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NATA Exam Day Guidelines 2023: Dress Code, Covid-19 Instructions


NATA Exam Day Guidelines 2023: National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is an important exam for candidates aspiring to pursue an undergraduate course in Architecture. As the exam day approaches, it is essential for candidates to familiarise themselves with the guidelines to ensure a smooth and hassle-examination process. However, it needs to be done strategically and that is what we have discussed in this comprehensive article.

Candidates appearing for NATA 2023 must carry a valid photo ID proof, such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID, or Passport, along with their NATA admit card to the examination centre. The admit card will contain the candidate’s photograph and details of the examination venue and schedule. Check the NATA exam day guidelines PDF, NATA guidelines for COVID-19, and more.

NATA Exam Day Guidelines 2023 at Test Centres

The candidates will have to follow the time schedule given below while going to the exam centre: 

  • Report to the examination centre by 9.00 AM (1st Session)/1.30 PM (2nd Session).
  • Opening gate to the examination hall at 9.15 AM (1st Session)/1.45 PM (2nd Session).
  • Registration of candidates to be completed by 9.45 AM (1st Session)/2.15 PM (2nd Session).
  • Time of gate closure to the examination hall at 10.00 AM (1st Session)/2.30 PM (2nd Session).
  • Commencement of examination at 10.00 AM (1st Session)/2.30 PM (2nd Session).
  • Duration of examination: 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM (1st Session)/2.30 PM to 5.30 PM (2nd Session).
  • The late entry of candidates will not be permitted in the examination hall after 10.15 AM (1st Session)/2.45 PM (2nd Session).
  • Exits from the examination centre shall not be allowed before 1.00 PM (1st Session)/5.30 PM (2nd Session). 

NATA Exam Day Guidelines 2023

Candidates can check more details pertaining to NATA exam day guidelines in the following sections:

Items to Carry Inside the NATA Exam Hall

Candidates can carry the following items into the exam hall:

  • Downloaded admit card of NATA- 2023.
  • Original proof of identity- Aadhar/passport/driving licence/voter ID/valid photo ID document. 
  • For admission into the examination hall, candidates must present their admit card on demand. The Centre-in-Charge will not allow a candidate who does not have a printout of the downloaded admit card and a valid picture ID to enter the examination hall.
  • Before the candidate is assigned a seat for the examination, a photograph of the candidate will be taken at the centre. After completing the procedure, the candidate’s seat will be assigned at random.
  • Candidates found carrying any textual material, printed or written, bits of paper, or any prohibited material as per the official notification inside the examination hall, will be debarred from appearing in the examination. 
  • Candidates’ entry won’t be allowed if they carry mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, calculators, slide rules, log tables, or electronic watches with calculator functions. A candidate’s candidature may be cancelled if they possess such items during the examinations. 
  • Candidates shall be provided with paper for any rough work. 

NATA Exam Day Guidelines

Candidates must abide by these exam guidelines:

  • No candidate, without the special permission of the Centre-in-Charge, will leave his/her seat or examination hall until the duration of the examination is over.
  • Candidates must remain silent during the examination. Any conversation, gesticulation, or disruption in the exam room will be considered a misdemeanour. If a candidate is discovered to have used unfair means, their candidature will be invalidated, and they will be barred from taking examinations for life or for a period of time set by the Council of Architecture based on the nature of the offence.
  • Candidates must follow the government’s advisories/guidelines/precautions for Covid-19 containment. Furthermore, candidates must follow the guidelines set by the Council of Architecture for NATA 2023. As a precaution, no COVID positive candidates will be permitted to take the NATA exam.
  • Depending on the nature of the malpractice, any candidate found to be engaging in malpractice during the examination may have their candidature cancelled outright or be barred from appearing in future NATA examinations for a period of one year.
  • The candidature will be cancelled outright if a candidate is found to be impersonating and the concerned examinee will be turned over to the police. The council may also bar such candidates from appearing in NATA examinations for two years. 

NATA Exam-day Guidelines 2023: Dos’ and Don’ts 

Here are some of the dos:

  • Read the online instructions carefully before filling out the application form online.
  • Specify all personal information, address, and date of birth correctly. 
  • Candidates should remember their application number, security question/answer and password. 
  • Choose the examination zones correctly. 
  • Upload colour photograph and signature of specified size only. 
  • Retain a copy of the confirmation page. 
  • Follow the time schedule as mentioned in the brochure and admit card. 
  • Candidates should enter the examination hall only with their admit cards.

The list of don’ts is as follows:

  • Candidates should not share their application number and security question/answer and password with anybody. 
  • Do not enter a wrong or unused mobile number and email address in the form-filling process.
  • Candidates should ensure that the email address provided in the application form is active, otherwise, they may face serious problems in future correspondence. 
  • Don’t upload poor-quality scanned photographs and signatures.
  • Don’t send duly filled-in confirmation pages or any document via post to the CoA office. 
  • Candidates should not spoil the hard copy of their downloaded admit card. 
  • Don’t bring mobile phones, calculators, or any other electronic gadgets inside the examination hall. 
  • Don’t bring any instruments including scales inside the examination hall.

NATA 2023: Dress Code for Candidates

To take the NATA 2023 exam, candidates must adhere to the following dress code:

  • Candidates are urged not to wear any clothing with metallic elements.
  • It is forbidden to wear a cap/muffler or any other garment over one’s head.
  • Candidates should dress comfortably to avoid discomfort throughout the exam.
  • On the day of the examination, candidates should not wear any jewellery or ornaments.
  • Goggles, rings, bracelets, and other similar things are also prohibited.

All candidates must follow the NATA 2023 Guidelines of the Council of Architecture.

NATA Guidelines for COVID-19

Check the following list for the NATA guidelines for COVID-19.

  • Candidates must undergo thermal screening, wear face masks, and have their hands sanitised, among other things.
  • No Covid-positive candidates will be permitted within the test centre.
  • Staff and candidates should wear masks and gloves throughout their time in the exam centre.
  • Before and after signing the attendance sheet, candidates must sanitise their hands.
  • Candidates with fever, cough or cold symptoms would be seated in a separate room.
  • A minimum distance of 2 metres should be maintained between the two candidates.
  • Candidates, staff, and other individuals at the testing facilities will follow the advisories/guidelines/precautions given by the Central/State Government and other competent authorities in order to contain the Covid-19 spread. 

FAQs on NATA Exam Day Guidelines 2023

Refer to the following frequently asked questions regarding the NATA exam day guidelines:

Q. What must we carry to the NATA exam?

Ans: Applicants must carry their NATA 2023 admit card along with one valid photo ID proof at the exam centre. 

Q. Is there any dress code for the candidates for the NATA exam?

Ans: Candidates are told not to wear any clothing with metallic elements. Candidates cannot wear a cap/muffler or any other garment over one’s heads. Candidates should dress comfortably to avoid discomfort throughout the exam.

Q. Does NATA 2023 have a negative marking?

Ans: NATA exam contains no negative marking. Multiple-choice questions (MCQs), multiple-select type questions (MSQs), preferential choice type questions (PCQs), and numerical answer type questions (NAQs) will be included on the question paper. There will be 125 questions totalling 200 points. 

Q. When is the last date to register for the NATA 2023 exam?

Ans: The last date to submit the application form for NATA 2023 is not yet announced by the exam authorities.

Q. Is wearing a facemask a mandate for the NATA exam this year?

Ans. Yes, candidates must wear a facemask in order to appear for the NATA exam this year.

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