemporary World – II), Geography (Contemporary India – II) and Political Science (Democratic Politics -II). Check the below table for Jharkhand Board Class 10 Social Science chapters:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
History (India and The Contemporary World – II)
1The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
2Nationalism in India
3The Making of a Global World
4The Age of Industrialisation
5Print Culture and The Modern World
Geography (Contemporary India – II)
6Resources and Development
7Forest and Wildlife Resources
8Water Resources
10Minerals and Energy Resources
11Manufacturing Industries
12Lifelines of National Economy
Political Science (Democratic Politics -II)
13Power Sharing
15Democracy and Diversity
16Gender, Religion and Caste
17Popular Struggles and Movements
18Political Parties
19Outcomes of Democracy
20Challenges to Democracy
Economics (Understanding Economic Development)
22Sectors of the Indian Economy
23Money and Credit
24Globalisation and the Indian Economy
25Consumer Rights

FAQs on Jharkhand Board Class 10 Chapters

Below we have provided some frequently asked questions on the Jharkhand Board Class 10 Chapters:

Q: How to score good marks in the Jharkhand Board Class 10 exams?

Ans: Students should refer to Embibe to score good marks, as Embibe provides a complete exam preparation material for the Class 10 Jharkhand Board.

Q: Where can I find chapter-wise study materials for the Jharkhand Board Class 10?

Ans: You can find Jharkhand Board Class 10 chapter-wise study materials at Embibe.

Q: How many chapters are there in the Jharkhand Board Class 10 Science?

Ans: There are 16 chapters in the Jharkhand Board Class 10 Science.

Q: Can I find chapter-wise practice questions for the JAC 10th exams?

Ans: Yes, you can find chapter-wise practice questions for the JAC 10th exams.

Q: When will the Jharkhand Board Class 10 exams be conducted in 2023?

Ans: For 2023, the Jharkhand Board will conduct Class 10 exams in March (tentatively).

We hope this article on Jharkhand Board Class 10 Chapters is helpful. In case of any queries, check our website or download our app. Stay tuned to embibe.com for the latest news and updates on Jharkhand Board Class 10 Chapters.

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