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7th Kerala Board Preparation Tips 2023


The Kerala State Education Board regulates secondary school-level exams in the state. Class 7 is a school-level final exam conducted by the school authorities. The exam schedule will be released soon. Students gearing up for the Kerala board class 7 exam must ensure to gain conceptual knowledge. They must concentrate on the important topics that have weight. 

Students must collect the proper study materials like books and sample papers to perform well in the exams. They must focus more on the difficult questions and practice them regularly to remember them for a long time. A proper study plan will help them prioritise each subject and dedicate a separate for solving question papers and mock tests, which is more important while preparing. In this article, we will provide some of the preparation tips for Kerala board class 7.

Kerala Board Class 7 Preparation Tips: Detailed Study Plan

Students must follow some effective preparation tips to make their preparation smooth and stress-free. Following the tips will help them score excellent grades on the exam. The subject-wise preparation tips for Kerala board class 7 are as follows: 

Kerala Board Class 7 Mathematics Preparation Tips

Look at the study strategies to help you score good marks in Mathematics: 

  • Solve various problems on each topic every day to get a brief understanding.
  • Write and practice the formulas, definitions and theorems, then memorise them. 
  • Learning simple concepts first, then moving to the difficult ones.
  • Clear all your doubts. Seek help from your professors and teachers to get them cleared.
  • Use various shortcut methods for calculations and to solve problems.  
  • Practice questions to improve your problem-solving skills.

Kerala Board Class 7 Science Preparation Tips

Science might be tough for students, but it is also interesting as it involves laws, numerical problems, optics, and experiments. Follow the tips below to make science an interesting subject. 

  • Learn and get a clear understanding of the basic concepts.
  • Practice diagrams and label them. 
  • Be thorough with the laws and other various important topics.
  • Make a list of formulas and equations. 
  • Take frequent mock tests to self-evaluate your preparation level and performance. 

Kerala Board Class 7 Social Science Preparation Tips

Social science is a scoring subject which has history, civics and geography. The chronological order of dates and events is crucial to remember, but with practice, we can get better scores in the subject. 

  • Make a separate note of the important dates and events to revise regularly. 
  • Prioritise the important chapters like the earth’s hemisphere and the constitution to enhance your knowledge. 
  • Draw the map and learn the geographical areas. 
  • Revise the important topics regularly. 
  • Solve previous question papers and take mock tests.

General Preparation Tips for Kerala Board Class 7 

  • Make your timetable
  • Practice writing 
  • Prioritise the difficult topics. 
  • Solve previous year’s question papers. 
  • Attempt mock tests. 

The most commonly asked questions about Kerala board class 7 are answered below: 

Q: Will practice questions for Kerala board class 7 on Embibe help me manage time?

Ans: Yes, practising questions on Embibe for Kerala board class 7 will improve your speed and accuracy. You can enhance your time management skills. 

Q: Where can I take mock tests for Kerala board class 7?

Ans: For, you can attempt mock tests for Kerala board class 7 on Embibe. 

Q: Kerala board class 7 exams are in which mediums?

Ans: Kerala board class 7 exams are conducted in English and Malayalam. 

Q: When will Kerala board class 7 exams conduct?

Ans: Kerala board class 7 exams will be conducted in March / April 2023. 

Q: Which is the official website of the Kerala board?

Ans: www.kbpe.org is the official website for the Kerala board.

I hope this article about the 7th Kerala board preparation tips is helpful. 

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates about Kerala board class 7 2023. 

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