Life at IITs: IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, IIT Delhi, IIT Goa
  • Written By PRITHWI SINHA
  • Last Modified 27-07-2022
  • Written By PRITHWI SINHA
  • Last Modified 27-07-2022

Life at IITs: Kharagpur, Kanpur, Roorkee, Delhi, Madras

So finally it is that time of the year when students take the most crucial decision of their lives – their respective departments and colleges. I am sure most of the JEE aspirants have colorful pictures of life at IITs. But how colorful is it in reality? What are the perks of being an IITian? Read on to find out from the students of IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur and IIT Roorkee.

For the benefit of all the IITians, here are the links to detailed information of the seven old IITs:

  1. IIT Bombay
  2. IIT Delhi
  3. IIT Kanpur
  4. IIT Kharagpur
  5. IIT Madras
  6. IIT Guwahati
  7. IIT BHU

Hear out the students from IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee and IIT Kanpur sharing their experiences about their expectations about life at IITs and the reality.

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IITians speak: Life at IITs | Reality Vs. Expectation

IIT Kharagpur

“I am from a surrounding where I used to be the best. I was the topper all the while and people used to praise me and that was a constant source of inspiration for me to try and perform better. And I, for some reason unconsciously thought it would be the same thing in an IIT. But what I failed to think about was the fact that once in an IIT I am going to be in constant competition with people of my level or probably better than me. Everyone is an IITian out there. I am no different. There isn’t gonna be anyone to appreciate or praise me. It’s a tough job to compete with similar brains and do something noticeable. It can sometime stress you out or frustrate you, but coping up with it and excelling over it is yet another achievement in itself!

And the goal that you had for the last couple of years or more is accomplished. Now you are left with no aspiration(there are many exceptions though). So many of us lose focus because we don’t have anything at hand to chase. It’s very important to get over this, set an aim and take the path to achieve it!”

IIT Roorkee

“Only study for 2 years and then your life will be chill”- This is the biggest lie society tells you. The fact is that you have to work hard always, before IIT, in IIT and even after IIT. Life is never a bed of roses, especially not in IITs.

The guy who was topper in his school might end up being an average student here.Student in IIT are super-talented. You can see them having “bakar” sessions all the time in classroom, but the same guy/girl can have a 9.5+ cgpa.

IITians can easily get a girlfriend, not inside IIT though. 😛

Will study hard and get my branch changed. Got a SG of less than 8! 😛 “

IIT Kanpur

“I always thought that only nerds or geeks  are able to clear IIT. But soon after getting into IIT, I realized that most of my friends are extremely good in some or the other skill (be it dancing,singing,playing an instrument,sports, etc.). The most wonderful point was that most of such students are able to manage their academics also very well. So yeah, it’s a pretty awesome feeling of having been surrounded by such talented people.”

IIT Kharagpur

Expectation: There will be no stress in life after cracking JEE Advanced.

Reality: There is a lot of stress in life for IITians (both academic and non-academic).

Expectation: Once you graduate from IITs, you will surely get high packages.

Reality: Only few IITians get high packages. If you are not exceptional, you might  have to start with packages less than 10 lpa.

Expectation: The IIT tag will make you a celebrity among your peers. Also, you will be able to impress girls easily. 😛

Reality: This craze will last for only six months. Also, IIT tag is not appropriate to impress girls at least.

Expectation: You are a good student. So you will top in IIT as well.

Reality: All the students in IIT are toppers just like you. So competition is going to be tough and there is negligible probability that you will emerge as the topper.”

”I will rate my first year experience at 8.5 on a scale of 10.

No doubt it makes you a celebrity in your colony. You develop an outstanding reputation among your relatives. But this is not the case inside the IITs as no one cares if you are an IITian.

The time I entered the IIT and went to my hall I said to myself “Are the hostels of IIT really so bad??” but of course the perception soon changed as the time passed.

The campus did not disappoint me and I spent days exploring the campus. It is huge and beautiful and I enjoyed my rides on the bicycle.

Though I expected that people inside will be more academic oriented but to my amazement it was totally contrasting. I found that studies was the last thing on the list of an IITian which is amazing.

The College fests were as magnanimous as touted and I personally enjoyed every bit of it.

To sum it up, it was an amazing experience and it is worth the hard work people put in to get inside.”

IIT Kharagpur)

“I expected that the college would be only about studies. But actually it is much more than studies. Yes, studies are an integral part but it provides you a hell  lot of opportunities.These 4 years would be like the best 4 years. I thought that there would be no night life at the college but the nightlife at the college is amazing, as the canteens are maximum crowded at night. I was scared about the idea of seniors , that they might be dominating and they will make us do their assignments .But trust me it is nothing like that.The campus culture is awesome . They are really helpful. Also, I expected the mess food would be really bad but to the glory it was edible.”

Shivam Raj
IIT Kharagpur

“From class 9 onwards, my surroundings made me aspire for IITs. In the period of these years, I had somewhat developed an IIT in my imagination. I dreamed of a surrounding of genius friends around me, exceptionally good teachers, lofty packages and so on. I thought that there will be a lot of academic pressure throughout the year. I thought that I will be able to make a DepC to good branches as I will study the same way as I studied in class 11-12. My seniors had also told me that studying even 2 hours a day is sufficient for it.

But there stands reality on the completely opposite side of expectations. My friends were as chutiya as me. We could involve in Bhats (random chats) on useless topics for endless hours. Some teachers are boring and torturing enough that their one lecture can make you refrain from attending any further of their classes. Some packages are as shitty as possible. The academic pressures was tending to 0, as your daily average study time will be in minutes, and that too because of the exam time preparations. Nights will no longer be meant for sleeping and the list of movies that you will watch will just never end. The life you expect is completely different from what you get.”

Rajveer Singh
IIT Kharagpur

Mess food is not very good.

You are not treated specially inside iit campus and everyone around will have different skills that you won’t have and that will make you even more backward.

“When Junior asks, Bhaiya, how to prepare for JEE? They give fake replies with study-hours, test series and stuffs. But deep inside – Zindagi chun Engineering nahi (choose life instead of engineering).”

Ankita Kumari
IIT Kharagpur

I didn’t expect anything from my college or anyone. To be frank, after Jee Advanced I thought that I will give my best in my academics and will be one of the toppers in my class. But it is not so easy among all the distractions in the college. Till class 12th, I used to do my studies regularly and I used to think that in college also I will continue my regular studies but nothing like that happened. In college, preparation for exam starts 1 or 2 weeks before. In college, how time passes attending classes, hanging out with friends,  you will never know. So if you have decided to take admission in IIT’s, don’t keep your expectations high.

Mayur Sawant
IIT Kharagpur

EXPECTATION: A decent temporary campus

REALITY: We have moved to our permanent campus which had all the basic amenities provided even though it was the first year of its operation.

EXPECTATION: A platform of opportunities like societies, clubs, fests etc.

REALITY: Of course we do! Further, there is a platform to create new opportunities. Being a new IIT, we put in our sincere endeavors to improve standards. Three new clubs that are set to function from next academic year are:

  1. Astronomy Club
  2. Adventure Club
  3. Quiz Club

Let me surprise you! Two of them are initiated by the first year BTech students.

EXPECTATION: Having a lot of ‘me’ time

REALITY: I couldn’t get enough of this ‘me’ time. The societies, fests and many other events like Hostel day and General Championship matches keep us occupied almost the whole year. However, all these work, meetings and interactions proved very helpful in too many ways. I’ve learnt to manage time, and most importantly changed my perception of how to spend the ‘me’ time.

EXPECTATION: Everyone would be nerds.

REALITY: A big NO. Putting aside the fact that Muggus can’t be completely eliminated, most of the students are really smart and cool who can manage a good grade even with a night’s preparation.

I have understood that at IIT, it’s not always about studies, it’s about exploring and broadening your thinking process. There will be at least one quality in every student that would leave you amazed.

At the end of the day, I’m happy with my choice!”


Ques: Which are the top IITs?
Ans. The most well-known IITs are IIT Madras, IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, and IIT Kharagpur.

Ques: What is the minimum rank for IIT?
Ans. Candidates must have a rank around or less than 3000 in JEE Main for admission to IIT Bombay. For admission to the courses like Computer Science, the candidates are required to have a rank less than 100 in JEE Main entrance test.

Ques: What is the cutoff to get into IIT?
Ans. The tentative qualifying marks for GEN category (common rank list) students is 89.75 for GEN (EWS category) is 78.21, for OBC-NCL is 74.31, for SC is 54, 44 for ST & 0.11371730 for PWD candidates.

Ques: Does 12th marks matter in IIT?
Ans. Students should know that the ranks will be determined based on their score in the entrance exam. However, a minimum of 50% aggregate is required to be eligible for appearing for IIT examinations.

Ques: Which is toughest subject in JEE?
Ans: If we look into the previous years papers of JEE Main and JEE Advanced, it is mostly seen that the difficulty level of Physics is the highest followed by Math. Chemistry is easier in comparison and is considered to be one of the most scoring subjects. 

JEE Advanced 2021 Answer Key, Solutions & Analysis

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