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NATA Books 2024: Check Expert-suggested Books for NATA


Are you looking for the best books for NATA 2024? You are finally in the right place because Embibe has curated a list of expert-suggested, easy-to-understand, and detailed books for the NATA exam. These best NATA 2024 books can aid you in the overall exam preparation and help assess your subject-matter expertise. The following list of the top NATA 2024 study guides will help you to boost your preparation.

It is no wonder that you must have detailed topic knowledge along with an understanding of the exam format and course material. Therefore, you need to review the list of recommended books for NATA preparation and decide whether you need a single book that covers all the topics or individual books for every topic. Read on to learn more.

NATA Books 2024

Embibe offers a range of books that cover a detailed syllabus. All these books are written in simple language. It will help you understand complex topics easily. After completing your syllabus, you must attempt mock tests to boost your preparation. You can check NATA 2024 books below:

NATA 2024 Books
Embibe Big Book Aptitude Test for NATA Embibe Big Book English for NATA
Embibe Big Book Architectural Design for NATA Embibe Big Book Mathematics for NATA
Embibe Big Book General Awareness for NATA

NATA Topic-wise Books

The market is full of online and offline study materials. Apart from Embibe’s book, you can also find different subject-wise books that will help you to cover the entire syllabus efficiently. Check out subject-wise important NATA 2024 books below.

TopicsName of NATA Books/Authors
Quantitative AptitudeR.S. Aggarwal
Mathematical ProblemsBooks by V Govorov, P. Dybov, N. Miroshin, and S. Smirnova
ReasoningA Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Agarwal
Higher algebraHall and Knight
Problems in the Calculus of one variableI. A. Maron
For General PracticeNATA & B.Arch Question Bank by Ar. Shadan Usmani

How to Choose the Best NATA 2024 Books?

Take a look at the following information to help you choose some of the top books for NATA 2024:

  • Always choose books that focus on the latest exam patterns.
  • Remember to look up the book’s publication years during your selection. The most recent books will provide the latest curriculum and pattern.
  • Prioritise authors with knowledge in the field of education while choosing books.
  • Pick books that have sample papers and the solutions along with them. These books will be beneficial during practice and review sessions.
  • Comparing two or more books is crucial if you need clarification on the writer or publishing company. Comparing similar themes will eliminate confusion, making it simple to choose the ideal book. It is advised to consult professionals or older citizens if the misunderstanding persists.
  • Candidates usually get dependent on the books or reference material provided by Embibe as they contain accurate and understandable explanations.

FAQs on NATA 2024 Books

Check out the most frequently asked questions on NATA 2024 books:

Q. Is the NATA exam difficult?

Ans: Your aptitude and sketching abilities are the only factors at play. You can only achieve a high NATA score if you are an expert at-hand sketching and drawing. Other than this, NATA is an easy exam.

Q. Is Drawing eliminated in NATA 2024?

Ans: The drawing test will not be eliminated from the NATA 2024 syllabus.

Q. Will NCERT books be sufficient for NATA?

Ans: Yes, studying NCERT books will be sufficient to qualify for the NATA exam.

Q. Will the NATA exam ask MCQ questions?

Ans: There will be questions of the multiple-choice (MCQ), multiple-select (MSQ), preferential choice (PCQ), and numerical answer (NAQ) on this online aptitude test. The questions will hold one, two, or three points, and NATA 2024 will have a total of 200 points.

Q. Does the NATA exam have a similarity with JEE?

Ans: NATA has a similarity with the JEE Main test. Therefore if you are preparing for JEE, you can appear for the NATA exam.

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We hope you liked this article on the NATA 2024 books. You can check out the Embibe app if you still have any queries. Keep browsing Embibe for the latest updates on the NATA 2024 books.

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