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Manipur Board Class 11 Syllabus 2023


Manipur Board Class 11 Syllabus 2023: The Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur(COHSEM) regulates the Class 11 exam of all the schools affiliated with the state board. The board develops the curriculum and prescribes the syllabus for Class 11. Class 11 is a school-level examination that is conducted by the school authorities by adhering to the guidelines set by the board.

This article discusses the Manipur Board Class 11 syllabus that students need for their exam preparation. Having the updated syllabus ensures that students are studying the right chapters and topics. This helps them plan their study timetable according to the syllabus and streamline their studies. Continue reading this article to get the updated syllabus for Manipur Board Class 11.

COHSEM Class 11 Subject-wise Syllabus

The first step toward any exam preparation is to have the updated syllabus and go through it carefully. Going through the syllabus gives students an idea about which chapters are included and how many are there in total. In a way, this can help them allocate ample time for each subject depending on how vast the syllabus is. Students can find the COHSEM Class 11 subject-wise syllabus in the section below.

11th Manipur Board Maths Syllabus

Maths is one of the main subjects in Class 11 and it is a subject with a vast application. To ace the Maths exam students must understand the concepts and practice rigorously. But before that, they must know the syllabus to know what chapters to study. They can find the syllabus in the table below to start preparing for the exam.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
2Relations and Functions
3Trigonometric Functions
4Complex numbers and Quadratic Equations.
5Linear Inequalities
6Permutations and Combinations
7Mathematical Induction 
8Binomial Theorem
9Sequence and Series
10Straight Lines
12Conic Sections
13Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry
14Limits and Derivatives
15Mathematical Reasoning

11th Manipur Board Physics Syllabus

Physics deals with the study of the universe, matter and energy, and other topics that help students understand nature and its phenomena. The subject is quite tough but students can score well in the exam with the right approach and study materials. They can find the 11th Manipur Board Physics syllabus in the table below and start their preparation straight away.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1.Physical World
2.Units and Measurements
3.Motion in a Straight Line
4.Motion in a Plane
5.Laws of Motion
6.Work, Energy, and Power
7.Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion
9.Mechanical Properties of Solids
10.Mechanical Properties of Fluids
11.Thermal Properties of Matter
13.Kinetic Theory

11th Manipur Board Chemistry Syllabus

Class 11 Chemistry introduces students to concepts like the structure of atoms, chemical bonding, thermodynamics, organic chemistry, and many more. These concepts are also applicable in their next class. To master these concepts, not only do students need to study rigorously but also practice them simultaneously. The table below provides the 11th Manipur Board Chemistry syllabus.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1.Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
2.Structure of Atom
3.Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
4.Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
5.States of Matter
8.Redox Reactions
10.The s-Block Elements
11.The p-Block Elements
12.Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and Techniques
14.Environmental Chemistry

11th Manipur Board Biology Syllabus

Most of the concepts in Biology are associated with real-life situations. And Class 11 Biology comprises 22 chapters in total. These chapters help students understand the world that they live in, the various organisms in it, and also their interaction and interdependence. Students can refer to the table below for the 11th Manipur Board Biology syllabus.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1.The Living World
2.Biological Classification
3.Plant Kingdom
4.Animal Kingdom
5.Morphology of Flowering Plants
6.Anatomy of Flowering Plants
7.Structural Organisation in Animals
8.Cell: The Unit of Life
10.Cell Cycle and Cell Division
11.Transport in Plants
12.Mineral Nutrition
13.Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
14.Respiration in Plants
15.Plant Growth and Development
16.Digestion and Absorption
17.Breathing and Exchange of Gases
18.Body Fluids and Circulation
19.Excretory Products and Their Elimination
20.Locomotion and Movement
21.Neural Control and Coordination
22.Chemical Coordination and Integration

Access Free Study Materials for Manipur Board Class 11 on Embibe

Study materials are essential to help students prepare for the exam in an extensive manner. Students can refer to study materials on Embibe that allow them to learn, practice, and take mock tests to elevate their exam preparation. Click on the links in the table below to access them and ace the exam:

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Physics Manipur Board Class 11 Physics BookManipur Board Class 11 Physics QuestionsManipur Board Class 11 Physics Test
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FAQs on Manipur Board Class 11 Syllabus 2023

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Manipur Board Class 11 syllabus 2023.

Q. Where can I find the Manipur Board Class 11 syllabus?

Ans: Students can find the Manipur Board Class 11 syllabus on this page.

Q. Can I prepare for the Manipur Board Class 11 exam without knowing the syllabus?

Ans: Students should know the syllabus before preparing for the Manipur Board Class 11 exam to have an idea about the chapters included.

Q. How many chapters are there in the 11th Manipur Board Chemistry?

Ans: There are 14 chapters in the 11th Manipur Board Chemistry.

Q. How can I prepare for the Manipur Board Class 11 exam?

Ans: Students can prepare for the Manipur Board Class 11 exam by studying the chapters thoroughly, practicing questions, and taking regular mock tests.

Q. Are the chapters in 11th Manipur Board Physics tough?

Ans: The 11th Manipur Board Physics is moderate and with the right study approach students can score good marks in the exam.

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