Manipur Board Class 10

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  • Written by Rahul Khatake
  • Last Modified on 6-03-2024
  • Written by Rahul Khatake
  • Last Modified on 6-03-2024

Manipur Board Class 10 Exam 2024

About Exam

The Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BSEM) administers the Class 10 exams for students in Class 10 who attend schools affiliated with the Manipur State Board. The Manipur Board conducts a public examination i.e., the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examination. The Board issues the syllabus, declares the exam dates, conducts the exam and release the result every year.

Six subjects are covered in the Manipur HSLC exams. For the evaluation of the Manipur board Class 10 exams, the total marks are 100, 20 marks are for internal assessment of the school, 30 marks are from previous Class, i.e. Class 9 exam records and 50 marks are considered based on the performance of the students in pre-board exams (term test and periodic test) conducted in their respective schools. 

Manipur Board Class 10 Exam Summary 2024

BSEM conducts Class 10 exam in the month/s of February/March every year. To pass the Manipur HSLC exam, students need to secure at least 33% in both practical and theoretical exams. Students who wish to appear for the Manipur HSLC exams must have at least 75% classroom attendance. 

In Manipur Board Class 10, out of the total 100 marks in the subjects, 20 marks are reserved for the Internal Assessment and 30 marks are from Class 9 exam record. 50 marks will be performance-based in pre-board exams, which are conducted in individual schools.

Particulars Details
Full Exam Name Manipur Board High School Leaving Certificate Examination
Short Exam Name Manipur Board HSLC
Conducting Body Board of Secondary Education, Manipur
Frequency of Conduct Once a year
Exam Level Matriculate
Mode of Exam Offline
Exam Duration 3 Hours

Manipur Board Class 10 Exam Brochure

The Manipur Board Class 10 brochure contains all relevant information about the BSEM 10th standard curriculum and syllabus details, as the Manipur Board Class 10 brochure is yet to be released. Students can refer to the previous year’s curriculum and syllabus for Manipur Board Class 9 and 10.

Manipur Board Class 10 Official Website

Manipur Board Class 10 Latest Updates


Manipur Board Class 10 Exam 2024 Application Process

Exam Pattern

Manipur Board conducts the application process for Class 10 exam in the month of October/November every year. It is mandatory for students to get registered, to be eligible to take the Board exam. 

The Board declares the open and close dates for the Manipur Board class 10 exam application process. The procedure is completed by respective schools. Separate fee is paid for this registration process. 

Below are the fee details for the BSEM Manipur Board HSLC exam registration:

Particular Fee (Approximate)
Duplicate mark sheet Rs. 100/-
Triplicate mark sheet Rs. 100/-
Duplicate admission card Rs. 200/-
Duplicate certificate Rs. 300/-
Triplicate certificate Rs. 200/-
Provisional certificate – mark sheet 2004 onwards Rs. 300/-
Replacement of certificate and mark sheet Rs. 200/-
Pre-issue of certificate Rs. 200/-
Migration certificate Rs. 200/-
Rank certificate Rs. 200/-

Manipur Board Class 10 Exam Pattern 2024

Exam Syllabus

The Board of Secondary Education, Manipur, has been following the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), which was modified recently. As per the current norms of CCE, four Formative Assessments (FA) and two Summative Assessments (SA) are conducted.

The FAs are usually held in March, May, July and September, carrying 20 marks each in every subject. The SAs were conducted in June and November/December, carrying 50 marks each. The assignments/projects/practicals are allocated 20 marks.

So, the total marks, 20 x 4 + 50 x 2 + 20, which aggregate 200 marks, are scaled to 100 marks and are considered for the final mark. 

Subject Marks for Theory Exam Marks for Internal Assessment Areas Covered Under Internal Assessment
Language 80 20 Conversation skills
Formal tests
Mathematics 80 20 Practical activities
Formal tests
Science 80 20 Practicals
Formal tests
Social Science 80 20 Practical exercises
Formal tests
Additional Subjects 80 20 Practical exercises
Formal tests

Manipur Board Class 10 Exam Pattern Details: Total Time

The duration of each paper for the 10th Manipur Board exams is given below:

No. Subject Duration
1 First Language or Subject in Lieu of the First Language 3 hours
2 English 3 hours
3 Mathematics
i) Theory
ii) Practical
3 hours
1 hour
4 Science
i) Theory
ii) Practical
3 hours
1 hour
5 Social Science 3 hours
6 Additional Subject 3 hours

Manipur Board Class 10 Syllabus

Study Plan to Maximise Score

Students must know their Manipur Board Class 10 syllabus for all the subjects. It is necessary in order to know the chapters they will be studying during the academic year. This will also prevent students from reading unnecessary information and spend time on their actual syllabus. Below we have provided detailed Manipur Board Class 10 syllabus for students’ reference:

Manipur Board Class 10 Maths Syllabus

Students can get full marks in Maths subject. For that, they need to understand the concepts and solve as many sample questions as they can. Students can refer to the Manipur Board Class 10 Maths syllabus below:

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 Number System
2 Polynomials
3 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
4 Quadratic Equations
5 Binary Operations
6 Sequence and Series
7 Mathematical Induction
8 Binomial Theorem
9 Matrices
10 Factorisation and Identities
11 Triangles
12 Circles
13 Construction
14 Coordinate Geometry
15 Mensuration
16 Trigonometry
17 Statistics
18 Probability
19 Statics

Manipur Board Class 10 Science Syllabus

Science is a subject which can be understood easily through graphical representation. Students can understand all the Manipur Board Class 10 Science chapter topics from Embibe’s 3D videos. Students can refer to the Manipur Board Class 10 Science syllabus below:

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 Periodic Classification of Elements
2 Chemical Bonding
3 Acids, Bases and Salts
4 Types of Chemical Reaction
5 Metals and non-metals
6 Carbon and its Compounds
7 Materials of Common Use
8 Electricity
9 Magnetism
10 Electromagnetic Induction
11 Light
12 Sources of Energy
13 Life Processes
14 Control and Co-ordination in Living Beings
15 Reproduction
16 Heredity and Evolution
17 Our Environment
18 Natural Resource
19 The Regional Environment

Manipur Board Class 10 Social Science Syllabus

To get good marks in Social Science, students need to write comprehensive answers. Students can refer to the Manipur Board Class 10 Social Science syllabus below:

S.No. Chapter Name
1 India and the Contemporary World – II – Events and processes
2 Livelihoods, Economies and Societies:
3 Everyday Life, Culture and Politics
4 Resources and Development
5 Forest and Wildlife
6 Water Resources
7 Agriculture
8 Minerals and Energy Resources
9 Manufacturing Industries
10 Lifelines of National Economy
11 Power Sharing
12 Federalism
13 Gender, Religion and Caste
14 Popular struggles and movements
15 Political Parties
16 Outcome of Democracy
17 Development
18 Sectors of Indian Economy
19 Money and Credit
20 Globalization and the Indian Economy

Manipur Board Class 10 Blueprint 2024

Previous Year Analysis

The Manipur Board Class 10 blueprint will help students know the paper pattern. It will allow them to prepare for the exam suitably. The exam blueprint contains the types of questions asked and the marks allocated for each section. 

Check the subject-wise table below to know the Manipur Board HSLC Blueprint:

Subject Formative Assessment (2 nos.) (X) Summative Assessment (1 no.) (Y) Total Mark
(FA + SA) (X+Y) / 2
Practical/ Internal
Total Marks
1st Language /
Subject in lieu 1st Language
40 x 1 marks (1st Test)
40 x 1 marks (2nd Test)
80 marks 80 marks 20 marks 100 marks
English 40 x 1 marks (1st Test)
40 x 1 marks (2nd Test)
80 marks 80 marks 20 marks 100 marks
Mathematics 40 x 1 marks (1st Test)
40 x 1 marks (2nd Test)
80 marks 80 marks 20 marks 100 marks
Science 40 x 1 marks (1st Test)
40 x 1 marks (2nd Test)
80 marks 80 marks 20 marks 100 marks
Social Science 40 x 1 marks (1st Test)
40 x 1 marks (2nd Test)
80 marks 80 marks 20 marks 100 marks
Additional Subject 40 x 1 marks (1st Test)
40 x 1 marks (2nd Test)
80 marks 80 marks 20 marks 100 marks
HPE Theory
HPE Practical
  30 marks 50 marks 50 marks 100 marks
Work Education 10 x 2 marks 30 marks 50 marks 50 marks 100 marks

Manipur Board Class 10 Exam Date 2024

The Board of Secondary Education Manipur will release the Manipur Board class 10 exam timetable in January 2024. The Manipur board HSLC releases the timetable online in PDF. 

The HSLC exam will start from March to April 2024. The timings are from 9 am to 12 pm. Students can find the Manipur Board Class 10 timetable in the table below:

Dates Subjects
March 2024 English
March 2024 Science
March 2024 Social Science
March 2024 First Language: Manipuri (MM)/ Bengali/ Mizo/ Paite/ Zou/ Hmar/ Tangkhul/ Nepali/ Thadou/ Kuki/ Maola/ Kom/ Vaiphei/ Ruangmei/ Liangmei/ Hindi/ Sanskrit/ Gangte/ Site
Subjects in Lieu of First Language: Elementary Hindi/ Additional English/ Elementary Manipuri (MM)/ Elementary Manipuri (Roman Script)
March 2024 Mathematics
April 2024 Optional Subjects: Home Science/ Commerce/ Computer Science/ Higher Mathematics/ Thang-Ta/ Fine Arts/ Eshei Nongmai/ Manipuri Jagoi

Manipur Board Class 10 Admit Card 2024

Schools will collect the Manipur Board Class 10 admit card 2024 from the Board. Students are advised to obtain their original admit card from their schools. The steps to download the admit card will be declared once the admit cards are released. They should check their admit cards for all important information and check whether it is correct. In case they find any mistake, it should be brought to the notice of the school authorities. 

If there are any changes required, the school will get them done and issue the students a new admit card. Students must carry their admit card to the exam centre on all days of the exam. They shall be denied entry to the exam hall in the absence of the admit card. 

Some details mentioned on the Manipur Board Class 10 admit card are as follows:

  • Candidate Name
  • Candidate Photograph
  • Date of Birth
  • Roll Number
  • Enrollment Number
  • Candidate’s Parents’ Name 
  • Signature of the candidate
  • School Name and Code 
  • Exam Venue Address and Code
  • Exam Schedule
  • Signature of Issuing Authority 
  • Examination Guidelines

Manipur Board Class 10 Study Plan to Maximise Score

Topper List Success Stories

Class 10 is board-level exam and competition is high. To score excellent marks in the Manipur Board HSLC exam, students must be at the top of their game and do not just hard work but also smart work. It is not possible to read all the textbooks a day before the exam. 

Thus, students should have short notes and tricks to revise all the topics, or atleast all the important topics. In this section, we have provided preparation tips and detailed study plan to help students prepare for the exam.

Manipur Board Class 10 Preparation Tips

Students often wonder what preparation tips did the toppers use to score the highest marks. Students must note that there is no one single strategy to excel in the exam. However, certain factors remain the same to success. 

Students must develop a strong conceptual understanding in all the chapter topics. There should not be any confusion in the basic concepts. They must practice as many sample questions as they can. Check the points below to know some time-tested Manipur Board Class 10 preparation tips:

  • Make topic-wise own notes while studying.
  • Do regular revision, at least once a week to retain the information.
  • Solve previous year’s question papers to get familiar with the exam pattern and know the kind of questions asked on each topic.
  • Learn time management to be able to answer all necessary questions in time, and also spare time for reviewing the answers, and attempt extra questions if possible.
  • Attempt mock tests on Embibe to analyse own performance and know the strengths and weaknesses.


Manipur Board Class 10 Detailed Study Plan

A detailed study plan for Manipur Board Class 10 exam must include subject-wise approach. Since all the subjects are different from one another, the way to prepare them is also different. For example, students cannot score good marks in Maths by rote-learning the formulas or reading the problems. Check the subject-wise Manipur Board Class 10 detailed study plan below:

    • Maths: Understand the topic concepts in detail. In case of any doubt, students should get it clarified from the teacher at the earliest. Make notes for all topic-wise or chapter-wise formulas and mention a solved example under it. Solve sample problems for all the topics on the Embibe app. Students can also attempt unlimited mock tests for any topic, chapter or subject on the Embibe app.
    • Science: Science can be best learnt with visualisation. Thus, students can watch Embibe 3D videos for any chapter topic to understand them better. It will also allow students to retain the information for longer period and write comprehensive answers. Students should also practice diagrams and draw them whenever required in a question. The diagrams should be neatly labelled with correct spellings.
  • Social Science: Social Science is a theoretical subject. Thus, students should make short notes with event, dates, people involved, matter of important to remember key information in History chapters. For Geography, students should do map practice, it will make their answers impactful. For Civics, students need to understand the topics to write detailed answers on the questions.

Manipur Board Class 10 Result 2022-23

Exam counselling

Manipur Board releases the Class 10 result nearly two months after the exam. Students can check their provisional marks on the Board’s official website. However, they must collect their original marksheet from their respective schools. 

Students who fail in the regular exam can register for the supplementary exam. Students can check the table below for some important dates on Manipur Board Class 10 results:

Events Dates
Manipur Board Class 10 Exam 2023 March to April 2023
Manipur HSLC 2023 Result
June 2023 (Tentative)

Manipur Board Class 10 Toppers’ List 2022-23

Exam talks

Manipur Board will release the toppers’ list for 2022-23 with the final results. Students can check the BSEM Class 10 toppers’ names in 2022 from the table below. It may inspire them to score well in the Manipur Board Class 10 2022-23 exams.

Rank Name Marks
1st Rahul Laishram 586
2nd Nongmaithem Dhanajeet and Tanishq Tongbram 585
3rd Menaka Huidrom and Jesia Khwairakpam 584
4th Ashapriya Nongthombam 581
5th Jeneva Khangembam 580
6th Tripajita Laishram 579
7th Kerolina Yumnam 578
8th Moirangthem Rex Singh, William Maibam, Kshetrimayum Rajkiran and Sabirah Begum 577
9th Mayanglambam Sania Devi and Sapam Swati Devi 576
10th Anjisana Longjam, Cinderella Moirangthem, Shorokhaibam Thoihenba and Mongjam Khenila Devi 575

Manipur Board Class 10 Previous Years’ Statistics

The previous year’s statistics for Manipur Board Class 10 board exams are as follows: 

Years Students Appeared Students Passed Pass percentage
2020 38,390 25,084 65.34%
2019 37138 27740 74.69
2018 37064 27126 73.18
2017 34829 23232 66.7
2016 31749 20753 65.37

Manipur Board Class 10 Supplementary Exam 2022-23

Manipur Board conducts regular exam for Class 10 every year in the month of March 2022-23. The result is declared in two months after the exam. Students who fail in the regular examination can appear for the supplementary exam. It is conducted nearly one month after the regular result is declared. 

Students who wish to sit for the supplementary exam need to register for it with their school administration. BSEM releases a notification with all the necessary details about the compartment exam. Once the result is declared, students can obtain their new marksheet from their respective schools.

Students can check the table below for some important dates on Manipur Board Class 10 supplementary exam.

Events Dates
Supplementary/Compartment Exam 2024 June 2024 (Tentative)
Supplementary/Compartment Result 2024 July 2024 (Tentative)

About Exam

Some of the frequently asked questions with answers about Manipur Board class 10 2024 are provided below:

Q1: What is the full form of HSLC in Manipur?
Ans: The full form of HSLC in Manipur is the High School Leaving Certificate.

Q2: What is the official website of the Manipur Board of Secondary Education?
Ans: The official website of BSEM or Manipur is

Q3: When is the Manipur Board Class 10 exam 2024?
Ans: The Manipur Board Class 10 exam 2024 is scheduled to be held from March to April 2024.

Q4: Where can I get the Manipur Board HSLC 2024 timetable?
Ans: Students can get the BSEM HSLC 2024 timetable from this page and also from the Board’s official website.

Q5: What are the minimum passing marks for Manipur Class 10 HSLC exam?
Ans: The minimum passing mark for Manipur Board Class 10 HSLC exams is 33%.

List of Educational Institutions for Manipur Board Class 10

About Exam

To ensure overall growth and development among children, it is important to provide them a good nurturing atmosphere at school. Thus, parents must choose the best school for their children. To help parents, we have created a list of some of the best schools in Manipur for Class 10. Check the table below for BSEM HSLC schools:

S. No. Name of School
1. Angam Memorial School, Liwachangning
2. Ananda Purna School, Thoubal (Tomjing)
3. Ananda Singh Hr. Secondary Academy, Imphal
4. Andro High School, Andro Imphal East District
5. Apex Christian High School, Motbung
6. Antarctic English School, Yairipok
7. Ank English Academy, Langmeidong
8. Andro High School, B.P.O. Andro
9. Angahal Higher Secondary School, Wangoi
10. Anita Standard High School, Kwakta
11. Alberts English School, Singjamei
12. Alice Christian Hr. Sec. School, P.O. Ukhrul
13. Alpha B.C.I. Memorial Academy, Thangmeiband
14. Alpha Christian High School, Kachai Village
15. Amuba High School, B.P.O. Khangabok

The following link will take you to a complete list of schools in Manipur.

List of Secondary Schools in Manipur

List of Future Exams After Manipur Board Class 10 Exam

Eligibility Criteria

Manipur Board Class 10 exam is very important for students not just to pass but to score well too. The performance in BSEM 10th board exams will help determine the level of exams and institutions students can apply for. Below are some of the future exams that students of Manipur Board Class 10 can appear for:

Sl no Exam
1 11th Manipur Board Exam
2 12th Manipur Board Exam
3 KVPY SA Exam for admission into IISERs after 12th Board Exam

Even while studying in the same grade (10th), students can appear for other competitive exams listed below for skill/knowledge improvement, merit certificates and scholarships.

Sl no Name of the Exam
1 International Science Olympiad (ISO)
2 International Maths Olympiad (IMO)
3 English International Olympiad (EIO)
4 English International Olympiad (EIO)
5 General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)
6 International Computer Olympiad (ICO)
7 International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)
8 National Essay Olympiad (NESO)
9 National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)
10 NTSE (National Talent Search Examination)

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