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NCERT Books for Class 7 Hindi: Get Free PDF


NCERT Books for Class 7 Hindi: The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) provides three Hindi textbooks for CBSE Class 7, namely, Vasant, Durva, and Bal Mahabharat Katha. The NCERT books follow the latest syllabus prescribed by CBSE. NCERT Hindi books are an excellent source to develop comprehension and reading skills in the Hindi language.

The CBSE board prescribes NCERT textbooks and uses them to prepare the question papers for all the examinations. Hence, following the NCERT Class 7 Hindi Books PDF for Vasant, Durva, and Bal Mahabharat Katha is recommended for Class 7 students. Furthermore, we have provided class 7 Hindi book pdf for free in this article – both the full version and chapter-wise PDFs.

NCERT Books for Class 7 Hindi PDF Download

NCERT provides three Hindi books for students in the 7th grade: Vasant, Durva, and Mahabharat. Each of these books contains different content from the other. Students should go through these books and attempt the exercises at the end of each chapter.

The first volume of Class 7 NCERT Hindi Book, Vasant, is a collection of renowned people’s stories and poetry. There are around 20 chapters in this textbook. Durva, the subsequent book, contains folktales, translated extracts, stories, poetry, and instructive chapters, among other things. This book has 18 chapters. Mahabharata is the last Hindi book for Class 7. It tells the story of Ved Vyas, Maharishi Prashar’s son, who wrote the famous epic. Every chapter in the NCERT books has important textual questions that students must attempt and answer correctly.

Class 7 Hindi Textbook PDFs for Vasant, Durva and Bal Mahabharat Katha are given below:

Book Title Name
Download NCERT Class 7 Hindi Book For वसंत
Download NCERT Class 7 Hindi Book For दूर्वा
Download CBSE Class 7 Hindi Book For बल महाभारत कथा

Here are the links to all Class 7 Hindi NCERT Books 2022 PDFs. Students can download them for free from the above-given links. In this online book, you’ll get all the chapters of Class 7th Hindi NCERT Books. Students can get NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi on Embibe.


NCERT Class 7 Hindi Book PDF: वसंत (Vasant)

The CBSE Class 7 Hindi book वसंत (Vasant) chapter-wise PDFs are provided in the table below. Click on the “Download Here” link against the chapter that you want to download:

Chapter Name (7th Class Hindi Textbook Lessons)
Chapter 1: हम पंछी उन्मुक्त गगन के – Download PDF
Chapter 2: दादी माँ- Download PDF
Chapter 3: हिमालय की बेटियां- Download PDF
Chapter 4: कठपुतली- Download PDF
Chapter 5: मीठाईवाला- Download PDF
Chapter 6: रक्त और हमारा शरीर- Download PDF
Chapter 7: पापा खो गए- Download PDF
Chapter 8: शाम एक किशान- Download PDF
Chapter 9: चिड़िया की बच्ची- Download PDF
Chapter 10: अपूर्व अनुभव- Download PDF
Chapter 11: रहीम की दोहे- Download PDF
Chapter 12: कंचा- Download PDF
Chapter 13: एक तिनका- Download PDF
Chapter 14: खानपान की बदलती तस्वीर- Download PDF
Chapter 15: नीलकंठ- Download PDF
Chapter 16: भोर और बरखा
Chapter 17: वीर कुवर सिंह
Chapter 18: संघर्ष के कराण मैं तुनुकमिजाज हो गया धनराज
Chapter 19: आश्रम का अनुमानित व्यय
Chapter 20: विप्लव गायन

NCERT Hindi Class 7 Book PDF: दूर्वा (Durva)

CBSE Class 7 दूर्वा Hindi Book chapter-wise PDFs are provided in the table below, candidates can download PDFs Class 7 Hindi Chapter 1 onwards:

Chapter Name
Chapter 1 चिड़िया और चुरुंगुन – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 2 सबसे सुंदर लड़की – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 3 मैं हूँ रोबोट – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 4 गुब्बारे पर चीता – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 5 थोड़ी धरती पाऊँ – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 6 गारो – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 7 पुस्तकें जो अमर हैं – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 8 काबुलीवाला – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 9 विश्वेश्वरैया – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 10 हम धरती के लाल – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 11 पोंगल – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 12 शहीद झलकारीबाई – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 13 नृत्यांगना सुधा चंद्रन – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 14 पानी और धूप – Downlaod PDF
Chapter 15 गीत – Downlaod PDF

NCERT Class 7 Hindi Book PDF: बल महाभारत कथा (Bal Mahabharat Katha)

In this book, the Mahabharata narrative begins with Maharaja Shantanu giving up his throne to his son Chitragandh. However, Hastinapur’s reign is finally passed down to his brother Vichitravirya. The Pandavas are the main characters in the narrative. Students will also learn how the Pandavas wedded Draupadi in this chapter of NCERT Hindi books for Class 7.

The tremendous conflict between the Pandavas and the Kauravas is also shown in this chapter. And finally, the NCERT 7th Hindi book narrates how the Pandavas are exiled for the remainder of their life at the end of the story.

The NCERT Grade 7 Hindi book PDF – Bal Mahabharat Katha is provided below:

CBSE Class 7 NCERT Hindi Book For बाल महाभारत कथाDownload Here

How To Download NCERT Class 7 Hindi Book PDF 2022 Online?

Follow the steps listed below to download the CBSE Class 7 Hindi books online:

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website of NCERT – ncert.nic.in.
  • 2nd Step: On the homepage, click on the “Publications” tab and select “PDF(I-XII)” from the drop-down menu.
  • 3rd Step: Select the ClassSubject, and Book Title.
  • 4th Step: Click on the “Go” button.
  • 5th Step: The chapter-wise NCERT Class 7 Hindi book PDF will appear on the screen.
  • 6th Step: Click the “Open” button against the chapter you want to download.
  • 7th Step: To download the entire book, click on the link “Download Complete Book“. The complete book will download as a ‘zip’ file.

FAQs on NCERT Class 7 Hindi Textbook 2022

Q.1. Can I download the NCERT Books For Class 7 Hindi online?

Ans: Yes, NCERT Class 7 Hindi Books can be easily downloaded from the official website – ncert.nic.in. We have explained the step-wise procedure for the same in the upper section of this Embibe page.

Q.2. Will NCERT Class 7 Hindi Books change in 2022?

Ans: No! there will be no change in the NCERT Books for Class 7 Hindi as there is no reduction in the syllabus for Grade 7. Only the Syllabi for classes 9 to 12 have been reduced as per the latest curriculum.

Q.3. How many books are there for CBSE Class 7th Hindi NCERT Books?

Ans: There are 3 books for CBSE Class 7 Hindi, and they are given below: Vasant II, Bal Mahabharat Katha, and Durva – Second Language II.

Q.4. Is Bal Mahabharat Katha helpful for students?

Ans: Yes, Bal Mahabharat Katha is helpful for students.

Q.5. How many chapters are there in NCERT Book, Vasant for Class 7?

Ans: CBSE Class 7 Hindi Vasant Book contains a total of 20 chapters.

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