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Madhya Pradesh Board Class 12 Books


Wouldn’t it be so convenient if the concepts of the text books came to life? Constantly flipping through the text-heavy pages can get really boring. As a Class 12 student, you may be wishing that there was some fun way of studying. Well, now you can make your learning creative, interactive and engaging with Embibe. 

Kickstart your preparation for MP board Class 12 by referring to the books available on Embibe app that can help you go a really long way in acing the exams. Embibe provides 15+ best textbooks and reference books with videos and solutions. When you watch the videos, it becomes easier for you to grasp the concepts. Furthermore, Embibe also provides Embibe Big Books- one of its kind books that cover all the concepts, practice questions and experiments that will help you ace the exams. Want to know how the books on Embibe can help you? Read further to find out. 

Best Books for 12th Madhya Pradesh

As said above, every board exam aspirant needs the right books for their exam preparation. Where else would you find it apart from Embibe? Embibe has a repository of textbooks, reference books, and previous year’s question books with solutions for you appearing for Madhya Pradesh Class 12. Embibe’s AI-powered learning will make it easier for you to understand the topics in the books. 

Embibe has over 50+ textbooks in video format for Madhya Pradesh Board Class 12. You may refer to the NCERT books and Embibe Big Books as reference materials for better understanding of learning. Apart from that, there are 60+ Explainer videos and 250+ practice questions for better learning. For your convenience, we are providing all the important and essential books for Madhya Pradesh Class 12 in Embibe. 

Physics Books for Madhya Pradesh Board Class 12

Physics can be quite an interesting subject as it allows you to learn the different concepts of electricity, sound, and more. Using the right textbooks and reference books can play an important role in helping you score higher marks in the exams. 

The Physics books for Madhya Pradesh Class 12 have been provided below for better knowledge of students:

Sl NoPhysics Books
1Learn with Solutions Physics- Part I
2Learn with Solutions Physics- Part II
3NCERT Exemplar Physics
4Learn With Solutions Physics SL Arora
5New Simplified Physics

Chemistry Books for Madhya Pradesh Class 12

Atoms, Periodic Tables, and more such interesting concepts can seem to be confusing. However, if you have the right books, things can become a lot easier. Well, given below are easy-to-understand Chemistry books for Madhya Pradesh Class 12:

Sl NoChemistry Books
1Learn with Solutions Chemistry- Part I
2Learn with Solutions Chemistry- Part II
3NCERT Exemplar Chemistry

Biology Books for Madhya Pradesh Class 12

Biology is one of the most interesting subjects with concepts such as cells, cell division, genetics, reproduction, and more. Hence, to ensure you can learn easily, below we have provided the Biology books for Madhya Pradesh Class 12:

Sl NoBiology Books
1Learn with Solutions Biology
2Trueman’s Elementary Biology
3NCERT Exemplar Biology
4XAM Idea Biology

Mathematics Books for Madhya Pradesh Class 12

The concepts of Mathematics can sometimes be very confusing. However, if you are using the right study materials, learning can become significantly easier. Therefore, in the sections below, we have provided the Mathematics books for Class 12. 

Sl NoMathematics Books
1Learn with Solutions Mathematics Part I
2Learn with Solutions Mathematics Part II
3NCERT Exemplar Mathematics
4Mathematics Class XII Vol 1- RD Sharma
5Mathematics Class XII Vol 2- RD Sharma
6Senior Secondary School Mathematics RS Agarwal

Embibe Big Books for Madhya Pradesh Class 12

Embibe’s AI-powered learning provides easy-to-understand learning. Given below are some of the important Embibe Big Books for all subjects of Madhya Pradesh Class 12.

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Some of the frequently asked questions for Madhya Pradesh Class 12 books are given below:

Q.1: Why should I use Embibe Big Books for Madhya Pradesh Class 12?

Ans: The Embibe Big Books for Madhya Pradesh books for Class 12 can be extremely beneficial for exam preparation. When you go through the relevant books from Embibe, you will be able to differentiate between important topics. The complex concepts are simplified using the 3D video format.   

Q.2: Where can I find the MP Board Class 12 Books for Science? 

Ans: You can find the MP Board Class 12 Books for Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) on Embibe for.   

Q.3: How many reference books should I refer to apart from the textbooks for 12th MP Board exams?

Ans: Apart from the board prescribed textbooks, you must refer to atleast 2 to 3 reference books for MP Board Class 12 exams. 

Q.4: Can I use the NCERT books for Madhya Pradesh Board Class 12?

Ans: Yes, you can use the NCERT books as reference materials for 12th MP Board exams. 

Q.5: How can I score higher marks in MP Board Class 12 Maths?

Ans: Practice is the key to scoring higher marks in MP Board Class 12 Maths. You can refer to all the chapter’s videos, and 200+ practice questions on Embibe to get a better understanding of the topics. If you are stuck with any of the concepts, you may refer to the videos on Embibe to understand how to solve a particular question. 

We hope this article on MP Board Class 12 books have been helpful for you. If you have any queries or doubts, you can reach out to us via the Live Chat channel and we will provide you the best resolution to your questions.

Till then, stay tuned to Embibe to receive further updates and information on Madhya Pradesh Class 12 exams. 

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