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NCERT Books for Class 5 EVS: Download Complete Book


Are you searching for Class 5 NCERT Environmental Science books? If yes, then your search for the EVS book ends here. These textbooks are designed and written by academic experts in a way that they help students understand concepts quickly and straightforwardly. Topics covered in Class 5 EVS books are essential as they are the stepping stone for future classes.

NCERT Class 5 EVS Book

In the below sections, we have provided links to download the complete Class 5 EVS NCERT textbooks and the links to download the individual chapters. Candidates can download the PDF and save it for future perspectives. You can also bookmark this page if you want to visit it later.

NCERT Book for Class 5 EVS in English

According to the latest CBSE syllabus for the Class 5 EVS subject, the textbook comprises six parts:

(1) Family and Friends, which consists of four sub-topics:

(1.1) Relationships,
(1.2) Work and Play,
(1.3) Animals, and
(1.4) Plants

Others are –
(2) Food;
(3) Water;
(4) Shelter;
(5) Travel and
(6) Things We Make and Do.

CBSE 5th Class EVS chapters PDF links in English are provided in the table below:

Class 5 EVS Chapter ListDownload Chapter PDF
1st Chapter. Super SensesClick Here
2nd Chapter. A Snake Charmer’s StoryClick Here
3rd Chapter. From Tasting to DigestingClick Here
4th Chapter. Mangoes Round the YearClick Here
5th Chapter. Seeds and SeedsClick Here
6th Chapter. Every Drop CountsClick Here
7th Chapter. Experiments with WaterClick Here
8th Chapter. A Treat for MosquitoesClick Here
9th Chapter. Up You Go!Click Here
10th Chapter. Walls Tell StoriesClick Here
11th Chapter. Sunita in SpaceClick Here
12th Chapter. What if it Finishes…?Click Here
13th Chapter. A Shelter so High!Click Here
14th Chapter. When the Earth Shook!Click Here
15th Chapter. Blow Hot, Blow ColdClick Here
16th Chapter. Who will do this Work?Click Here
17th Chapter. Across the WallClick Here
18th Chapter. No Place for Us?Click Here
19th Chapter. A Seed tells a Farmer’s StoryClick Here
20th Chapter. Whose Forests?Click Here
21st Chapter. Like Father, Like DaughterClick Here
22nd Chapter. On the Move AgainClick Here

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NCERT Books for Class 5 EVS in Hindi (हिंदी में)

Class 5th EVS NCERT Books chapters PDF links in Hindi are given in the table below:

एनसीईआरटी कक्षा 5 पर्यावरण अध्ययन पुस्तक को यहां से हिंदी माध्यम में डाउनलोड करें:

Class 5 EVS Chapter ListDownload Chapter PDF
पाठ 1: कैसे पहचाना चींटी ने दोस्त को?Click Here
पाठ 2: कहानी सँपेरों कीClick Here
पाठ 3: चखने से पचने तकClick Here
पाठ 4: खाएँ आम बारहों महीने!Click Here
पाठ 5: बीज, बीज, बीजClick Here
पाठ 6: बूँद-बूँद, दरिया-दरिया…Click Here
पाठ 7: पानी के प्रयोगClick Here
पाठ 8: मच्छरों की दावत?Click Here
पाठ 9: डायरी: कमर सीधी, ऊपर चढ़ो!Click Here
पाठ 10: बोलती इमारतेंClick Here
पाठ 11: सुनीता अंतरिक्ष मेंClick Here
पाठ 12: खत्म हो जाए तो…?Click Here
पाठ 13: बसेरा ऊँचाई परClick Here
पाठ 14: जब धरती काँपीClick Here
पाठ 15: उसी से ठंडा उसी से गर्मClick Here
पाठ 16: कौन करेगा यह काम?Click Here
पाठ 17: फाँद ली दिवारClick Here
पाठ 18: जाएँ तो जाएँ कहाँClick Here
पाठ 19: किसानों की कहानी – बीज की जुबानीClick Here
पाठ 20: किसके जंगल?Click Here
पाठ 21: किसकी झलक? किसकी छाप?Click Here
पाठ 22: फिर चला काफ़िलाClick Here

NCERT Book for Class 5 EVS in Urdu

CBSE 5th Class EVS chapters PDF links in Urdu are listed in the table below:

Class 5 EVS Chapter ListDownload Chapter PDF
1st ChapterClick Here
2nd ChapterClick Here
3rd ChapterClick Here
4th ChapterClick Here
5th ChapterClick Here
6th ChapterClick Here
7th ChapterClick Here
8th ChapterClick Here
9th ChapterClick Here
10th ChapterClick Here
11th ChapterClick Here
12th ChapterClick Here
13th ChapterClick Here
14th ChapterClick Here
15th ChapterClick Here
16th ChapterClick Here
17th ChapterClick Here
18th ChapterClick Here
19th ChapterClick Here
20th ChapterClick Here
21st ChapterClick Here
22nd ChapterClick Here

How to Download NCERT Books for Class 5 EVS?

If you want to download the NCERT 5th EVS textbooks PDF from the official NCERT website, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website – ncert.nic.in.
  • 2nd Step: Go to the Publication tab. Then click on ‘PDF (I-XII)
  • 3rd Step: Choose Class (Class V), Subject (EVS), and Book Title (Looking Around, Aas-Pass, or Aas-Pass in Urdu) from the drop-down menus.
  • 4th Step: Click on the ‘Go’ button.
  • 5th Step: A new page will open. Select the chapter you want to download from the left side of the screen. Then, click on the download button.
  • 6th Step: To save the complete textbook, click on ‘Download Complete Book’.

Benefits of NCERT Textbooks

Check out some of the benefits of following NCERT textbooks below:

  1. NCERT books are prepared in a lucid and simple language so that each and every student can learn the concepts easily.
  2. All the basic concepts and theories that the students are required to learn are included in the NCERT textbooks.
  3. The topics and concepts are explained with relevant examples and illustrations in the NCERT books.
  4. NCERT books strictly adhere to the guidelines laid out by CBSE.
  5. Many teachers and lecturers recommend these books for various government exams, NTSE, and Olympiads.

FAQs on NCERT Books for Class 5 EVS

Some of the frequently asked questions about NCERT Books for Class 5 EVS are listed below:

Q1. How can I download the Class 5 EVS book from NCERT’s official website?
A. To download the Class 5 EVS textbook from the official website, please refer to the ‘How To Download NCERT Books For Class 5 EVS?’ section.

Q2. Why is learning EVS necessary for Class 5 students?
A. The subject focuses on environmental factors and concerns related to it along with the natural and human-made surroundings.

Q3. Is ‘Looking Around’ textbook for CBSE Class 5 EVS available in Hindi medium?
A. Yes, the ‘Looking Around’ textbook is available in Hindi medium.

Q4. Can I download the ebook of NCERT Class 5 Environmental Studies in PDF?
A. Yes, you can click on the links given on this page and download chapter-wise PDFs for NCERT books for Class 5 EVS. 

Q5. How many chapters are there in ‘Looking Around’ textbook for CBSE Class 5 EVS?
A. ‘Looking Around’ textbook for CBSE Class 5 EVS has 22 chapters in total.

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